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MPS 002 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: THEORY AND PROBLEMS Solved Assignment 2021-22: All IGNOU Assignment Free of Cost available at our website. IGNOU University always being in picture due to its IGNOU Assignment Date Extended. In this post Student will Get MPS 002 Solved Assignment 2021-22 Easily.

Course Code: MPS-002

Assignment Code: Asst/TMA/2021-22

Marks: 100

Answer five questions in all, selecting at least two questions from each section. Each question is to be answered in about 500 words. Each question carries 20 marks.


1. Evaluate the role of UN to the concept of self -determination and its application.

The maintenance of international peace and security is one of the purposes of the United Nations Charter. Violence and conflict undermine sustainable development. Human rights violations are at the root causes of conflict and insecurity which, in turn, invariably result in further violations of human rights. As such, action to protect and promote human rights has inherent preventive power while rights-based approaches to peace and security bring this power to efforts for sustainable peace. The human rights normative framework also provides a sound basis for addressing issues of serious concern within or between countries that, if left unaddressed, may lead to conflict. Human rights information and analysis is a tool for early warning and early targeted action that has not yet been used to its full potential.

Failure to adhere to international human rights standards and protect human rights weakens peace- making, peacekeeping and peacebuilding efforts. Global efforts to counter terrorism and prevent the spread of violent extremism suffer from this failure. The UN’s renewed focus on prevention and sustaining peace is key to both this and the previous pillar on advancing sustainable development. We can help to sustain both peace and development by showing how applying human rights norms can address grievances, reduce inequality and build resilience. This pillar also addresses potential threats posed by new technologies in a security context.

We will monitor human rights violations committed during armed conflicts, including civilian casualties and incidents of sexual and gender-based violence; bring facts and evidence to the parties’ and public attention, and advocate for changes in policy, practice and conduct; provide training and technical advice to integrate international human rights and humanitarian law in military and peace operations; strategically engage with parties to conflicts to reduce human rights violations and integrate human rights in political decision making and peace agreements; facilitate the participation of diverse groups, including women, in peace negotiations; and cooperate closely with regional and UN peace missions to ensure integration of human rights.

We will gather evidence and undertake further research, monitoring and reporting to support our strategic advocacy on the role of human rights violations in driving violent extremism and terrorism, and the role of human rights protection in prevention. We will build the capacity and commitment of State authorities and other actors to respect international law in their efforts to combat terrorism and prevent violent extremism, and ensure accountability and respect for victims’ rights.

We will document, map and report human rights violations and abuses, and breaches of international humanitarian law in the context of conflict, including through our assistance to inquiry mechanisms established by UN intergovernmental bodies; support justice mechanisms that seek to enhance accountability for conflict-related violations in different jurisdictions, including through universal jurisdiction; and continue to support comprehensive transitional justice processes and the right of victims to an effective remedy. We will develop guidance and tools on victim and witness protection and participation; and enhance the effectiveness of our support to justice institutions. By promoting justice and remedies for past violations, we aim to help prevent new cycles of violence and conflict.

2. Explain the meaning of international terrorism. How does it impact border security?

3. Do you think the world is unipolar, bipolar or multipolar? Explain current situations.

4. What is ethnicity? Explain the reasons of ethnic wars.

5. There are thousands of people are stateless. Explain pain and agonies of refugees in the world.


Write a short note on each part of the following questions in about 250 words.

6. a) Human Security & Justice

b) Democratic peace theory

7. a) The role of World Trade organisation

b) Issues of Human Rights

8. a) Arms race and super power

b) Nuclear Proliferation Treaty

9. a) Marxist approach to International Relations

b) Constructivist approach

10. a) Central Asian States

b) Indigenous Movements


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