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MPS 004 COMPARATIVE POLITICS: ISSUES AND TRENDS Solved Assignment 2021-22: All IGNOU Assignment Free of Cost available at our website. IGNOU University always being in picture due to its IGNOU Assignment Date Extended. In this post Student will Get MPS 004 Solved Assignment 2021-22 Easily.

Course Code: MPS-004

Assignment Code: ASST/TMA/2021-22

Marks: 100

Answer five questions in all, selecting at least two questions from each section. Each question is to be answered in about 500 words. Each question carries 20 marks.


1. What is comparative method? Examine the significance and the limitations of the comparative method in the study of politics.

The comparative method is defined and analyzed in terms of its similarities and differences vis-à-vis the experimental and statistical methods. The principal difficulty facing the comparative method is that it must generalize on the basis of relatively few empirical cases. Four specific ways in which this difficulty may be resolved are discussed and illustrated: (1) increasing the number of cases as much as possible by means of longitudinal extension and a global range of analysis, (2) reducing the property space of the analysis, (3) focusing the comparative analysis on “comparable” cases (e.g., by means of area, diachronic, or intranation comparisons), and (4) focusing on the key variables.

It is argued that the case study method is closely related to the comparative method. Six types of case studies (the atheoretical, interpretative, hypothesis-generating, theory-confirming, theory-infirming, and deviant case analyses) are distinguished, and their theoretical value is analyzed.

The study of comparative politics has been primarily concerned thus far with the formal institutions of foreign governments, particularly of Western Europe. In this sense it has been not only limited but also primarily descriptive and formalistic. Its place in the field of political science has been ill-defined. Is the student of comparative politics properly concerned primarily with description of the formal institutions of various polities, or with undertaking comparisons? If with the latter, what is the meaning of comparison? Is it confined to the description of differences in various institutional arrangements? If comparison is to be something more than description of formal institutional differences, what are its aims, scope, and methods? Should the student of comparative politics attempt to compare total configurations? If not, then he has to develop a precise notion of what can be isolated from the total configuration of a system or systems and compared. The above questions illustrate the difficulties and the challenge confronting the student of comparative politics. The problem of comparative method revolves around the discovery of uniformities, and the examination of variables in the context of uniformities between various systems. But even so, what are the particular clusters of states that have a degree of uniformity that makes the comparison and understanding of variations possible? Does the concept of “area,” as used, provide us with such a hunting ground for the study of “difference,” against a background of “uniformity”? Is the concept of culture a more acceptable one? Or does the similarity of social and economic contextual elements provide a better opportunity to compare and understand variations? What degree of homogeneity is required for comparison, and are comparisons between systems not showing the desired degree of homogeneity impossible? The members of the seminar agreed that it would be extremely ambitious to attempt to answer these methodological questions in detail and at the same time indulge in empirical investigation. It was thought that if we could do some spadework on the methodological issues, we would invite comments and suggestions from the members of the profession and increase awareness of the need for making one’s methodological position explicit prior to undertaking comparative empirical investigation.

2. What is political economy approach in the study of comparative politics? Explain how it is applied in political analysis.

3. Discuss the impact of globalization on the internal functioning of a state.

4. What do you understand by nationalism? Describe the basic characteristics of national identity.

5. Write short notes on the following.

a) Civil Society and its Importance.

b) Constitutionalism.


6. ‘Poverty anywhere in the world is a danger to prosperity everywhere’. Comment.

7. Define political party. What purpose do political parties serve in a democratic polity?

8. Describe and evaluate the position of developing countries on the key issues in the environment debate.

9. What is community? Explain why and how ‘community identities’ are constructed.

10. Write short notes on the following:

a) Regional integration in Europe

b) Feminist perspective of the state.


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