MSW 010 Important Questions With Answers English Medium

MSW 010 Important Questions With Answers English Medium

MSW 010 Important Questions With Answers English Medium-MSW 010 Introduction to Philanthropic Social Work is a course offered by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) as part of their Master of Social Work (MSW) program. This course explores the intersection of philanthropy and social work, equipping students with the knowledge and skills to navigate this unique field.

MSW 010 Important Questions With Answers English Medium

Course Structure:

  • Fundamentals of Philanthropy: History, definitions, theories, motivations for giving.
  • Philanthropic Actors: Individuals, foundations, corporations, community foundations, NGOs.
  • Resource Mobilization Strategies: Fundraising techniques, grant writing, proposal development.
  • Ethical Considerations: Transparency, accountability, power dynamics, impact assessment.
  • Philanthropy in Action: Case studies, successful models, emerging trends.

Q.1 Explain the role of government in promoting Philanthropy.

The government plays a pivotal role in fostering philanthropy, acting as a catalyst for charitable giving and societal betterment through various means. A key aspect of this role lies in establishing and enforcing a supportive legal and regulatory framework.

This framework ensures transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct within the philanthropic sector, instilling confidence in donors and the public while facilitating the operation of charitable organizations. Streamlining administrative processes and providing legal protections are essential steps governments take to encourage philanthropic endeavors.

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MSW 010 Important Questions With Answers English Medium-Tax policies represent another significant avenue through which governments promote philanthropy. By offering tax incentives, such as deductions or credits for donations to qualified charitable organizations, governments effectively reduce the financial burden on donors while encouraging increased giving.

Tailoring these incentives to align with specific social priorities further amplifies their impact, directing resources towards pressing societal needs. Additionally, governments can utilize public funds to match private donations, thereby leveraging philanthropic contributions for greater collective impact.

Beyond financial incentives, governments also play a crucial role in nurturing a culture of philanthropy through public awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, and advocacy efforts.

MSW 010 Important Questions With Answers English Medium-By highlighting the importance of giving back to the community and showcasing the tangible outcomes of philanthropic actions, governments inspire individuals and corporations to engage in charitable endeavors. Integrating philanthropy into educational curricula and promoting corporate social responsibility further solidify this culture of giving, instilling a sense of social responsibility and altruism across society.

Moreover, governments can foster collaboration and innovation within the philanthropic sector by promoting partnerships between public, private, and nonprofit entities. Public-private partnerships facilitate the pooling of resources, expertise, and networks to tackle complex social challenges more effectively.

MSW 010 Important Questions With Answers English Medium-By creating an enabling environment for civil society organizations and addressing systemic barriers to philanthropic action, governments empower these entities to drive positive social change and advocate for marginalized communities.

Q.2 Enlist the types of NGOs. What is the contribution of donor agencies to social work ?

Q.3 Discuss the role of civil society in democratic governance and in establishing a just social order.

Q.4 What are the contemporary challenges to philanthropic social work ?

Q.5 Discuss the Indian ethos conducive for the expansion of philanthropic work in India.

Q.6 Explain the ethical decision making process in social work.

Q.7 Elaborate on the relationship between philanthropy and professional social work.

Q.8 Give a brief account of the history of Philanthropy in India.

Q.9 Highlight the contemporary challenges to Philanthropic Social Work.

Q.10 Highlight the importance of fundamental human values in the practice of Philanthropic Social Work.

Q.11 Explain the contribution of religion as Stakeholders in Philanthropic Social Work.

Q.12 Discuss the scope and fields of Philanthropic Social Work.

Q.13 Explain the guidelines of resource management in Philanthropic Social Work.

Q.14 What can social workers do to strengthen the Social Work values and ethics?

Q.15 Describe the emergence and growth of corporate sector in India.





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