IGNOU MSW 008 Important Questions With Answers English Medium

IGNOU MSW 008 Important Questions With Answers English Medium

MSW 008 Social Group Work: Working With Groups is a course that introduces students to the theory and practice of social group work.

IGNOU MSW 008 Important Questions With Answers English Medium

Course structure:

  • Block 1: Introduction to Social Group Work
  • Block 2: Group Dynamics and Processes
  • Block 3: Leadership and Skill Development in Social Group Work
  • Block 4: Social Group Work in Different Settings

Q.1 Discuss the models of Social Group Work

Social group work is a foundational approach within the field of social work that emphasizes the importance of group dynamics and processes in promoting positive change and well-being among individuals and communities. Over the years, various models of social group work have been developed, each offering unique perspectives and methodologies for engaging with groups.

IGNOU MSW 008 Important Questions With Answers English Medium-The Mutual Aid Model, pioneered by Grace Coyle, emphasizes the principles of cooperation, self-help, and mutual support within groups. Coyle believed that individuals possess inherent strengths and resources that, when combined within a supportive group environment, can lead to personal growth and empowerment.

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In this model, the social group worker acts as a facilitator, fostering a sense of solidarity and shared responsibility among group members. Through mutual aid, individuals are encouraged to exchange knowledge, skills, and emotional support, thereby addressing common challenges and achieving collective goals. The Mutual Aid Model highlights the importance of egalitarian relationships and participatory decision-making processes within groups, promoting democratic principles and social justice.

The Task-Centered Model, developed by William Schwartz, focuses on the identification and achievement of specific, measurable goals within a time-limited framework. Rooted in the principles of task-oriented problem-solving, this model seeks to enhance individuals' capacities for problem-solving, decision-making, and goal attainment through group collaboration and structured interventions. Social group workers using this model engage group members in a systematic process of goal setting, action planning, and evaluation, emphasizing accountability and measurable outcomes.

IGNOU MSW 008 Important Questions With Answers English Medium-The Task-Centered Model emphasizes the importance of clear communication, task clarification, and feedback mechanisms within groups, promoting efficiency and effectiveness in achieving desired results. By breaking down complex tasks into manageable components, this model facilitates a sense of accomplishment and empowerment among group members, fostering motivation and self-efficacy.

The Systems Model, influenced by ecological and systems theory, views groups as dynamic systems embedded within larger social contexts. Developed by Helen Harris Perlman, this model emphasizes the interconnectedness of individuals, groups, and environments, highlighting the reciprocal influence of various factors on group functioning and well-being.

IGNOU MSW 008 Important Questions With Answers English Medium-Social group workers employing the Systems Model assess group dynamics, roles, and relationships within the broader context of social structures, institutions, and cultural norms. By understanding the systemic factors shaping group behavior and experiences, practitioners can identify opportunities for intervention and advocacy to promote social justice and systemic change. 

The Systems Model encourages social group workers to collaborate with diverse stakeholders and community resources to address systemic barriers and enhance the resilience and capacity of groups to adapt and thrive in their environments.

Q.2 Explain the classification of the phases of group development as given by different theorists.

Q.3 Briefly describe the various leadership theories.

Q.4 Discuss the role of group worker in geriatric care.

Q.5 Analyse the main indicators for evaluating a group.

Q.6 'Working in groups is in itself an important life skill'. Discuss.

Q.7 Highlight the steps essential to create and sustain a social action group.

Q.8 Define "group". Describe various types of groups

Q.9 Mention the skills and techniques of group work.

Q.10 Write a brief essay on role of the Social Group Worker through the various stages of group development

Q.11 Explain group work in community settings.

Q.12 Explain the process of forming SHGs.

Q.13 Analyze the main indicator's for evaluating a group

Q.14 Highlight the importance of group work among substance abuses.

Q.15 What do you understand by Life Skills Education ?




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