IGNOU MSW 002 Important Questions With Answers English Medium

IGNOU MSW 002 Important Questions With Answers English Medium

MSW 002 Professional Social Work: Indian Perspectives is a course offered by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) for students pursuing the Master of Social Work (MSW) degree. The course aims to provide students with an understanding of the history, development, and contemporary trends of social work in India.

IGNOU MSW 002 Important Questions With Answers English Medium

Course Structure:

  • Block 1: Evolution of Social Work Practice in India
  • Block 2: Religion and Social Work: Indian Context
  • Block 3: Gandhian Concepts of Social Work
  • Block 4: Professional Social Work in Independent India

Q.1 What major roles can a social worker play in policy formulation and development ?

Social workers assume pivotal roles in the policy formulation and development process, embodying the functions of advocates, facilitators, researchers, educators, and implementers. Their engagement in policymaking emanates from a steadfast commitment to social justice, community well-being, and the rectification of systemic issues. 

IGNOU MSW 002 Important Questions With Answers English Medium-This discussion elucidates several major roles that social workers can undertake in the multifaceted arena of policy formulation and development:

Advocacy and Awareness Building: At the forefront of social change, social workers advocate for policies addressing social inequalities, discrimination, and injustices. Through community mobilization and public awareness campaigns, they shed light on societal issues, influence public opinion, and propose solutions for more inclusive and equitable policies.

Research and Data Analysis: Proficient in research and data analysis, social workers contribute significantly to policymaking by providing evidence-based insights. Their research endeavors furnish policymakers with comprehensive information on the impact of current policies, guiding interventions and recommendations based on empirical evidence.

IGNOU MSW 002 Important Questions With Answers English Medium-Policy Formulation and Development: Social workers actively participate in crafting policies, leveraging their deep understanding of social issues. Whether working within government agencies, non-profit organizations, or research institutions, they play a vital role in drafting policy proposals grounded in a nuanced comprehension of the societal realities they aim to address.

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Community Engagement and Participation: Serving as liaisons between policymakers and affected communities, social workers facilitate community engagement to ensure diverse voices are heard. They organize community meetings, focus groups, and participatory events, providing policymakers with a nuanced understanding of the community's needs and perspectives.

Implementation and Program Management: Following policy formulation, social workers transition to the implementation phase, designing and managing programs aimed at achieving policy objectives. Their on-the-ground experience provides valuable insights into the effectiveness and challenges of policies, contributing to continuous improvement.

IGNOU MSW 002 Important Questions With Answers English Medium-Evaluation and Impact Assessment: Social workers contribute to the ongoing assessment and evaluation of policies, measuring their impact on individuals and communities. Rigorous evaluation methodologies enable them to gauge the success of policy initiatives, identify areas for improvement, and provide actionable recommendations.

Ethical Guidance and Human Rights Advocacy: Grounded in a strong ethical framework, social workers advocate for policies upholding human rights, dignity, and social justice. They provide ethical guidance, ensuring policies align with professional standards, and advocate for ethical considerations in policymaking.

Policy Education and Training: Social workers enhance policy literacy by educating professionals and the public about policy implications. They develop training programs, workshops, and educational materials to empower individuals with knowledge, fostering a more informed and engaged citizenry.

IGNOU MSW 002 Important Questions With Answers English Medium-Crisis Intervention and Advocacy: During crises or emergencies, social workers advocate for policy changes that respond to immediate needs and address underlying systemic issues. They play a crucial role in shaping emergency response policies to ensure they are equitable and responsive.

Collaboration and Interdisciplinary Engagement: Embracing interdisciplinary approaches, social workers collaborate with professionals from diverse fields to address complex social issues. Collaboration with economists, psychologists, healthcare professionals, and others ensures a holistic understanding of policy challenges, contributing to integrated and comprehensive solutions.

Q.2 Enumerate the general characteristics of Gandhian Social Work.

Q.3 Examine the salient features of Gandhiji's charter of social reconstruction

Q.4 Trace historical development of social work education in India.

Q.5 Discuss various peasants movements in India..

Q.6 Describe various initiatives in the field of child welfare in India.

Q.7 Give a brief note on the Social Welfare Services in Islam

Q.8 What are the salient features of Gandhiji's Charter of social reconstruction ?

Q.9 Discuss any two environmental movements and their impact on Indian society

Q.10 What are the major features of Gandhi’s ideal society ?

Q.11 Discuss the stages of social work education and literature development.

Q.12 Highlight the role of social workers in policy formulation and development.

Q.13 Trace the historical development of social work education in India.

Q.14 Explain Gandhi's perception of an ideal society.

Q.15 Discuss the process of policy formulation with examples.


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