IGNOU EPS 07 Important Questions With Answers English Medium

IGNOU EPS 07 Important Questions With Answers English Medium

IGNOU EPS 07 Important Questions With Answers English Medium-EPS 07 International Relations is another course offered by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) that delves into the complex world of interactions between different countries and organizations.

IGNOU EPS 07 Important Questions With Answers English Medium

Course Structure:

  • Block-1 Understanding International Relations
  • Block-2 Inter-War Period
  • Block-3 Cold War Period
  • Block-4 Emergence of the Third World
  • Block-5 End of the Cold War and its Aftermath
  • Block-6 Institutions and Organisations
  • Block-7 Issues in Development

Q.1 Briefly describe the utility of the study of international relations.

The study of international relations serves as a fundamental framework for comprehending the intricate dynamics between nations within a globalized context. This interdisciplinary field draws upon various academic disciplines, including political science, history, economics, sociology, and law, to analyze the behaviors of states, international organizations, non-state actors, and global issues. At its core, the significance of studying international relations lies in its capacity to offer insights into the dynamics of power, cooperation, conflict, and diplomacy on the international stage.

IGNOU EPS 07 Important Questions With Answers English Medium-An essential utility of studying international relations is its pivotal role in fostering peace and resolving conflicts. Through the examination of the root causes of interstate conflicts, the factors influencing their escalation, and the methods for their resolution, scholars and policymakers can develop strategies aimed at preventing and managing conflicts effectively.

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By delving into theories of conflict resolution, negotiation strategies, and peacebuilding efforts, specialists in international relations contribute to the development of diplomatic initiatives, mediation endeavors, and peacekeeping operations, ultimately working towards conflict resolution and reconciliation among nations.

IGNOU EPS 07 Important Questions With Answers English Medium-Furthermore, the study of international relations facilitates a deeper comprehension of global governance and the roles played by international institutions. Ranging from the United Nations and the World Bank to regional bodies such as the European Union and the African Union, international institutions significantly shape the norms, rules, and practices governing interactions between states. By analyzing the structures, functions, and impacts of these institutions, scholars and policymakers can evaluate their effectiveness in global politics, economic development, human rights, and environmental sustainability. Moreover, the study of international law and organizations provides insights into legal frameworks and mechanisms for addressing transnational challenges, such as terrorism, climate change, and refugee crises, through collaborative efforts and collective action.

Additionally, the study of international relations contributes to a nuanced understanding of global economic dynamics and international trade. Economic globalization, interdependence, and technological advancements have intricately linked national economies, presenting opportunities for both cooperation and competition among states. 

Through the examination of economic theories, trade policies, and development strategies, scholars and policymakers can assess the implications of economic globalization on national sovereignty, economic growth, income distribution, and social welfare. Furthermore, the study of international economic institutions, such as the World Trade Organization and regional trade agreements, provides insights into mechanisms for regulating international trade, resolving trade disputes, and fostering economic development and stability.

IGNOU EPS 07 Important Questions With Answers English Medium-Moreover, the study of international relations enhances comprehension of global security challenges and strategies for collective security. From traditional security threats, including interstate conflicts and nuclear proliferation, to non-traditional security threats such as terrorism, cyber warfare, and pandemics, the security landscape is marked by diverse challenges that transcend national boundaries. 

Through the analysis of security theories, military doctrines, and arms control agreements, scholars and policymakers can identify drivers of insecurity, recognize emerging threats, and develop strategies for preventing and managing security crises. Additionally, the study of collective security mechanisms, such as alliances, security partnerships, and peacekeeping operations, sheds light on the significance of cooperation and coordination among states in addressing common security challenges and promoting regional and global stability.

Q.2 What was the role of capitalism in the process of colonialism?

Q.3 Analyse briefly the emergence of Super Powers after the Second World War.

Q.4 In what ways did the USSR challenge the US supremacy after 1945?

Q.5 What are the incidents responsible for the beginning of the new or second Cold War?

Q.6 Explain the ideological framework within which national liberation movements operated.

Q.7 Write a note on the continuing control of the ex-colonial powers on their former colonies.

Q.8 What was the international situation gn the eve of oulf War?

Q.9 Explain the events Leading to the restoration of sovereignty of Kuwait.

Q.10 What do you mean by globalisation of the economy?

Q.11 What are the bases or reasons for the creation of regional organizations?

Q.12 Describe various development indicators demonstrating the significance of human rights today.

Q.13 How does the complex of ethnic minorities lead to ethnic conflict?

Q.14 Can you enumerate the different type of terrorism?

Q.15 Name some countries in Latin America where terrorists are still active.


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