The Accidental Tourist Summary and Important Questions for class 9th

The Accidental Tourist Summary and Important Questions for class 9th

The Accidental Tourist is a humorous narrative in which the writer hilariously recalls his travel adventures. People frequently believe that because travel has grown easier, the world is smaller than it once was, but it's also true that not everyone enjoys traveling.

The Accidental Tourist Summary and Important Questions

The Accidental Tourist Summary

In his amusing story, The Accidental Tourist, Bill Bryson muses on his humorous travel adventures. He talks about the several things that happened to him when he was traveling in a casual manner. He struggles to handle things methodically and frequently acts awkwardly. He is curious as to how others manage to complete their daily tasks without any trouble at all. 

The Accidental Tourist Summary and Important Questions-He gets lost in the movie theater's restroom a few times, and each time he finds himself standing at the door's small opening that automatically locks. He finds it difficult to lead a typical life like other people and is curious about how they manage it so easily.

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The author once spent Easter vacationing in England with his family. During the check-in process at Logan Airport in Boston, he suddenly recalled that he had signed up for the British Airways frequent flyer club. He remembered that the carry-on bag he was wearing around his neck had the card. He forced the jammed zip open by applying pressure as he attempted to open the bag. During the procedure, the zip broke, causing all of the contents within the bag to pour everywhere. The author also discovered that his finger was hurt and stuck in the zipper at this point. The sight of his finger gushing profusely horrified him.

The Accidental Tourist Summary and Important Questions

The Accidental Tourist Summary and Important Questions-Further, the author mentions the unexpected troubles that he encounters while travelling. In one such instance, while travelling in an aeroplane, he leaned over to tie his shoelace. 

Unfortunately, he was stuck when the person sitting ahead of him fully reclined his seat. With great difficulty, he freed himself from that cramped position. In another instance, he spilt some soft drinks on his co-passenger. Although the flight attendant cleaned up the mess, the author spilt another drink on the same passenger again. The lady was completely drenched and annoyed at the author for the inconvenience he caused her.

However, his worst experience on a flight was when he was writing in a notebook, and he sucked on the tip of the pen. At that time, he was also talking to a lady. Later when he went to the washroom, he saw that the pen had leaked unknowingly and ended up colouring his teeth, tongue and mouth in blue colour ink. 

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He ended up feeling awkward for being so clumsy. Although the author is a gentleman, he always ends up in some cumbersome situation. His wife was well aware of his clumsiness. So, whenever food was delivered on the flight, she would instruct her children to remove the lid off the food for their father so that they could avoid any mishap from happening.

The Accidental Tourist Summary and Important Questions-Nonetheless, the author clarifies that such unforeseen situations occur, particularly when he is travelling with his family. Whenever he travels alone, things work perfectly as he quietly sits on his seat and avoids tying his shoelaces if required. He avoids making mistakes while he is travelling on his own. He admits that he has been careless in updating his frequent flyer card due to time constraints. 

On multiple occasions, he either forgot to request the air miles from the airline authorities, or sometimes the airline didn’t record it on time. Furthermore, he mentions that there were instances when the airline informed him that he was not entitled to use air miles. Once due to a mismatch in his name on the ticket, he could not use his air miles and was left ineligible to travel to Bali on a first-class ticket.

Character In The Accidental Tourist

1.Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson gives us a taste of his lively and carefree personality as he muses over his travel experiences. He acknowledges all of his flaws and gives an unbiased assessment of his actions. He acknowledges that he is easily confused and forgets even seemingly simple things, like the number of his hotel room or the location of the restroom in a movie theater.

When he travels, he is disorganized and disorderly. Despite having a hundred items in his backpack, he is unable to locate the most crucial one. Occasionally, he is frugal and brings tobacco to England, but other times he passes up the opportunity to accrue frequent flier points.

He spills the drink on his fellow passenger twice due to his awkward gripping technique. When Bryson sees his own blood, he erupts in hysterics, but he is not very touched by it in other people.

Although he makes an effort to treat female fellow passengers with courtesy and respect, his clumsiness marrs his otherwise elegant appearance. This is demonstrated by the way he gets navy blue ink all over his face.

Because he is a tolerant person, Bill is not upset when his wife requests his kids to open the food for him. Although he is aware that some individuals use their frequent flyer points to book first class flights to distant locations like Bali, he does not feel envious. He is aware that his lack of organization and carelessness is the reason he doesn't take advantage of this opportunity. Bryson gives off the impression of being a content someone who has no concerns at all.

The Accidental Tourist Important Questions and Answers

1. How did Bill Bryson find himself during his air travels?

He found himself always uneasy during his air travels.

2. Narrate briefly the incident of spilling a soft drink on to a co-passenger in a plane by the author?

During one of his air flights, the author spilt the soft drink on to the lap of a sweet lady sitting beside him. The flight attendant came and cleaned her up. The attendant brought him a replacement drink and he knocked it into the woman again. The lady looked at him with the stupefied expression.

What two reasons does Bill Bryson give for the absence of air miles cards with the hint?

He says that he is a frequent flyer. He must fly one lac miles a year. But he does not have more air miles cards. It is so because he forgets to ask for the air miles when he buys a ticket. And sometimes the clerk at the air-station makes an excuse of non-availability of the air miles cards.


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