A House Is Not a Home Summary and Important Questions for class 9th

A House Is Not a Home Summary and Important Questions for class 9th

Fearful and looking bewildered, the narrator ran to his neighborhood to call the fire service. While all of this was going on, his mother hurried into the burning house to get the last few pictures and all of his father's crucial documents. The author was terrified when he saw his mother risk her life to get her possessions out of the house. In the interval, his mother was saved by the fire brigade, who also provided them with blankets. Suddenly, the author realized that his cat had disappeared and he had no idea where she had gone. He wailed hysterically, thinking that maybe his cat had died in the fire, when he couldn't find it.

A House Is Not a Home Summary and Important Questions

A House Is Not a Home Summary

A House Is Not a Home is based on the author, Zan Gaudioso’s life. He talks about the difficulties he had as a teenager adjusting to a new environment and changing schools. The storyteller talked in particular about a true story that happened to him and had a big influence on him when he was a youngster. He started at a new school and struggled to get used to the new setting. He was always aware of his isolation and loneliness. He frequently went to see his former school buddies and teachers since he missed them. Instructors advised him to get involved in extracurricular activities at the new school in order to meet new people and form friendships.

He was sitting at his home's dining table one Sunday afternoon, working on his high school homework. It was a chilly day, and his mother was tending to the fire to keep the house toasty while her cat curled up on top of all of his paperwork and purred now and again. He was taken aback to see smoke suddenly seeping through the ceiling's gaps. They quickly noticed that the entire room was filled with smoke and that there were massive flames engulfing the roof as they hurried out of the house.

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The narrator was panic-stricken and looked dazed as he ran to his neighbourhood to call the fire brigade. Meanwhile, his mother rushed into the burning house to collect all the important documents and some pictures of his deceased father. The author was terrified when he saw his mother risk her life in order to get her things from inside the house. In the meantime, the fire brigade arrived and saved his mother and wrapped blankets around them. Suddenly, the author recollected that his pet cat was missing and could not find her anywhere. He became upset and cried heartily on not finding his cat and assumed that his pet might have died in the fire.

The author’s house was in debris. It took the firefighters five hours to put out the fire completely. So, Zan went to his grandparents’ house with his mother. He went to school wearing the same clothes he wore the previous day and borrowed shoes, so he felt embarrassed. He was upset and felt insecure about his ill condition. For a moment, he felt a huge loss and missed his old school, teachers, friends, old house and his pet cat.

When he went to his old residence that day after school, he was horrified to see the damage the fire had caused. He observed that the chemicals and water the firefighters used to put out the fire had destroyed everything had not burned. All of his mother's saved personal belongings, photo albums, and paperwork were the only things he had left. The fact that he was powerless to save his beloved cat was the main reason he was saddened by her passing.

Soon, the news of the fire spread to his new school, and everyone was grief-stricken at his loss. They helped him by providing notebooks, clothes, school supplies, etc. The author’s heart was touched after seeing the concern of the people of his new school and was overcome by emotion. People who never spoke to him approached him and offered to help him. Meanwhile, he also made new friends and was happy and relieved that he was no more alone in his new school.

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After a month, Zan went to his former residence and observed its reconstruction alongside his newfound companions. He was suddenly approached by a woman who had a cat with her. When the author saw his pet, he was ecstatic and full of appreciation to the woman for having taken the time to track down the cat's true owner. He sobbed with joy while holding the woman in his arms. His pals leaped around happily and gave him and his cat hugs as well. The writer said that it was undoubtedly one of his best days ever. He was appreciative of everything, including his life, his friends, and the woman's generosity in bringing him his cat. He therefore believed that all of the intense emotions of sorrow and loss gradually seemed to diminish.

Characters In A House Is Not a Home 

1. Zan’s Mother

Zan's mother is a strong lady who takes on life head-on. Despite her only son's early death at the hands of her husband, she assumed full responsibility for raising him by herself. When their home is destroyed by fire, she bravely rescues her husband's pictures and letters. Her son and the readers are impressed by her efforts to preserve the little memories left of her late husband.

She is a capable mother who knows when to use discipline. She is aware that Zan would feel more normalized if she returned to school. Consequently, she forces him to attend school, and even Zan submits to her authority because he is aware of her good intentions.

The manner in which she quickly starts the process of resettling by renting an apartment shows that she does not get deterred by challenges. Overall, she is an admirable woman of love, compassion, self-respect and grit.

2. Zan Gaudioso

Teenage Zan is having a hard time adjusting to his new circumstances. Like other teenagers, he experiences feelings of awkwardness, strangeness, isolation, and embarrassment. For him, little things take on enormous proportion. But he's incredibly vigilant; the moment the fire starts, he runs outside to inform the firefighters.

He has a strong bond with his mother as well. When she returns to the burning house to get his father's letters and pictures, he makes an attempt to trail her. Even though he is aware that what he is doing is unreasonable, he loves her too much to be concerned about his own safety.

He runs over and hugs her when the fireman rescues her. The thought of losing her blurs the times when he hated her or argued with her. He obeys her even when he finds it difficult. He goes to school the next day after the fire Just because his mother asks him to. He feels weird in Sunday church clothes and borrowed tennis shoes but does not throw any tantrums for not going to school.

Zan’s insecurities and embarrassment are also like those of any teenager who is conscious about appearance. However, he is a sensitive boy who keeps hoping to find his cat even in the rubble of his house.

Zan is a little reluctant in taking the initiative but is otherwise a friendly boy. He welcomes the hand of friendship extended to him and happily accepts new friends He has values of gratitude and thankfulness for the little gifts bestowed upon by God. Overall, Zan is like an adorable teenager who needs a little love and concern to get back his smile.


A House Is Not a Home  Important Questions and Answers

1. Who is the speaker of these lines and what was his plight?

The speaker is Zan and his plight was that his house had been burnt down in the fire. All his belongings – his clothes, his books, his backpack – everything had been destroyed.

2. Why was he embarrassed?

He was embarrassed because he held himself responsible for his shabby appearance at school. He did not have a proper dress, shoes, or even backpack like other children.

3. Why was he uncomfortable about starting school in this manner?

He was uncomfortable about starting school in this manner because he felt uncomfortable without proper clothes, shoes and a backpack.



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