The Kingdom of Fools Summary and Important Questions for class 9th

The Kingdom of Fools Summary and Important Questions for class 9th

In the Kingdom of Indian author A. K. Ramanujan He has both English and Kannada stories to his credit.In this tale, the Kingdom of Fools is discussed. The monarch and his idiotic minister are in charge of the kingdom. To bring about some difference and set their Kingdom apart, the monarch and his minister resolve to finish all of the day's work at night and vice versa.

The Kingdom of Fools Summary and Important Questions

The Kingdom of Fools Summary

A well-known Kannada folktale called "In the Kingdom of Fools" was taken from "Folk Tales from India" by A.K. Ramanujan. This intriguing tale tells about a kingdom controlled by an idiotic monarch and his idiotic officials. He gave the kingdom's populace the directive to regard day as night and night as day, along with his ministers. They would go to bed at night and get things done during the day.

The Kingdom of Fools Summary and Important Questions-When a guru and his follower came to the kingdom one day, they were shocked to see the opposite regulations that the king and his ministers had put in place. When they realized that everything in the kingdom only cost one rupee, they were shocked. At first, the guru and his follower were content since they could purchase everything with just one rupee. The guru, however, realized that staying in a kingdom of idiots was a foolish choice, so he departed. Because there was wonderful food readily available at a fair price, his pupil was unwilling to leave the kingdom. He was a foodie who consumed a lot of food and gained weight quickly.

The Kingdom of Fools Summary and Important Questions

One day, a thief broke into the house of a rich merchant. He made a huge hole in the wall and sneaked in. While he was returning with the stolen items, the wall of the house collapsed on his head, killing him instantly. However, the thief’s brother approached the king and complained to him that the house owner (merchant) should be punished for not building a strong wall. The king immediately summoned the merchant to his court.

The Kingdom of Fools Summary and Important Questions-When the merchant arrived, he blamed the bricklayer for building a weak wall. The bricklayer, an old man, was called to the king’s court and pleaded with the king to punish the dancing girl for distracting his attention from work as she went to and fro that street all day wearing jingling anklets. The dancing girl, who had become old now, blamed the goldsmith. He had delayed his work and made her walk up and down that street several times. Soon, the goldsmith was brought into the king’s court, who said that he was busy attending to a rich merchant’s orders at that time due to some wedding rituals in his family.

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Consequently, the possibility that this merchant was the same homeowner whose wall had collapsed on the intruder was eliminated. The merchant begged, saying that his father had ordered the jewelry and that he was already deceased. But in retaliation for his father's actions, the king chose to punish the merchant. It was decided to move forward with the execution with a new shareholding. 

The merchant, though, was too thin for the stake of execution. In order to find an obese individual who would fit the stake, the monarch gave him this task. The disciple was the perfect candidate for the stake, according to the king's men, who had combed the whole kingdom. He begged the king not to punish him for the actions of others, though, as he was innocent. Since it was a kingdom of fools, no one listened to him.

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The Kingdom of Fools Summary and Important Questions-Waiting for his execution, the disciple then remembered his guru’s words and requested him to help him. His guru, who was blessed with magical powers, could see his disciple’s condition in his vision. At once, he arrived to save his disciple. He quietly whispered some words in his disciple’s ears. Then, he requested the king to punish him instead of his disciple. However, when the disciple heard this, he requested the king to put the stake on him as he was brought there for execution first.

Puzzled about who should die first, the king asked to resolve the conflict. The guru dubiously told him that whoever would die on the stake first would be reborn as the future king of that kingdom. The one who died next would become the key minister of the kingdom. The king was baffled and did not want to lose his kingdom to someone else in the subsequent life. So, he had a discussion with his minister and finally concluded that they should go on the stake to continue being the king and minister in the next life. That night, they secretly went to the prison and set free the guru along with his disciple.

The next morning, the king and his minister, who disguised themselves as the guru and his disciple, were executed. When the people of the kingdom saw that the king, along with his ministers, were executed, they made the guru and his disciple their king and minister, respectively. Although the guru was hesitant initially, he finally gave in and reversed the rules of the kingdom, and the people began leading a normal life like other kingdoms.

Characters In In the Kingdom of Indian

1. The Guru

The guru was an extremely intelligent man who resisted all forms of temptation. He quickly concluded that he and his disciple were living in the Kingdom of Fools. Acknowledging the capricious nature of imprudent individuals, he made the prompt decision to depart from the city. Unlike his student, Jesus was not seduced by the one duddu price that was offered for everything in that realm. He was also aware that a stupid ought to be dealt with carefully. He made no attempt to persuade the monarch of his disciple's innocence. Rather, he used flattering words to appease the king and won the kingdom and his disciple's freedom. He gains the respect of the readers with his intelligence and awareness.The Disciple

The disciple was a straightforward yet avaricious man. He paid attention to his guru and obeyed him everywhere. But once, the delicious and inexpensive cuisine in the Kingdom of Fools became too much for him to resist. He disregarded his guru's advice and remained behind. He nearly lost his life due to his greed, but he soon realized his mistake. Because he believed in his guru's abilities, he first thought of him and then acted in accordance with his plan. The way this character gains weight after consuming bananas, rice, wheat, and ghee also makes the reader smile.
The King

The king, in possession of a splendid realm, was a fool. He will stop at nothing to set himself out from the crowd. Both his ideas and his directives were dumb. His foolishness includes turning day into night and directing the killing of those who rebelled. The king knew nothing of justice. His ignorance of justice is demonstrated by his assurances to the thief's brother that justice would be served and his labeling of the thief's death as murder. The king was also devoid of any good sense when it came to judging people. He was blind to the fact that the guru was praising him for saving his follower. Because of his naive nature, he took the guru's words at face value and ultimately met his demise men.

2. The Minister

The King’s foolishness was rivalled only by his minister who was equal. partner in the foolish orders passed by the king. The king consulted him on different matters but the minister could never give any sane advice. He would be as irrational as the king himself. It was the minister’s idea to find a fat man who fitted the stake so that the order of execution could be put through. The killing of the minister does not rouse any sympathy for he was a dumb character who was responsible for his own death.

In the Kingdom of Indian Important Questions and Answers

1. Who were idiots in the Kingdom of Fools?

In the Kingdom of Fools, both the king and the minister were idiots. They didn't want to run things like other kings, so they decided to change night into day and day into night.

2. What is the meaning of Duddu in the kingdom of fools?

Duddu is a term used for money in the Kannada language. Explanation: The two strangers that are the guru and his disciple who were there in the kingdom of fools at night were hungry. They saw all the shops were open.

3. What is Duddu what delighted the guru and his discipline?

The term "duddu" implies a rupee. The guru and his follower observed that everything was sold for a rupee, whether they bought a bunch of bananas or a measure of rice. The low price of the food item and groceries were also among the new rules passed by the foolish king and his minister.


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