IGNOU BPCC 112 Important Questions With Answers English Medium

IGNOU BPCC 112 Important Questions With Answers English Medium

IGNOU BPCC 112 Important Questions With Answers English Medium-BPCC 112 Organizational Behaviour. It is a course offered by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) as part of the Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) programme. The course covers the fundamentals of organizational behaviour, including individual, group, and organizational processes.

IGNOU BPCC 112 Important Questions With Answers English Medium

Course Structure:

  • Introduction to Organizational Behaviour: This block covers the definition, nature, and scope of organizational behaviour, as well as the different models of organizational behaviour.
  • Individual Level Processes: This block covers topics such as perception, motivation, job satisfaction, and stress.
  • Organizational Processes: This block covers topics such as organizational culture, power, and conflict.
  • Interpersonal Processes: This block covers topics such as communication, group dynamics, and leadership.

Q.1 Describe the meaning and functions of work.

Work holds multifaceted meanings and serves diverse functions in the lives of individuals, transcending mere employment to become a cornerstone of human existence across cultures and societies. Its essence encompasses a rich tapestry of personal, social, economic, and existential dimensions, intricately woven into the fabric of human experience. 

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IGNOU BPCC 112 Important Questions With Answers English Medium-At its core, work serves as a vital source of income and economic stability for many individuals, providing the means to meet essential needs and secure financial well-being. Beyond livelihood, employment offers a pathway to financial security, enabling individuals to sustain themselves, their families, and their aspirations for the future. Moreover, work fuels economic growth and prosperity on both personal and societal scales, fostering innovation, productivity, and wealth creation.

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However, work transcends its economic functions to become a source of personal fulfillment and self-expression. It offers individuals opportunities to harness their unique talents, skills, and creativity, fostering personal growth, accomplishment, and self-realization. 

Engaging in meaningful work instills a profound sense of purpose, satisfaction, and fulfillment, enriching individuals' lives and imbuing them with a sense of meaning and direction. Whether through artistic endeavors, intellectual pursuits, or service-oriented endeavors, work becomes a canvas for individuals to express their identities, values, and aspirations.

IGNOU BPCC 112 Important Questions With Answers English Medium-Furthermore, work serves as a vital conduit for social connection and belonging, fostering relationships and community ties in the workplace. It provides a fertile ground for interpersonal interactions, collaboration, and camaraderie among coworkers, clients, and collaborators. These social bonds nurture friendships, support networks, and a sense of belonging, enriching individuals' lives and enhancing their social connectedness. Additionally, work cultivates social identity and collective belonging, as individuals align themselves with professional communities, organizations, or causes that resonate with their values and interests.

Moreover, work plays a pivotal role in shaping individuals' identities, roles, and statuses within society. Occupations and professions carry social significance and prestige, influencing individuals' perceptions of themselves and how they are perceived by others. 

Work bestows social recognition, respect, and status upon individuals, elevating their sense of self-worth and contributing to their social standing. Furthermore, employment offers opportunities for personal growth and development, enabling individuals to acquire new skills, knowledge, and experiences that enhance their professional competence and identity.

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Beyond its individual dimensions, work serves broader societal functions, driving social progress, development, and well-being. Through productive labor and contributions to society, work fuels economic advancement, technological innovation, and improvements in living standards.

IGNOU BPCC 112 Important Questions With Answers English Medium-It serves as a catalyst for social change and activism, empowering individuals and communities to advocate for equitable labor practices, environmental sustainability, and social justice. Additionally, work addresses social challenges by providing pathways out of poverty and social exclusion, fostering economic independence and social mobility.

Q.2 Explain the concept of motivation by quoting suitable definitions.

Q.3 Define motivation. Describe some of its important characteristics.

Q.4 Discuss the process and content theories of motivation.

Q.5 Explain the Indian Perspective of motivation.

Q.6 Define stress and discuss its causes.

Q.7 Discuss the different techniques of managing stress.

Q.8 Describe the concept and bases of power.

Q.9 Discuss the factors responsible for dependency.
Q.10 Elucidate the different types of tactics

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Q.11 Explain the meaning, relevance and functions of communication.

Q.12 Discuss the various types and network of communication.

Q.13 Describe the types of grapevine communication.

Q.14 Elucidate upon the various barriers to communication.

Q.15 Briefly describe the ways of assessing culture?


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