Reach for the Top Summary and Important Questions for class 9th

Reach for the Top Summary and Important Questions for class 9th

A biographical study of the lives of two remarkable women, Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova, is presented in Reach for the Top. It honors the accomplishments of these two powerful women who overcame adversity to attain greatness. These two had one thing in common: they both succeeded in following their passions despite all difficulties. Students will discover through the Reach for the Top summary how perseverance and hard work can go a long way. It also demonstrates to us the need for sacrifice, training, and perseverance in order to attain great achievement. It demonstrates that although achieving success is not simple, the rewards are unquestionably delightful and fulfilling.

Reach for the Top Summary and Important Questions

Reach for the Top Summary

The book Reach for the Top is divided into two sections, each of which provides information about Maria Sharapova and Santosh Yadav. Santosh opens the first section. At the time this article was published, Santosh was the only female climber of Mount Everest in history. It opens by stating that she was raised in a culture that viewed girls as a curse. We hear that she was born in Haryana and that she rejects social expectations in order to be true to herself.

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She was subjected to gender prejudice from a young age and made the decision to forge her own path. She traveled to Delhi for admission and worked part-time jobs to pay for her schooling on her own. Following that, she moved into a hostel in Jaipur, where she experienced a transformation in her life. She embarked on an adventure with mountaineers, and there was no turning back. She put a lot of effort into it and did exceptionally well in a professional course.

Reach for the Top Summary and Important Questions

Reach for the Top Summary and Important Questions-Then, in 1992, she climbed Mount Everest just at the age of 20. She became the youngest woman to do so and even saved a fellow climber by sharing her oxygen. She made India proud by creating history and was awarded the Padmashri award by the government of India. After that, we have part II, which focuses on the famous tennis player, Maria Sharapova. We learn about her journey to become the number one women’s tennis. She became a top tennis player through hard labor, rigorous training and a lot of sacrifices.

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Reach for the Top Summary and Important Questions-Her life narrative reveals that she began her journey to become a world-class tennis player at a young age. She was born in Russia's Siberia and only moved out of her family when she was nine years old to start preparing for her ambition. At the age of nine, she was forced to travel to Florida with her father and break up with her mother. In addition to working hard to pay for her education, her father endured bullying because he was a foreigner. Her interests in dance, singing, and fashion are revealed to us. Lastly, we find out that she always wanted to be the best, even if she acknowledges that money is a major factor.

Characters In Reach for the Top

1. Santosh Yadav:

Santosh Yadav has been described as a strong-willed, independent, brave, and daring girl with a logical mind and resilience in both her body and mind. Santosh Yadav, who was raised in a small Haryana hamlet, was naturally independent and wanted to live her life as she saw fit. She was fully aware that she would face pressure from her traditionalist family to follow the norms. She knew, however, that if she made the right decision and followed reason, she would be able to influence other people and get their support.

Santosh Yadav had the courage to oppose what she considered to be wrong. When her parents insisted that she should get married on turning sixteen, she put her foot down and made it clear that her first priority was getting educated. Determined as she was, she got herself enrolled in a school in Delhi. When the parents threatened that they would not pay her school fees, she told them that she would work part-time to pay for her education. Her parents had to finally relent before her determination. Later on, her iron will, physical endurance and mental toughness helped her to first join Maharani College Jaipur and then Nehru Institute of Mountaineering at Uttarkashi. Her hard work and determination, mental strength and physical fitness equipped her for undertaking the dangerous journey to reach Mt. Everest, the ‘top of the world’ successfully, not once, but twice.

When Santosh Yadav assisted her fellow climbers on her excursion, her altruistic disposition and sense of teamwork were evident. She carried 500 kg of trash down from the Himalayas, demonstrating her concern for the environment.

All these qualities and amazing achievements helped Santosh earn one of the nation’s top awards, Padmashri. She is a motivation for young men and women in the world.

2. Santosh Yadav’s Parents

The parents of Santosh Yadav were wealthy but traditional, conservative landlords. They preferred to live by the family's established traditions. But every time they attempted to force Santosh to follow the rules as prescribed by custom, the girl resisted, and they gave in because they genuinely loved her and trusted that she had made the right decision. As a result, Santosh continued to get support from her parents, which ultimately enabled her to achieve her greatest success.

Reach for the Top Important Questions and Answers

1. What was the most spiritual and proud moment for Santosh Yadav?

Santosh Yadav, while standing on the ‘top of the world’, was overwhelmed with emotions of patriotism and ecstasy. She felt proud as an Indian when she unfurled the tricolour on Mount Everest. She was so happy that she experienced a kind of spiritual bliss. She found it hard to articulate her feelings.

2. What is the special distinction of Santosh Yadav as a mountaineer?

Santosh Yadav is the only woman in the world who has conquered Mt Everest twice. She is a woman who got this distinction rising up from a rural background.

3. What type of a social system was there is in the village when Santosh was born?

In those days the birth of a son was regarded as a blessing, but the birth of a daughter was not generally welcomed in the society.

4. Give a brief sketch of Santosh’s family.

Santosh was born in the small village of ofioniyawas in Haryana. Her parents were affluent landowners. She was the only sister of five Brothers.



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