The Little Girl Summary and Important Questions for class 9th

The Little Girl Summary and Important Questions for class 9th

The Little Girl was written by Katherine Mansfield Kezia, the protagonist of this tale, lived with her parents and grandma. But she tried to stay as far away from her father as she could since she was always terrified of him. Every time he left for work, she exhaled deeply. Every time she faced him, she shook from terror. She would always mutter in fear when she came close to him. She claimed that her father was a harsh and impolite man, and she would make a concerted effort to avoid talking to him directly while he was at home.

The Little Girl Summary and Important Questions

The Little Girl Summary

The story is depending on Kezia was the name of a small child. Her mother, grandma, and father are the people who reside with her. She also tries to avoid his father at all costs because she was terrified of him. She also finds solace in the knowledge that his father is heading to the office.

The Little Girl Summary and Important Questions-Her father seemed harsh, critical, and nasty to her, so much so that she mumbled in front of him out of fear. Additionally, her grandma encouraged her to visit the drawing room and talk with her parents in order to help her better understand them. However, she feels that they are unfriendly to her.

So, one fine day her grandmother suggested Kezia prepare a pin cushion for her father’s birthday.

The Little Girl Summary and Important Questions-Consequently, Kezia stitches the three sides of the pincushion casing. But after that, she needs to stuff the cushion with something. That’s why she goes to her mother’s room 6 number the bed table, there she finds many sheets of fine paper.

Then she torn the paper into small pieces and filled the pincushion and sew up the forth side. However, she doesn’t that those papers contain her father’s very important speech for the Port Authority. Although she accepted her mistake and tries to explain the reason why she does it.

But her father was too angry to listen to her reason and punished her with a ruler on her palm. However, she failed to understand why she met out to punishment even after she accepted her mistake. Terribly she said, “What did God make father for?”

The Little Girl Summary and Important Questions-Most importantly, one evening she saw Mr. McDonalds, playing with her 5 children, laughing and enjoying with them. This event influenced Kezia that all fathers are not similar. She concluded, that some father is caring and loving like Mr. McDonald and some are harsh like her father.

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However, her attitude towards her father changed. Someday, her mother needs to be hospitalized and her grandmother goes with her. So, Kezia was alone in the house with the cook. The day went fine but the night was a different issue. In the middle of the night, she woke up of fear screaming and weeping as she had a terrible nightmare. When Kezia opened her eyes she saw her father right next to her. Her father carried her to his bedroom and made her comfortable and warm on his bed. Further, her father told her to rub her feet with his legs and set them warm. She spends the night with him feeling comfortable and safe.

After that, she realized that her father was not a bad person. And he loves and cares for her in his own way. Moreover, he had to work a whole day to provide for his family and was too weary by evening to play with her.

Character In The Little Girl

1. Kezia Father

In the story, Kezia's father exhibits two different traits. At first, he comes across as the controlling leader of the family, expecting total subservience from the other members. He want for them to always be available to him. He wants his tea and newspaper brought to him as soon as he gets home in the evening. He asks Kezia to take off his shoes rather than doing it himself. His daughter stutters in front of him because dad is so harsh with her, and she is relieved when he goes for work in the morning.

When he uses a ruler to discipline Kezia, it brings even more attention to this bad element of his nature. It seems that he is unable to comprehend his daughter's innocent feelings when she unintentionally ruins his documents.

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But when he looks after his young daughter when the women of the house are out, the good side of him comes through. He not only brings her up to his room in his arms, but he also makes sure she is snugly nestled in his bed. He invites her to warm her feet by rubbing them with his legs. This displays his protective demeanor, nurturing disposition, and paternal affection. Thus, Kezia's father embodies the archetypal parent who presents a tough appearance while concealing a big, loving, and gentle heart full of love.

2. Grandmother

Kezia refers to her grandmother as "Grannie," but her father, her son, addresses her as "mother." She presents herself as an experienced and perceptive household matriarch. While she continues to encourage her young granddaughter to make an attempt to strengthen her bond with her parents, she does not question her son's authoritarian attitude. On Sunday afternoons, when her parents are comparatively calm, she counsels Kezia to have a polite conversation with them. She just offers background support and keeps her distance from any domestic issues.

Grandmother covers Kezia in a shawl and rockes her in a chair, holding her close to her tender body as her father spanks her with a ruler. She is an adult who recognizes that childrearing is a sensitive matter and that parents ought to have the freedom to discipline their kids however they see fit. Grandmother's supportive demeanor is also evident when she goes to the hospital with her daughter-in-law. As a result, despite spending much of the time in the background, the grandmother is a significant character.

The Little Girl Important Questions and Answers

1. When and how does Kezia’s view of her father undergo a change?

Kezia’s view of her father underwent a change for the better when her father came to her rescue when she had a nightmare. He carried her to his room, carefully tucked her up and slept beside her. Kezia felt reassured and safe and snuggled up to him. That is when she realised that her father was not a cruel giant but a large-hearted, hard-working man who got extremely tired by the end of the day.

2. How did Kezia feel when her father beat her?

Kezia needed some papers to stuff her pin-cushion. She tore her father’s important speech for the Past Authority. When she admitted her act, her father beat her. Undoubtedly she was annoyed with her father. But her grandma consoled her.

3. Why was Kezia afraid of her father?

Ans. She was afraid of her father because of his rude and harsh behaviour. He never interacted with her politely and humbly. He always kept ordering her to do one thing or the other. He even beat her.

4. How did Kezia’s birthday present for her father prove to be a disaster for her?

Her grandmother asked her to prepare a pin-cushion as a birthday gift to her father. She couldn’t find anything suitable which she could use to stuff her pin-cushion. So, she used her father’s papers for this purpose. She tore them into pieces and stuffed the cushion with them. When her father came to know about it, he was very much annoyed and beat her with a ruler. Thus, Kezia’s birthday present proved to be a disaster.

5. What was the morning routine of Kezia and her father?

Before going to his office, Kezia’s father used to visit her room. He would give her a casual kiss. She responded with “Goodbye, father.” Since she was afraid of him, she always felt relieved after his departure.



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