IGNOU MFN 008 Solved Assignment English Medium 2022-23

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M.F.N – 008

Principles of Food Science IGNOU MFN 008 Solved Assignment 2022-23

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Assignment I

1. a) What is amylose and amylopectin? Enlist different properties of starch and its application in food industry.

b) Discuss the role of modified starches in food and confectionery industries.

c) What is agar? Write about its application in food industry.

2. a) What are the different deteriorative changes that occur in fats and oils? Describe briefly.

b) Describe the different biological functions of protein in our body.

c) What is tyndall effect?

3. a) What is invert sugar? Give an example. Explain its uses in food industry.

b) What is Rheology of foods? What are the different textural parameters observed in foods?

c) Write about the different methods of pasteurization.

4. a) Briefly describe the role of irradiation and fermentation in food industry.

b) Describe the alterations that occur in egg during processing and storage.

c) What are the factors that affect the quality of taste in food?

5. a)What is atmospheric dehydration ? Enlist the different dryers used in the food industry.

b) Briefly discuss the primary processing of the following:
i. Cereals

ii. Pulses

6. a) Briefly discuss different phases of developing a new product.

b) Discuss the functional role of sugars in foods.

7. a) What are biocatalysts? Explain their role in food industry.

b) Write in brief about foams and emulsions.

c) Explain different properties of solution which are important in food preparation.

8. a) Explain different freezing systems used in food industry.

b) Discuss the role of sensory evaluation in food product development.

c) What is functional food? Explain by giving examples.

Assignment II

1. Explain the following in 2-3 sentences. Also give the structure wherever possible.

I. Monomeric enzymes

II. Whey Protein Concentrate

III. Antioxidants

IV. Class I and class II preservatives

V. Minimally processed foods

2. Describe the relationship between the following sets of terms

i) Caramelization and Maillard Reactions

ii) Protein Concentrate and Protein Isolate

iii) Cellulose and Hemicellulose

iv) Solar drying and Mechanical dehydrator

v) Pasteurization and canning

3. Match the following:

I Zymase                     A Cobalt-60

II Food Irradiation      B Food preservative

III Sulphur dioxide      C Microbial protein

IV Curdlan                  D Fermentation

V SCP                           E Microbial polysaccharide

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