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MSO 002 Research Methodologies and Methods Solved Assignment 2020-21


MSO 002 Research Methodologies and Methods

Solved Assignment 2020-21

Maximum Marks : 100

Weightage : 30%

Answer questions from both the sections. Marks

Section -A

Answer any two of the following questions

1. ‘Science with its central principles of objectivity, universalisation and causal explanation had a significant impact on social science’. Critically discuss.

2. What isparticipatory method of research? Explain

3. What isethnography? Explain its significance in sociological research.

4. What is probability sampling? Explain its types.

5. Distinguish between:

(i) pure research and applied research

(ii) participant observation and non-participant observation

(iii) questionnaire and schedule

(iv) qualitative and quantitative methods of research

(v) correlation and regression


Write a research report on any one of the following topics in about 3000 words. Facebook friends.

2. Reversemigration of labour.

3. Healthcare system in contemporary times.

You can write this report based either on review of literature, or data collected from the primary sources.

For review of literature you are to select either two books or four research articles published recently on the selected topic of your choice. Write a review article focusing on the location of the study, methodology followed and the main findings of these studies. For the primary source you are to collect two case studies and write a report on the selected topic in a comparative framework. While writing the report spell out clearly the objectives and the problems of the study and

· problematise the issue within the existing/available literature,

· elaborate your observations, finding and conclusion coherently, and

· make proper referencing at the end.