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MEG 07 INDIAN ENGLISH LITERATURE Question Paper December 2015



Question Paper December 2015

Time : 3 hours                                                                                         Maximum Marks : 100

Note : Answer all questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1. Explain with reference to the context any four of the following passages in about 150 words each :

(a) But who is the fair lady ? Not in vain She weeps, — for lo ! At every tear she sheds Tears from three pairs of young eyes fall amain, And bowed in sorrow are the three young heads.

(b) 0 Love, alas, that love could not assuage The burden of thy human heritage, Or save thee from the swift decrees of Death.

(c) The trip had darkened every face, Our deeds were neither great nor rare. Home is where we have to gather grace.

(d) the portrait of a stranger, date unknown often signed in a corner by my father.

(e) A temple stands frail and still in the distance, as though lost in reverie.

(f) Outside, the sun has risen quietly, it aims through an eyelet in the tarpaulin and shoots at the old man's glasses.

(g) He had spent his youth whoring after English gods. There is something to be said for exile.

2. Critically examine the ending of Mulk Raj Anand's novel Untouchable. What is your suggestion for ending untouchability ?


Discuss Raja Rao's art of characterisation in Kanthapura.  

3. Does Vikram Seth's writing lack depth ? Discuss, offering your own views.


Discuss Amitav Ghosh as a writer of travelogues.

4. In what ways does R.K. Narayan's story 'Engine Trouble' appeal to you ? Discuss.


What are Anita Desai's thematic concerns in Clear Light of Day ? Discuss.  

5. Discuss the structure of Midnight's Children.


How does Mahesh Dattani treat the issue of gender in Tara ? Discuss.