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Teaching Aptitude Notes for UGC NET Paper 1

Teaching Aptitude

Teaching includes all the activities of providing education to other. The one that provides education is named an educator . The teacher uses different methods for giving best knowledge to his students. He tries his best to form understand students. His duty is to encourage students to find out the themes .

  • Teaching Aptitude is comprised of two words - Teaching and Aptitude.
  • Many defininitions have beed provided for teaching.
  • According to Gage teaching is personal relation between the teacher and therefore the taught causing behaviour modification.
  • According to Clarke all those organised activities which will end in modifying the behaviour of the learner is understood as teaching.
  • Aptitude is aptitude to try to to something.
So teaching aptitude is that the aptitude to show , it involves the study of practice teacher realtionship during a controlled environment.
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Nature and characteristics of teaching
1. the most character of teaching is to supply guidance and training.
2. Teaching is an interaction between teacher and students.
3. Teaching is an art to giving knowledge to students with effective way.
4. Teaching may be a science to teach fact and causes of various topics of various subjects.
5. Teaching is constant process.
 6. an educator can teach effectively if he has full confidence on the topic .
7. Teaching encourages students to find out more and more.
8. Teaching is formal also as informal
9. Teaching is communication of data to students. In teaching, teacher imparts information in a stimulating way in order that students can easily understand the knowledge .
10. Teaching may be a tool to assist the scholar to regulate himself in society and its environment.

A teacher must be an excellent communicator. they have to be comfortable with speechmaking ahead of any sized group. they have to be a pacesetter , but not overly authoritarian. they need to have a robust knowledge of particular subjects. They also must twiddling my thumbs . they have to commit large amounts of your time outside of the classroom meeting with students, also as reading and grading papers. an educator isn't good at only one thing. it's an incredibly demanding but equally rewarding profession that needs variety of various skills, and though many of us believe they need to show not most are fitted to it.

There are many various ways to show from teaching within the classroom directly, to teaching online, or maybe teaching abroad. due to this, determining a teacher’s aptitude can vary greatly supported the specifics of every teaching job. If you propose on teaching English for tutorial purposes, just to call one example, make certain to see out Udemy for courses associated with your required teaching profession. this will help make sure that you're fully prepared before you begin training for or enter into your first teaching job. Teachers learn by doing, and getting started with Udemy may be a great initiative .

Aptitude Testing

Many school systems are starting to utilize aptitude testing as a part of the interview process. a flair test is meant as a psychologically based series of questions and answers that provides the hiring school a far better understanding of how an educator thinks, or how they're going to behave in any contextual situation. These tests aren't designed to ‘trick’ those that take them, but rather as truly investigative procedures used before hiring someone in such an influential role. Here are a number of the fundamentals when considering your own aptitude for teaching.


Knowing the way to communicate with students during a clear way is completely necessary for effective teaching. Understanding your own ability to speak with others, in both spoken and written form, will assist you to work out whether or not you've got the aptitude for teaching.

Remember that communication is vital not just for subjects like English or drama, but also for STEM subjects like computing , mathematics, and science. Teachers must be ready to clearly explain the topic they're teaching, no matter what that subject is.

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