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How to Clear UGC NET English Literature 2021

How to Clear Ugc Net English Literature The official notification of the NTA UGC NET 2021 are going to be out soon and therefore the online form are going to be available from 1st March 2020. The last date to use online for UGC NET 2020 is 30th March 2020-. The exam are going to be held in multiple sessions on the 20th, 21st, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th of June, 2020. you'll download the admit card from 15th May 2021. this provides you approximately 4 months to organize for the exam. So, let’s fix and begin working rigorously to crack the UGC NET English exam. during this article, we'll discuss the syllabus, strategy, important books, study plan intimately .

A systematic study routine could assist you plan better and score more. With a correct strategy in mind, we bring you the UGC NET study plan curated by our experts to assist you boost your preparation.
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How to steel oneself against UGC NET English 2021?  Toppers Study Plan
With the syllabus of English getting generic from specific, the scope of the topic has diversified. this is often to mention that as compared to earlier, the present syllabus doesn't mention specific topics, but indicates general ones like Drama, Poetry, Fiction, etc.
This is quite interesting because, with this, UGC aims at testing your knowledge on all English Literature without specifying categorised subtopics. Also, the introduction of several new topics like “Cultural Studies” and “Research Methods and Materials in English”, requires you to diversify your knowledge.

You are not just alleged to carry bookish knowledge but must be ready to check out the texts through the lens of societal and cultural worldviews, besides appreciating the sensible application of research and teaching.
To be more clear on the updated syllabus, inspect the link.
How to steel oneself against UGC NET English 2020?

1. Previous Year Paper Analysis:
After the introduction of the new pattern of the exam and therefore the updated syllabus, UGC has conducted the exam only twice.
One of the opposite observations which will be drawn from the updated syllabus is that UGC wishes to check quite your objective knowledge. The questions that were asked lately, aim to see your critical reasoning skills instead of rote .

So, one thing is obvious , having completed your Masters within the subject, you're expected to possess developed a sound critical reasoning skill to analyse a specific text, even those which are quite subjective in approach.
Also, while earlier the main target wont to be more on British Literatures, now, there has been a big inclusion of other world literature and literary theories. to urge a clearer picture, allow us to analyse the papers of July 2020 and December 2020

Most of the questions were associated with the fashionable and contemporary authors and their works.
Takeaways from the continued trend of question papers:

  • Diversify your scope of the study.
  • Cover poems (and poets) extensively.
  • Inculcate critical reasoning and analytical skills.
  • Get through with the contemporary literature along side the traditional English Literature texts.
  • Acquaint yourself with the many World Literature authors (and their works) like American, African, French, Italian, Japanese, Latin American , Canadian and Australian.
  • Classical Literature (fiction and non- fiction) and History of English Literature, though not explicitly mentioned within the syllabus, form a big base of your preparation.

2. Strategy for UGC NET English Paper 2
With three months left, we should always not waste longer and obtain right down to business as soon as possible. Devoting a minimum of 5 hours of thorough preparation daily would definitely offer you amicable results. within the preparatory timeline, you're at a stage where you'll familiarise yourselves with all the topics, make notes and begin several new topics, which you were unfamiliar to. Also, during this phase, the candidates should familiarise themselves with important tips to utilize their time efficiently and study resources which may be used. allow us to undergo a number of the main thumb rules, which when followed, would bo ost your chances of qualifying the UGC NET exam.

Make yourself conscious of the pattern also because the mode of examination.
Go through the whole syllabus thoroughly. Know what must be overlooked . this is often important because when it involves qualifying an exam, you need to know what to not study and focus more on what must be studied.
Practice previous years question papers. this is able to offer you a thought not only about the kinds of questions asked but also about the scope of the study and therefore the sorts of questions UGC tends to ask.
Depending upon your interest and retaining skill, allocate time that must be devoted for each topic.
Figure out the simplest resources (books and online materials) to ask .

Prepare short and crisp notes of all topic covering details . For English, you'll create flow charts under each unit and list down the literary eras => the political, social, and non secular found out of the time => important authors => their works => the content of the work.
Revise every topic that you simply have studied. The revision shouldn't just be done only after completing a specific topic, but it should be timed at regular intervals throughout the course of your preparation.
Attempt mock tests to analyse your performance and acknowledge your limitations. as long as the mode of examination has changed to online, attempt online mock tests.
Prepare smart strategies to aim questions. as an example , the method of elimination works alright in attempting tons of questions in English (for instance, in questions like matching the columns or multiple combination options).

Last, but not the smallest amount , don't ignore your Paper 1, because it is that the cumulative score that might allow you to ace the exam.

3. Important Books for UGC NET English Paper 2
A Critical History of English Literature- David Daichis
Literary Theory- Saugata Bhaduri & Simmi Malhotra
Companion to Comparative Literatures, World Literatures and Comparative Cultural Studies- Steven Totosy
Online materials
Literature from your Graduate & Post Graduate courses.
Note- Most of the books available within the market are quite expensive. Hence, choose smart work. Taking your syllabus because the reference, you'll make notes from the fabric available online. the tutorial knowledge you already possess also will are available handy while making notes. you'll also ask your teachers to access relevant material.

4. 4-Month Study Plan for UGC NET 2020
Clearing the UGC NET exam requires a sound strategy and smart work. For this, you've got to plan a technique that might work the simplest for you. Accordingly, design a timetable for 4 months for internet exam. to assist you with the activity, we are sharing the 4-month study plan, distributed week-wise, for the upcoming UGC NTA NET English June/July 2019 for Paper 2, i.e., the one which is subject specific.

How do you qualify for NET in English literature?

To qualify the NET English Lit. exam you must know the complete exam pattern of this subject along with the syllabus and important topics. Using this knowledge, you must strategize and prioritize the topics with proper study plan.


What English should I read for UGC NET?

6 Best English Books for UGC NET Exam

  • ·        Chaucer to Shakespeare.
  • ·        Victorian Period.
  • ·        Modern Period.
  • ·        Contemporary Period.
  • ·        English Language History.
  • ·        English Language Teaching.
  • ·        Indian Writing in English.
  • ·        Indian Literature in English Translation.


Can I prepare for UGC NET in 2 months?

Answer. UGC NET examination is a national level examination. Though the level of the exam is high and 2 months time is quite less to prepare for it, but still, the students can try. To qualify the UGC NET exam in 2–3 months, the first thing students can do is to check the last 5 - 6 years of question papers.


How tough is UGC NET English?

Yes, the exam is tough, however, many candidates (who have prepared hard for it) make it to the cut off of UGC NET. UGC NET exam includes 2 papers - Paper I and Paper II. Paper I is General Ability Test, held for anaysing the teaching and research ability of the candidates.


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