Monday, April 20, 2020

How to submit IGNOU Assignments Online 2020

How to submit IGNOU Assignments Online 2020, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has asked students to submit their assignments online. This decision has been taken by IGNOU in sight of the lockdown that has been imposed to contain the spread of COVID-19.

"In view of the entire lockdown to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the University has decided to facilitate assignment submission by learners through email. Learners can submit scanned copies of handwritten assignments through email to the respective RC email," said Rajesh Sharma, CPRO, IGNOU.

"The Regional Centres will accept scanned copies of handwritten assignments through a fanatical email id and lookout for further process of evaluation," he also said.
In view of Corona Virus Covid-19 Nation wise lockdown, IGNOU has decided to supply online Assignments Submission facility to its students from their home. thanks to the Lockdown all regional centre activities were suspended altogether IGNOU RCs. Many students were worrying about submission of there assignments on time, However IGNOU also extended last date to submit IGNOU Assignments to 15 May 2020. But amid of lock down up to 14th April it had been a troublesome task for IGNOU to gather all assignments and checking them on time and also Physical medium of assignment could have increased infection of corona virus. So, ignou is accepting all assignments by Online medium. you would like to send soft copy of your assignment to IGNOU regional center’s mail id.

IGNOU Online Assignment Submission Details

The email must carry the subsequent details of the sender:
1. Name of the learner:
2. Enrollment number:
3. Regional Centre Code:
4. Study Centre Code:
5. Programme Code:
6. Course Code(s) of attached assignments:
7. Mobile number:
8. Email ID:

The Assignment should be scanned in ONE single pdf File for one Subject.i.e if there are 10 questions in one assignment, there shouldn't be 10 separate pdf files of those 10 answers. These should be scanned in ONE single pdf file for straightforward download at RC end.
The *first page of the pdf* of every Course must also carry the learner’s correct details

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E-mail IDs of Regional Centers for assignment submission.

  • IGNOU RC Delhi 1 Email :-
  • IGNOU RC Delhi 2 Email:-
  • IGNOU RC Delhi 3 Email:-
  • IGNOU RC Patna Email:- Or
  • IGNOU RC Jaipur Email:-
  • IGNOU RC Jodhpur Email:-
  • IGNOU RC Chandigarh Email:-
  • IGNOU RC Karnal Email:-
  • IGNOU RC Kolkata Email :- 
  • IGNOU RC Noida Email:-
  • IGNOU RC Ranchi Email:-
  • IGNOU RC Bhubaneswar Email:-
  • IGNOU RC Lucknow Email:-
  • IGNOU RC Aligarh Email:-
  • IGNOU RC Jorhat Email:-

How To Submit IGNOU Assignments Online? 

Write the assignment, following the rules given within the assignment list provided online on IGNOU website

  • Assignment shouldn't be typed on computer.
  • Scan the handwritten assignment using mobile phones
  • Submit the assignment on the e-mail address provided by IGNOU
  • Assignments carry 30% weightage out of the entire marks.

"A learner has got to write assignment responses compulsorily before taking Term-End Examinations from time to time to finish a tutorial programme," said IGNOU.

Only after the submission of assignments, candidates are going to be ready to fill and submit the forms for June term end exam. The last date for submission of exam forms is May 15.

"Keeping in sight the spread of coronavirus, the epidemic and complete lockdown throughout the country, with the approval of the competent authority the last date of accepting the June, 2020 Term-end examination forms with none late fee has been extended up to fifteen May, 2020,