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William Blake Biography English Literature

William Blake

He knew many language like Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French and Italian, The fact that I received very little formal language but he had a good career in world of literature
Blake was known only to a few people in his lifetime. He was original, strongly individualistic, and mostly a solitary figure. Dante Gabriel Rossetti, through his edition of Blake's poems, brought him to public attention. A. C. Swinbume wrote an essay in 1868, and W.B. Yeats played a part in making Blake's work known to a large I public. Under these circumstances, Blake could not have influenced his contemporaries.

Blake’s Visions

       Blake’s visions is very powerful, since his childhood he starts imagines the nature

       God Pressed his face to Window
        At 8, Ezekiel appeared
        At 9, he saw the angel tree
       Strongly imagine Power : its hard to describe that how much imagine power that Blake had? But whatever he thinks that thing comes front of his eyes. He enjoying to be in the nature.

Blake Revolutionary views

Blake's views on politics, religion, literature and science were revolutionary. He can not accept the prevailing culture of the eighteenth century. He opposed the mechanistic view of the universe of his time.
Politics  : He knew the reality which was going on that society but he did not write any work in this field
Religion :  He believes in the religious morality but did not support the formality of Church and Priest 
Science :  Science brought many changed in the human life, the society of that time start depending on the science and its inventions but because Blake associated with the Romantic Literature hence he always declines this fields ad support to being naturalistic
        Can’t accept - Prevailing culture of 18th century.
        Oppose mechanistic view of universe
        analyze rather than synthesize
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Black Anarchist

  1. Attracted by Revolutions and Revolutionary Concept
  2. 18th Yr. – Independence of American colonies,Ideal for whole Europe
  3. Eye witness : He was an eye-witness to the burning of Newgate Prison (1780) as an expression of the hatred of authority
  4. He sympathized with the French Revolution
  5. He was incensed when Tom Paine was attacked in 1798
  6. Didn’t develop any pol. Theory
  7. He wanted freedom and love for all
  8. He was opposed for the  private property, and establishment church, and formal govt. and machinery 

Blake’s Poetry

The Age of Reason which emphasized the intellect, in his view, was equivalent to the eating of the hit of knowledge of good and evil. The intellectual approach had destroyed man's early modes of perception.
1. Simple & Direct
2. No Sentimentality
3. One – Blake – Child – Scholar
4. Short Lyrics Can be enjoyed by children
5. But Need to understand for deep meaning
6. As a Scholar – Consistent system
7.  Uses – Metaphor or pure images

Poems Four Level

The literal meaning is very I simple in many of his poems. The moral aspect is evident in Blake's criticism of I social evils which the readers are encourage for to take a right  thing
  1. Literal – Poem can be read simple
  2. Moral – Series of moral commands
  3. Allegorical – some dogma
  4. Anagogical – Mystical reading

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