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Age of Chaucer | History of English Literature

Age of Chaucer occupies the middle English period of England. The transition from declining feudalism to an emerging economy, The Norman conquest in 1066 brought French in the England society, there was literary con ventins and artistic tastes, Mainly the historical events which take place in the 14th century, the older chivalric, aristocratic culture
In Chaucer’s time the revival  of alliterative verse the vehicle of social and moral protest

Age of Chaucer Historical background

  1. In the time of Chaucer the European feudalism to an emerging economy characterized by the rise of middle classes.
  2. English people were living in few numbers, self-sufficient villages and Chaucer himself suggested the change in his writings
  3. The growing Importance and wealth of towns by trade and commerce. Through lucrative wool trade, agricultural land

Certain historical events

  • The Hundred Years War
  • Black Death
  • Peasants  Revolt

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Hundered Years War

England and France, begins 1337 which rooted the feudal structure of European society
The modern states begins transition from medieval to renaissance Europe
The dispute starting from English possessions on French soil and this war  with French and Scotland starting of English monarchy

Black death

The high infections bubonic plague spread across in the whole Europe by black rats. This black death affected the towns more than villages. 1/3rd population of English was came into effect.

Cultural Background

According to Chaucers worse he divided the society into 3 estates
  • The knight – nobility
  • The working man – the third estates
  • Ecclesiastic – the church

He wrote the Canterbury tales which shows the ideal and the actual as the code of Chivalry.
Country love conventions presented by Chaucer. At that time marriages were negotiated win great haste an purely commercial motives.

Intellectual Background

The Christian Church were playing the central role Chaucer converted the main idea of locals and aristocratic society. Lollards remembered for the first English transaction of Bible through the guidance of Wycliffe. In the Chaucer’s time Astrology and medicine were close.The fact that physicians suggesting to patients for cheat the horoscope first before treatment. The pseudo-science of archery.

Literacy Background

  1. The normen conquest from (1066 + 087) ends up from the Reformation.
  2. This divided into 3 periods first – 1250 – occupied by Religious writings second period – (1250 to 1350)   Romances
  3. Third period were Chaucer, Langland, Gower, pearl, all these writer occupied this whole period and starts the English literature.

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