Solved NMIMS Assignments for June 2024

 Solved NMIMS Assignments for June 2024

Solved NMIMS Assignments for June 2024 - 100% Plagiarism Free, NMIMS Solved Assignments For June 2024 , As students prepare for their NMIMS June 2023 semester exams, one of the most important aspects of their academic journey is to ensure that they have completed all their assignments on time.

These assignments are a vital component of the academic curriculum, and they play a crucial role in determining the final grades of the students. However, completing these assignments can be a daunting task for many students, especially those who are new to the system or have a heavy workload. This is where the NMIMS solved assignments for June 2024 come in. 

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1st SEM JUNE 2024

Marketing Management AB

Business Economics AB

Financial Accounting & Analysis AB

Information System for Managers AB

Management Theory and Practice AB

Solved NMIMS Assignments for June 2024

2nd SEM JUNE 2024

Strategic Management AB

Business Communication AB

Business Law AB

Operations Management AB

Essentials of HRM AB


3rd SEM JUNE 2024

Sales Management SA

Compensation & Benefits SA

Performance Management System SA

Industrial Relations & Labour Laws SA

Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Selection

Organisation Culture SA

Organisational Theory, Structure and Design SA

Digital Marketing SA

Financial Institutions and Markets AB

Warehouse Management AB

Total Quality Management AB

Supply Chain Management AB

Procurement Management AB

Operations and Supply Chain Strategies AB

Enterprise Resource Planning AB

Corporate Finance SA

Brand Management AB

Capital Market and Portfolio Management AB

Consumer Behaviour AB

Customer Relationship Management AB

International Business AB

International Marketing AB

Marketing of Financial Services AB

Marketing Strategy AB

Project Management AB


4th SEM JUNE 2024

Employee Development & Talent Management SA

Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Management

International HR Practices SA

Strategic HRM SA

Advanced Supply Chain Management SA

Business Ethics Governance and Risk SA

Digital Payments SA

Global Retailing SA

International Logistics & Supply Chain Management SA

IT Security and Risk Management SA

Lean Six Sigma SA

Managing Business Process Outsourcing SA

New Product Development and Managing Innovation SA

Research Methodology SA

World Class Operations SA

Insurance & Risk Management SA

International Banking & Foreign Exchange Management SA

Treasury Management in Banking SA

Services Marketing SA

International Finance AB

Marketing Research SA

Strategic Financial Management AB



1st,2nd SEM JUNE 2024

3rd,4th SEM JUNE 2024

5th, 6th SEM JUNE 2024

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance BBA

Corporate Finance BBA

Customer Relationship Management BBA

Emerging Trends in Accountancy BBA

Project Management BBA

Strategic Management BBA

Rural Marketing BBA

Portfolio Management BBA

Entrepreneurship Management BBA

Integrated Marketing Communications BBA

International Marketing BBA

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management BBA

Operations and Supply Chain Management BBA

Strategic Brand Management BBA




1st SEM April 2024

Business Economics – APRIL 2024

Financial Accounting & Analysis – APRIL 2024

Information Systems for Managers – APRIL 2024

Management Theory and Practice – APRIL 2024

Marketing Management – APRIL 2024

Organisational Behaviour – APRIL 2024



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