IGNOU MMPC 001 Important Questions with Answers Free

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IGNOU MMPC 001 Important Questions with Answers Free 

Discuss the role of a manager in an organization?

List out the skills needed for a manager?

What do you think are the characteristics of a manager?

What are the levels of management? Are the functions at each level applied in the same measure in an organization?

Do you think that the role of a manager is changing in the modern organizational context? Elaborate with examples.

Explain the functions of staffing.

What do you understand by staffing? Explain its characteristics.

What are the advantages of staffing?

Define elements of staffing.

Differentiate between off-the job and on-the-job training

What do you understand by directing? Explain various aspects of directing.

Explain the characteristics of directing.

What are the elements of direction? Define in detail.

What are the principles of directing?

Differentiate between staffing and directing.

Which types of managerial decisions correspond to "Programmed" decision?

To what extent various theories of leadership are likely to influence your leadership styles.

Is there any difference between a successful and an effective leader? Discuss.

Why motivation is a critical issue of interest to managers in organizations?

Discuss the salient features of Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygience Theory and show its relevance to the Indian situation.

 “Most people can be motivated with money.” Discuss your views on this statement.

What is controlling as a function? What are the features of control?

 “Planning becomes worthless without control”. Comment on the importance of control in the light of this statement.

Highlight the characteristics of a good control system?

Describe the basic elements of the control process with examples?

What is PERT and CPM? Under what circumstances would you use the techniques as the best method?

Why is effective communication important to the manager?

Explain the elements of the communication process.

What is `noise' in communication? What factors in the organisational environment cause noise?

What purposes are served through vertical communication?

What problems are encountered in vertical communication?

Why is informal channel of communication called, a grapevine? Should managers use the grapevine or rely on formal channels?

Explain the significance of body messages in communication effectiveness.

Explain the statement, "Words are symbols and meaning exists in the mind".

Think of a situation at home or at work, and identify communication problems you observed or experienced.

What is meant by CSR? Interpret CSR from different ethical viewpoints.

Examine the evolution of CSR legislation in India with its benefits and drivers.

Write the National Voluntary Guidelines on social, environmental and economic responsibilities of business

Discuss the salient features of The Companies Act 2013 and CSR guidelines.

What do you understand by the terms single bottom line and triple bottom line approaches of companies related to CSR?

Write any one definition of CSR.

Name the components of CSR that have evolved over the years.

Write the purpose of Clause 135 of the Companies Act 2013.

Write any five drivers motivating the corporations to engage in CSR.

What is meant by ethics?

Why understanding ethics is important in dealing with business?

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IGNOU MMPC 001 Important Questions with Answers Free 


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