IGNOU MTTM 6 Solved Assignment 2024-25

MTTM 6 Solved Assignment 2024-25

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Course Code: MTTM 6

Assignment Code: MTTM 6 ASST/TMA/2024-25

Marks: 100

NOTE: All questions are compulsory

Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this assignment to the Coordinator of yourstudy centre. Last date of submission for July 2023 session is 31st October, 2023 and for January 2024 session is 30th April 2024.

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Q1. Discuss the characteristics of Service Industry. Explain how it affects the Marketing Mix with suitable example.

The service industry encompasses a wide range of businesses that provide intangible products or services to consumers. This sector includes businesses such as healthcare, hospitality, finance, transportation, education, consulting, and more. Unlike goods, services are intangible, meaning they cannot be touched, felt, or stored. Here are some key characteristics of the service industry:

Intangibility: Services lack physical form, making them intangible. This makes it challenging for consumers to evaluate services before they are consumed. For example, you can't touch or feel a consulting service before you purchase it.

Inseparability: Services are often produced and consumed simultaneously. The production and consumption processes are inseparable, meaning that the service provider must be present during the delivery of the service. For instance, a hair salon service cannot be separated from the presence of the hairdresser.

Perishability: Services cannot be stored for future use. They are perishable and must be consumed at the time they are produced. For example, an empty hotel room for tonight cannot be stored and sold tomorrow.

Heterogeneity: Services are often variable in quality. Since they are performed by people, the quality of service delivery can vary based on factors like the skill level of the service provider, the location, and the interaction between the provider and the consumer. For instance, the level of customer service you receive at a restaurant may differ based on the attitude of the waiter.

Lack of Ownership: Unlike physical products, consumers do not own services. Instead, they purchase the benefits or outcomes that the service provides. For example, when you buy a ticket to a concert, you don't own the concert itself but rather the experience of attending it.

Product: In the service industry, the "product" is often intangible and experiential. Marketers need to focus on communicating the benefits and outcomes of the service rather than its physical attributes. For example, a hotel might emphasize its luxurious amenities and exceptional customer service when marketing its accommodation services.

Price: Pricing strategies in the service industry are often based on perceived value rather than tangible costs. Since services are intangible, pricing can be based on factors such as brand reputation, perceived quality, and competitive positioning. For example, a high-end spa might charge premium prices based on the perceived value of its services and the luxurious experience it offers.

Place (Distribution): Distribution channels in the service industry often involve direct interactions between service providers and consumers. The location and accessibility of service delivery points are crucial considerations. For example, a bank might strategically locate its branches in areas with high foot traffic for greater convenience to customers.

Promotion: Promoting services requires highlighting intangible benefits and creating emotional connections with consumers. Word-of-mouth marketing, online reviews, and testimonials play a significant role in influencing consumer perceptions. For example, a restaurant might use social media platforms to showcase mouth-watering images of its dishes and encourage customers to share their positive dining experiences online.

In summary, the characteristics of the service industry significantly influence the marketing mix by emphasizing intangible benefits, focusing on perceived value, prioritizing direct interactions, and leveraging emotional connections to attract and retain customers.

Q2. What do you understand by “Marketing Research”? Discuss the relevance of Marketing Research for Tourism Industry.

Q3. Describe the process of a new product development. Substantiate your answer with suitable examples from Tourism Industry.

Q4. What is meant by “Consumer Behaviour”? What are the factors that affect Consumer Behaviour in the Tourism Industry? Explain with the help of examples.

Q5. Write short notes on any two of the following:

i.Role of Wholesaler in Tourism

ii.Cyber marketing and Tourism

iii.Branding in tourism

Q6. “Each stage of Product Life Cycle requires different marketing strategy”. Comment on the statement and support your answer with relevant examples from Tourism and Hospitality industry.

Q7. Discuss the need and process of training and motivating the sales personnel.

Q8. Discuss the methods of designing a marketing organisation.

Q9. Explain the channels of distribution of tourism industry with relevant examples.

Q10. Write short notes on any two of the following:

i. Demand forecasting for a tourism product

ii. Marketing Communication in tourism

iii. Personal Selling in tourism and hospitality industry

MTTM 6 Handwritten Assignment 2024-25

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Important Note - You may be aware that you need to submit your assignments before you can appear for the Term End Exams. Please remember to keep a copy of your completed assignment, just in case the one you submitted is lost in transit.

Submission Date :

31st March 2023 (if enrolled in the July 2024-25 Session)

30th Sept, 2023 (if enrolled in the January 2024-25 session).

IGNOU Instructions for the MTTM 6 Assignments

MTTM 6 MARKETING FOR TOURISM MANAGERS Assignment 2024-25 Before ate mpting the assignment, please read the following instructions carefully.

1. Read the detailed instructions about the assignment given in the Handbook and Programme Guide.

3. Write the course title, assignment number and the name of the study centre you are attached to in the centre of the first page of your response sheet(s).

4. Use only foolscap size paper for your response and tag all the pages carefully

5. Write the relevant question number with each answer.

6. You should write in your own handwriting.


MTTM 6 Solved Assignment 2024-25 You will find it useful to keep the following points in mind:

1. Planning: Read the questions carefully. Go through the units on which they are based. Make some points regarding each question and then rearrange these in a STATISTICS IN PSYCHOLOGYal order. And please write the answers in your own words. Do not reproduce passages from the units.

2. Organisation: Be a little more selective and analytic before drawing up a rough outline of your answer. In an essay-type question, give adequate attention to your introduction and conclusion. The introduction must offer your brief interpretation of the question and how you propose to develop it. The conclusion must summarise your response to the question. In the course of your answer, you may like to make references to other texts or critics as this will add some depth to your analysis.

3. Presentation: Once you are satisfied with your answers, you can write down the final version for submission, writing each answer neatly and underlining the points you wish to emphasize.

IGNOU Assignment Front Page

The top of the first page of your response sheet should look like this: Get IGNOU Assignment Front page through. And Attach on front page of your assignment. Students need to compulsory attach the front page in at the beginning of their handwritten assignment.

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MTTM 6 Handwritten Assignment 2024-25

MTTM 6 Solved Assignment 2024-25: We provide handwritten PDF and Hardcopy to our IGNOU and other university students. There are several types of handwritten assignment we provide all Over India. We are genuinely work in this field for so many time. You can get your assignment done - 8130208920

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