Silk Road Summary and Important Questions for class 11th

Silk Road Summary and Important Questions for class 11th

Silk Road is a travel account written by British geographer Nick Middleton . It discusses how crucial the quality of perseverance is to finishing a difficult work effectively. He tells the story in the first person, and throughout the chapter, he provides chronological facts of his trip to Mount Kailash. The Silk Road Class 11 overview illustrates the several challenges the author encountered while traveling. Along the route to Mount Kailash, it also shares his ideas and thoughts about the topography of Tibet. Daniel, a companion, and Tsetan, their driver, are with him.

Silk Road Summary and Important Questions

Silk Road Summary

The story's author, Nick Middleton, writes in Silk Road about his trip to Mount Kailash. The author wants to travel to Mt. Kailash in order to finish his Kora. In order to acquire someone to drive him up to the mountain, he so employs Tsetan. He gets a sheepskin coat with long sleeves as he was saying goodbye to Lhamo. Daniel travels with the author to Darchen in order to gain companionship.

Silk Road Summary and Important Questions-Tsetan takes a detour to the southwest when they first set out on their expedition. It is a direct way to Mount Kailash, he claims. They would have to cross the high mountain passes to get to their goal. Tsetan assures them that it would be simple to do so because there isn't much snow. They pass through a herd of wild asses, shepherds caring for their livestock, and a few little gazelles en route.

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When they get to the hill, they see shadowy tents. They witness a Tibetan mastiff watching over the tents and discover they are the dwellings of nomads. The dogs chased after their automobile as soon as they got close to the tents. They see snow- and ice-covered mountains and rivers as they enter the valley.

Silk Road Summary and Important Questions-The ride on the hill starts turning sharper and bumpier. As they reached higher, the author could feel the pressure and noticed they were at 5210 meters above sea level. After clearing the first hurdle of snow-filled roads, they were on and about. The author starts feeling uneasy due to height and pressure. At around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, they stop for lunch.

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Finally, they reach a small town ‘Hor’ in late afternoon. The author took a break in Hor and sat at the local café sipping on tea. During this time, Tsetan got the car fixed and Daniel left for Lhasa. The author did not like Hor too much. Upon resuming the journey, they stay the night at a guest house in Darchen. We see how he suffers from nose-congestion due to the altitude change and chilly weather. He goes to see a Tibetan doctor and receives a five-day course medication.

Silk Road Summary and Important Questions-After that, he feels better and enjoys his stay at Darchen where he meets another pilgrim, Norbu. As Darchen had no pilgrims, the author finds relief and decides to complete his pilgrimage with him. Finally, they hire yaks for their luggage and Norbu gives up while collapsing across the table and laughing. Norbu’s says it would not be possible for him and he also had a big tummy.

Characters In  Silk Road

1. Nick Middleton, the narrator of the story is a young, curious, and adventurous traveler from England. He is on a journey to Mount Kailash. He is quite brave, courageous, and daring. He is open-minded, eager to explore new cultures, and has a strong sense of adventure. He is also shown to be observant and perceptive, paying attention to intricate details during his journey. He faces many obstacles during his journey. He shows great adaptability throughout his journey. He interacts with the locals and learns from them, which helps him overcome various obstacles and adjust to different environments.

2. Daniel was the translator whom Nick Middleton had hired. He helped the narrator to communicate with the local Tibetans. He accompanied the narrator up to the town of Hor. There he parted from him as he was to go to Lhasa. Fortunately he got a ride in a truck to Lhasa.

3. Tsetan was a local Tibetan whose profession was to ferry visitors or tourists to places of interest in Tibet. He was expert in driving through the rugged Tibetan terrain and high altitude rough roads. He drove the car very carefully considering the safety of the passengers. During the journey, he spoke to the author and gave important details of the places they were passing by. When the narrator fell ill, Tsetan took him to Darchen medical college and cared for his health.

4. The author met Norbu at Darchen. He is a Tibetan working at a Chinese academy of Social Sciences in Beijing who wants to carry out the pilgrimage to Mount Kailash. He had also come to do the Kora. Both the narrator and Norbu struck friendship and decided to do the Kora together. The narrator actually wanted to reach Mount Kailash to do kora to get a feel of what a pilgrimage was like. But he didn't want to do it alone. He was looking for someone who could speak or understand English. When he was sitting in the only cafe at Darchen, Norbu, a plump Tibetan saw him reading an English book. So Norbu introduced himself to the author. He also was there to do kora, although he was not a religious person. So both of them decided to do kora together.

Silk Road Important Questions and Answers

How did the author and his companions cross the first snow blockage on their way to Mount Kailash?

Snow was so steep that they could not go around it. They had to go over it. The danger was that they could slip. They flung handfuls of dirt and covered the snow completely with soil. The narrator and Daniel got off the vehicle to lighten the load and Tsetan drove the vehicle over the snow.

How does the author recount his experience at the Darchen Medical College?

The doctor at the Darchen Medical College did not wear the traditional white coat of a doctor. He observed the author and diagnosed his problem as the effect of cold and high altitude. He gave him brown powders and pellets to be taken with hot water. The author benefitted with this treatment.

Where is the town of Hor situated? Describe the town.

Hor is located on the eastwest highway when one travels from Lhasa to Kashmir. It is a grim desolate place littered with accumulated refuse. There is no vegetation in this town. It is located on the shore of Lake Mansarovar. On the whole, it has badly painted concrete buildings.



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