Mother’s Day Summary and Important Questions for class 11th

Mother’s Day Summary and Important Questions for class 11th

Mother’s Day is a Written by J. B. Priestley. It is a hilarious and sarcastic portrayal of the position of women in society, specifically that of housewives. Furthermore, a housewife devotes her entire life to serving her family, however they never recognize her needs and instead take advantage of her labor. She never receives gratitude or acknowledgement from the family for everything that she does for them. She is ignored by everyone, and this is a prevalent and current issue. 

Mother’s Day Summary and Important Questions

Mother’s Day Summary and Important Questions-There are a lot of households that suffer in silence and pout. Furthermore, the play addresses a real problem that cannot be solved by spouses, sons, or daughters changing only their personalities. Wives must receive the necessary attention from their families in order for them to get the credit they deserve attention.

Mother’s Day Summary

J. B. Priestley is a well-known writer from the modern era. His humorous prose writings are renowned for their ability to elucidate the social situations of the time. He describes Mrs. Pearson's constant disdain from her husband and kids in this chapter, Mother's Day English Class 11. Doris and Cyril, her children, showed her ignorance and sympathy on a daily basis. Even. George, her spouse, was oblivious to the misbehavior of the children against their mother. 

Mother’s Day Summary and Important Questions-She once went to tea with Mrs. Fitzgerald, an elderly woman who worked as a fortune teller. She told the elderly woman about the appalling treatment she endured on a daily basis from her family. Mrs. Fitzgerald possessed a dark disposition. She was adamant that those worthless guys needed to be disciplined. This is the point at when the narrative begins to change. The chapter is also quite interesting to study.

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The play begins with a candid conversation between two friends at Mrs Pearson's house. Mrs Fitzgerald tells Mrs Pearson her fortune and gives her advice on it. Mrs Pearson goes on and on about how her family members do not value her and do not appreciate anything she does for them.  

Mother’s Day Summary and Important Questions-Mrs Fitzgerald was capable of using and casting charms on others. She wanted to see what actually happened in the family and how they treated Mrs Pearson. Mrs Fitzgerald tells her to take her place as the woman of the house, but Mrs Pearson, being the pure and loving lady she is, does not want to cause any trouble for her family. She handles their angry outbursts because she doesn't know where to begin disciplining them.

Mrs Pearson was scared of the consequences but Mrs Fitzgerald told her to rely on her. Annie is terrified, but Mrs Fitzgerald confirms that the transformation is reversible. She cast a spell and exchanged her personality with that of Mrs Pearson.Mrs Fitzgerald, now in Annie's body, stays at Annie's house and sends Annie in Mrs Fitzgerald's body to her house to loosen up.  She then entered her home along with Mrs Fitzgerald (actually Mrs Pearson).

Mother’s Day Summary and Important Questions-She started drinking wine and smoking cigarettes inside. Doris Pearson, Mrs Annie Pearson's daughter, is taken aback when she sees her mother smoking and playing cards alone. She wanted to go on a date and ordered her mom to iron a dress. Doris inquires about her mom's yellow dress, but she receives no response. When she asks for tea, her mother responds angrily, telling her to iron her dress herself and make tea if she desires.Doris gets angry but gets a decent chiding from her mother.

She did not stop there, and then Annie mocks Doris' boyfriend, Charlie Spence, for having protruding teeth and being a moron. She tells Doris bluntly that she would have found someone better than Charlie Spence at her age. Doris felt ashamed and miserable in front of Mrs Fitzgerald and started crying. Doris is upset by this bizarre behavior and walks out of the room crying.

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Mother’s Day Summary and Important Questions-Cyril entered and asked their mother to prepare tea. She also reacted in a repulsive way. Cyril found that his sister is also crying for her mother’s rude behaviour. Cyril then tried to insult Mrs Fitzgerald and told his mom to mind her language.His mother did not even listen and started to revolt. She said that she will not work on the weekends as she will party with her friends.

George Pearson then enters the scene, surprised to see his wife day-drinking. When he objected, Mrs Pearson said that she can drink wine whenever she wants.He discloses that he has a memorable match at the club and will not be needing tea this afternoon. He becomes irritated once more when told there is no tea. Mrs Pearson makes fun of him for being irritated at not receiving something he didn't want.  She also told him that the friends whom he goes to meet every day, make fun of him when he is not there.She tells him about the slang he hears at the club. She goes on to mock him, saying that this would not have occurred if he had stayed at home now and then.

Mrs. Fitzgerald, who is really Mrs. Annie Pearson, finds Doris sobbing. In front of her, her family is also receiving criticism. Mrs. Annie Pearson, who is really Mrs. Fitzgerald, tells her that she is making everyone feel embarrassed. Mrs. Pearson swears she will break her husband's enormous, fat, silly face when he yells at her. Mrs. Fitzgerald, who was really Mrs. Pearson, could take no more of this. She asked that Mrs. Fitzgerald herself go back to her regular self. For the first time, Annie's family members smile back and feel really at ease when she does. Annie feels that since they are not going out, the family ought to play a game of rummy together. Additionally, she asks her kids to make dinner for the family, which they agree. She also wishes to speak with her husband, George, on which everyone concurs. The play concludes happily, with the children and husband eager to do whatever Mrs Annie Pearson suggests.

Characters In Mother’s Day

Doris Pearson : It was Mrs. Pearson's daughter, who was in her early twenties. Though attractive, she lacked the life experience necessary to grasp the intricacies of the world. She is susceptible to influence and feels that money is the most significant aspect of life. She may have a nice appearance, but she is a "spoilt" kid. She constantly makes her mother chase after her. She wants her to take care of everything, including ironing her clothing and serving her tea.

Cyril: It is Doris's masculine equivalent, and like his sister, it is'spoiled'. He has a tendency to handle his mother extremely carelessly. He always makes his mother run, doing one thing or another. He doesn't appreciate his mother. Without doing anything to assist her, he wants his mother to cook for him, clean, get his belongings, iron his clothing, and generally make his life easy.

Mrs Pearson: Mrs. Pearson is a devoted wife and mother. She is forty years old. She puts a lot of effort into making her spouse and kids happy. Mrs. Pearson receives slave-like treatment and abuse from her family. She loves them all despite the abuse, disregard, and exploitation they have endured. She no longer recognizes her uniqueness or the deference she is due in her family. She has lost sight of her own life and lives only for her family. But in the end, Mrs. Fitzgerald helps her become more dominant and aggressive, which causes a transformation in her personality.

Mrs. Fitzgerald: It is intelligent and well experienced. She acquired some knowledge of esoteric magic while studying in the East. She has a "strong and sinister personality" and is heavier. She is fearless, powerful, assertive, and free. She plays cards and smokes. Mrs. Fitzgerald's voice is deep. She speaks with an Irish accent. Mrs. Fitzgerald is resolute, strong, and goal-oriented. She makes amends for all the pampered members of Mrs. Pearson's family.

Mother’s Day  Important Questions and Answers

How did Mrs Fitzgerald try to help Mrs Pearson?

Mrs. Fitzgerald is the only person behind transforming and emboldening Mrs Pearson. She magically changes her own personality with Mrs. Pearson. While enacting as Mrs. Pearson, Mrs Fitzgerald acts tough with her husband and children. She made Mrs. Pearson realize her own importance in the family. Rather, she inspired Mrs Pearson to stand for her rights and refuse to be ordered about by her family members.

What advice does Mrs Fitzgerald give Mrs Pearson regarding being the boss in her family?

Mrs. Fitzgerald encourages Mrs. Pearson to be the mistress in her own house. She acquaints Mrs. Pearson with her rights in the family. She tells her that her husband and children should share her work, the value of her work should be acknowledged by all her family members. Mrs. Pearson is realized of her status in the family. She is told to put her foot down and be the boss of her family. Her family is expected to learn to treat her properly.

What is Doris’ reaction when Mrs Pearson says she will work only forty hours a week?

On hearing that Mrs. Pearson will work only forty hours a week, Doris cannot believe her ears. She asks her mother where will she go for a weekend? She wonders if all this crazy talk is the result of an accident or a hit on the head.



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