Albert Einstein at School Summary and Important Questions for class 11th

Albert Einstein at School Summary and Important Questions for class 11th

The lesson Albert Einstein at School is a passage from Patrick Pringle's biography of Albert Einstein, titled "The Young Einstein" In this lesson, Patrick acquaints the reader with the period of Einstein's life when he was having daily difficulties in school and, as time went on, the idea of earning a certificate seemed like a distant dream. It sheds light on his interactions with his teacher, his thoughts about his area, and the fact that Yuri was the only close friend he had. The plot is further enhanced by Albert's clever escape plan from the awful institution (school) and the way events worked out in the end.

Albert Einstein at School Summary and Important Questions

Albert Einstein at School Summary

Little Albert Einstein is in his history class when The Albert Einstein at School opens. When the teacher asks him about a specific day, Albert says that learning dates by heart is useless. He had the impression that he could turn the pages to get the date of anything at any time. He did not think that facts should be mugged up.

Albert Einstein at School Summary and Important Questions-As a result, we find out that Albert dislikes school since it uses conventional teaching techniques. He disapproves of traditional educational methods. In a similar vein, his professors don't think highly of him either. The history instructor disliked him the most, and they all thought he was a disgrace. The teacher becomes agitated when this occurs in history class and urges him to leave.

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Because he did not feel at home, Einstein did not enjoy his residence either. In fact, Einstein detested education so much that he considered quitting before he could earn a diploma. He enjoys science and wishes he could focus only on studying it. Furthermore, he doesn't see the need for him to study topics unrelated to his areas of interest.

Albert Einstein at School Summary and Important Questions-After that, they sent him to Munich and the story repeated there too. Albert did not take any interest there and was only wasting his father’s money. He now has an epiphany of giving up a school together so he asks his friend, Yuri, to arrange for a doctor. He plans to ask the doctor to write him off as a lunatic, not fit for the school. Upon meeting with the doctor, Albert confesses his love for mathematics. After that, the headmaster calls him and reveals shocking news to him.

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He tells Albert that due to his behaviour, they are asking him to leave school. They feel that his behaviour disturbs the environment for studying. It was surprising for Albert as he was ready to present the medical report but before that only the school rusticated him. Thus, he leaves the school without even looking back and only meets Yuri who bids him farewell and wishes him luck for his future.

Characters In Albert Einstein at School

Einstein :  One of the students was quite bold and honest. At an early age, Albert Einstein displayed the beginnings of his brilliance. Even at that young age, his thought process was extremely sensible and sophisticated. He was a very good student who knew highly sophisticated arithmetic in addition to having solved the complete Mathematics book. Albert is naturally curious and has an inquiring mind. He loved reading science books and had a voracious appetite for knowledge. Einstein showed a great deal of consideration for the issues facing society today. The sight of the young guys squandering their time on pointless pursuits made his heart hurt. His career was a major source of concern for him. He refused to give in or adapt to the educational system that promoted knowledge acquisition at the expense of comprehension.Albert knew the school was not doing him much good and so he wanted to get away from Munich and go to Milan for admission in a college.

Dr. Ernest Weil : It was a fairly young physician who had just obtained medical licensure. He was an incredibly nice person. He was Yuri's close buddy, and when Yuri confided in him about his issue, he promised to assist Einstein. His kindness is evident in the fact that he questioned Einstein what he would do if he were to drop out of school before granting a certificate for a mental breakdown. He didn't give Einstein the certificate until he was happy with his response. He demonstrated his generosity by not charging Einstein a single dime for the assistance.

Yuri : It is a medical school student who is Einstein's senior. The only buddy he confided his sorrows, anxieties, and concerns to was Yuri. The only person who supported Albert during his bad moods at school and in his Munich apartment was Yuri. In addition to offering Albert consolation and hope, Yuri also located a physician for him who could provide a certificate of nervous breakdown, which Albert could use to leave the school where he was having trouble adjusting to his new instructor, Mr. Braun.

Albert Einstein at School Important Questions and Answers

1.What information do you gather about Albert and his pursuit of knowledge?

Ans. Albert was a brilliant boy at school. He was not satisfied with the sort of education provided at the Munich school. He knew a little more Maths than his Maths teacher. He hated to learn the dates of battles by heart. He believed that ideas were much more important than dates. He read books on Geology even though it was not taught at school. He was after ideas and not facts.

2. Why did the History teacher dislike Albert?

Ans. The History teacher, Mr Braun, never liked Albert who said frankly that there was no point in learning dates. He could not tell the year when the French were defeated at Waterloo. Mr Braun called the boy a disgrace and told him to leave school at once.

3. Why did Albert feel like leaving his school in Munich?

Ans. Albert hated the school in Munich, Germany. But he knew the importance of Getting a school diploma for admission in a college in Milan. The teachers at Munich were insensitive to his feelings. The History teacher, Mr Braun was most hostile to him. Albert felt miserable there. He was afraid he would have a nervous breakdown.

4. Who was Mr Koch? What did he think about Albert?

Ans. Mr Koch was Albert’s Maths teacher at the Munich school. He had a very high opinion about the boy’s brilliance. He even admitted that Albert would soon be able to teach him. He gave a glowing letter of reference to Albert that he was good enough to study higher Maths.



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