MEG IGNOU Solved Assignment 2023-24

MEG IGNOU Solved Assignment 2023-24 - MA English Solved Assignment 2023-24 ,  IGNOU MEG Solved Assignment 2023-24 , Are you a student pursuing the Master's in English (MEG) program from the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)? If so, you might be familiar with the significance of assignments in your academic journey. Assignments play a crucial role in evaluating your understanding of the course material and enhancing your learning experience.

To help you excel in your MEG program, IGNOU provides solved assignments that serve as a guiding light to tackle the academic challenges effectively.

IGNOU MA English Admission

Course Name

IGNOU Master of Arts – English

Minimum Duration

2 Year

Maximum Duration

4 Years

Course Fee

INR 14,600

Minimum Age

18 Years

IGNOU Official Website

MEG IGNOU Solved Assignment 2023-24

MEG-5 Literary Criticism and Theory

MEG-1 British Poetry

MEG-3 British Novel

MEG-2 British Drama

MEG-14 Contemporary Indian Literature in English Translation

MEG-15 Comparative Literature Theory and Practice

MEG-06 American Literature

MEG-07 Indian English Literature

IGNOU Assignment Submission: How to Submit IGNOU Assignment?

In order to submission of the IGNOU Assignment, students should reach the official website of selected regional centres. The centres offer guidelines for the submission of assignments that include every necessary piece of information, as shown in the following points:

  • IGNOU Assignments should be handwritten.
  • The first page of each assignment must contain the following; the name of the student, enrollment number, course code, study centre code, mobile number, and email address.
  • Each page should be signed by the students.
  • Scan files of each course have to be submitted separately through emails, or Google Documents.
  • Only PDF format will be accepted in the softcopy mode.
  • Hard copies should be submitted at the concerned study centres.

MEG 05 Handwritten Assignment 2022-23

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How to submit the IGNOU Assignment through Google Forms? 

MEG IGNOU Solved Assignment 2023-24 - MA English Solved Assignment 2023-24 ,  IGNOU MEG Solved Assignment 2023-24 , To fully understand the process of IGNOU assignment submission with Google Documents, one should follow the instructions shown below.

  • Kindly visit opted IGNOU regional centre website
  • Click upon “Assignment Submission Guidelines”
  • Please read the assignment guidelines carefully
  • Open “Instructions, and Link for submission of assignments”
  • Search “study centre with SC Code”
  • The link is just in front of the address of the study centre
  • Enter basic personal, program, and subject details
  • Select PDF File, and Upload

Check IGNOU Assignment Status 2023-24

MEG IGNOU Solved Assignment 2023-24 - MA English Solved Assignment 2023-24 ,  IGNOU MEG Solved Assignment 2023-24 , IGNOU Assignment Status is live for the June TEE 2023 session at the official portal. 

Students who have successfully completed the submission process of IGNOU Assignment for their pursuing program can easily check their submission status without even visiting or taking assistance from the university’s regional or student centre. Students can do so by using the internet from anywhere in the world.

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Q1. Is it necessary to use a printed IGNOU Assignment front Page?

Ans:- No, You can use handwritten IGNOU Assignment front page format. But, IGNOU MEG Solved Assignment 2022-23 You need to make the Assignment front page in the prescribed format by IGNOU and it should contain all the information.

Q2. Can I use the Handwritten IGNOU Assignment front page format?

Ans:- Yes, But you need to make it neat and clean. also, Assignment Cover page should be in the prescribed format by IGNOU and should contain all the information

Q3. What are the required details to fill in IGNOU Assignment FrontPage?

Ans:- These details should be present on your assignment front page

  1. Name
  2. Roll number
  3. Address
  4. Assignment number
  5. Programme
  6. Name of the course
  7. Study Centre
  8. Date of submission
  9. Phone Number
  10. Email Id
  11. Your Signature

Q4. Which Paper should be used for IGNOU Assignments?

Ans:- You should use A4 Sheets for your assignments.


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