Jonathan Swift Biography , Famous Works and Writing Style

Jonathan Swift Biography , Famous Works and Writing Style

Jonathan Swift Biography , Famous Works and Writing Style , Jonathan Swift was an Anglo-Irish writer, poet, and cleric who is best known for his works "Gulliver's Travels" and "A Modest Proposal." Born in Dublin in 1667, Swift spent much of his life in England, where he became involved in the politics of the day. This article will explore the life and works of this celebrated author.

Early Life

Jonathan Swift was born on November 30, 1667, in Dublin, Ireland. His father, Jonathan Swift Sr., was a lawyer and his mother, Abigail Erick, was the daughter of a clergyman. Swift's father died before he was born, and his mother struggled to provide for him and his younger sister. Jonathan Swift Biography , Famous Works and Writing Style

As a child, Swift was sent to live with his uncle, Godwin Swift, who was a lawyer and member of the Irish parliament. It was here that Swift developed a love for literature and began writing his own poems and stories.

Jonathan Swift Biography , Famous Works and Writing Style

Swift attended Trinity College in Dublin, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1686. He then went on to study theology and received a Master of Arts degree in 1692.

Jonathan Swift | Anglo-Irish author and clergyman

Jonathan Swift was an Anglo-Irish author and clergyman born in Dublin, Ireland in 1667. He is best known for his satirical works, including "Gulliver's Travels" and "A Modest Proposal," which are still widely read and studied today. Swift studied at Trinity College in Dublin and later became an Anglican priest. He spent much of his life in England, where he worked as a writer and served in various political and religious positions. Swift was a prominent figure in the literary and political circles of his time, and he used his writing to critique and expose the corruption and hypocrisy of society and politics. Despite suffering from health problems later in life, Swift continued to write until his death in 1745.


Swift began his career as a secretary to Sir William Temple, a member of parliament and a close family friend. It was during this time that Swift wrote many of his most famous works, including "A Tale of a Tub" and "The Battle of the Books."

Political Career

In 1708, Swift became a member of the Church of Ireland and was ordained as a priest. He then became involved in the politics of the day and used his writing to comment on the issues of the time. Swift was a strong supporter of the Whig Party, and he wrote many political pamphlets in support of their policies.

Jonathan Swift was involved in politics throughout his life and held several prominent positions in both England and Ireland. He served as the Dean of St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin from 1713 until his death in 1745, and he used his position to advocate for Irish rights and greater representation in British politics. Swift also wrote numerous political tracts, including "A Modest Proposal" and "The Drapier's Letters," which criticized British policies towards Ireland and called for reform.

Swift was a member of the Tory party and was politically aligned with Robert Harley, who served as the Prime Minister of Great Britain during the early 18th century. Swift was a close friend of Harley and other prominent Tories, including Alexander Pope and John Gay. He also served as a political advisor to Queen Anne and was widely respected for his intelligence and wit.

Despite his involvement in politics, Swift was often critical of the corruption and hypocrisy he saw in government and politics. He was particularly critical of the Whig party, which he believed had abandoned its principles in favor of personal gain. Swift's political views were shaped by his experiences growing up in Ireland, where he witnessed firsthand the oppression and poverty faced by the Irish people. Throughout his life, Swift used his writing and political influence to advocate for social and political reform and to expose the injustices he saw in society.


Literary Career

Swift's most famous works include "Gulliver's Travels" and "A Modest Proposal." "Gulliver's Travels" was published in 1726 and is a satire on human nature and society. "A Modest Proposal," published in 1729, is a satirical essay in which Swift suggests that the Irish could solve their economic problems by selling their children as food for the wealthy.

Swift suffered from health problems throughout his life and became increasingly isolated in his later years. He died on October 19, 1745, in Dublin, Ireland, at the age of 77.

Swift suffered from a condition known as Meniere's disease, which caused him to experience vertigo and other symptoms. He also suffered from depression and was prone to outbursts of anger.


Jonathan Swift Famous Works

Here is a list of Jonathan Swift's famous works:

"Gulliver's Travels"

"A Modest Proposal" (Discuss the use of irony in Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal)

"A Tale of a Tub"

"The Battle of the Books"

"An Argument Against Abolishing Christianity"

"The Drapier's Letters"

"Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift"

"Journal to Stella"

"The Lady's Dressing Room"

"A Complete Collection of Genteel and Ingenious Conversation"

Jonathan Swift Writing Style

Jonathan Swift's writing style is known for its satire, wit, and irony. He often uses humor to criticize and expose the flaws of society, politics, and religion. His writing is characterized by its clear and concise language, which often contrasts with the complexity of the ideas he presents.

Swift is also known for his use of allegory and symbolism, as seen in "Gulliver's Travels," where he uses the journeys of Lemuel Gulliver to criticize various aspects of human society. Overall, Swift's writing style is engaging, thought-provoking, and highly influential in the development of English literature. Jonathan Swift Biography , Famous Works and Writing Style

Jonathan Swift Net worth

Jonathan Swift is remembered as one of the greatest satirists in the English language. His works continue to be read and studied today and have had a lasting impact on the literary world.

Jonathan Swift Biography , Famous Works and Writing Style It is difficult to determine Jonathan Swift's net worth as he lived in the 17th and 18th centuries when records of personal wealth were not as comprehensive as they are today. However, it is known that Swift earned a modest income from his work as a writer and from his various positions in the Church and politics. He also received financial support from wealthy patrons, including Queen Anne, who granted him a significant allowance during her reign. Despite this, Swift's later years were marked by financial difficulties and declining health, and he left a relatively small estate upon his death in 1745.


Q. What is Jonathan Swift best known for?

Jonathan Swift is best known for his works "Gulliver's Travels" and "A Modest Proposal."

Q. Where was Jonathan Swift born?

Jonathan Swift was born in Dublin, Ireland.

Q. What was Jonathan Swift's occupation?

Jonathan Swift was an Anglo-Irish writer, poet, and cleric.

Q. When did Jonathan Swift die?

Jonathan Swift died on October 19, 1745, in Dublin, Ireland.



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