Mrichhakatika as a literary text

Mrichhakatika as a literary text-Mcchakatika additionally spelled Mcchakaikā, Mrchchhakatika, Mricchakatika, or Mrichchhakatika (The Little Clay Cart) is a ten-act Sanskrit drama attributed to Śūdraka, an historic playwright who's in all likelihood from the fifth century CE, and who's recognized via way of means of the prologue as a Kshatriya king in addition to a devotee of Siva who lived for above a hundred and ten years.

The play is about withinside the historic town of Ujjayini for the duration of the reign of the King Pālaka, close to the quit of the Pradyota dynasty that made up the primary area of the 5th century BCE. The imperative tale is that of a noble however impoverished younger Brahmin, Sanskrit: Cārudatta, who falls in love with a rich courtesan or nagarvadhu, Sanskrit: Vasantasenā. Despite their mutual affection, however, the couple's lives and love are threatened while a vulgar courtier, Samsthānaka, additionally referred to as Shakara, starts offevolved to aggressively pursue Vasantasenā.

Life with romance, comedy, intrigue and a political subplot detailing the overthrow of the town's despotic ruler via way of means of a shepherd, the play is extraordinary amongst extant Sanskrit drama for its consciousness on a fictional state of affairs as opposed to on a classical story or legend. Mrichhakatika as a literary text Mcchakaika additionally departs from traditions enumerated withinside the Natya Shastra that explain that dramas ought to consciousness at the lives of the the Aristocracy and as an alternative contains many peasant characters who communicate a extensive variety of Prakrit dialects. 

The tale is concept to be derived from an in advance paintings known as Cārudatta in Poverty via way of means of the playwright Bhāsa, aleven though that paintings survives handiest in fragments.

Mrichhakatika as a literary text

Mrichhakatika as a literary textOf all of the Sanskrit dramas, Mcchakaika stays one of the maximum extensively celebrated and oft-done withinside the West. Mrichhakatika as a literary text The paintings performed a massive function in producing hobby in Indian theatre amongst European audiences following numerous a success 19th century translations and level productions, maximum drastically Gérard de Nerval and Joseph Méry's distinctly romanticised French version titled Le Chariot d'enfant that premiered Mrichhakatika as a literary text in Paris in 1850, in addition to a significantly acclaimed "anarchist" interpretation via way of means of Victor Barrucand known as Le Chariot de terre cuite that become produced via way of means of in 1895.

Unlike different classical performs in Sanskrit, the play does now no longer borrow from epics or mythology. The characters of Śūdraka are drawn from the mundane world. It is peopled with gamblers, courtesans, thieves, and so on. The protagonist of the play, Cārudatta, does now no longer belong to the noble elegance or royal lineage. Though Vasantasenā is a courtesan, her exemplary mindset and dignified conduct galvanize the audience. 

The the Aristocracy of the characters does now no longer stem from their social conditioning however from their virtues and behaviour.

Mrichhakatika as a literary text Sudraka’s Mrichchakatika is the various earliest regarded performs of Sanskrit Literature. It is extensively celebrated as one of the first performs to bypass the narration from the attitude of the royals or nobles and depict the existence of a not unusualplace village populace. The underlying tale of this iconic play is about withinside the glory days of monarchic Ujjain, which has visible the guideline of thumb of numerous Kshatriya Kingdoms, relationship as early because the fifth Century BC. However, the precise duration of the tale isn’t mentioned, and the tale is extra widespread in nature, as a substitute being restrained to Indian society, that is pretty contrasting to different famend performs like Kalidasa’s Shakuntala.

Central Characters of the Play

Charudatta – He is the protagonist of the play, and is portrayed as the correct person in phrases of generosity, and steadfastness. Charudatta is a Brahmin, who has misplaced all his wealth because of the charities and sacrifices he made for others. These virtues and his earnest love and admiration for Vasantasena lured her to fall in love with him.

Vasantasena – Mrichhakatika as a literary text She comes as a stunning and acceptable courtesan, who yearns for a person to like her the manner she turned into. All the virtues that she desired withinside the love of her existence, Vasantsena reveals the ones in Charudatta, after seeing him preaching in one of the many temples withinside the kingdom. She is deeply in love with the “beneficiant brahmin”, and desires to be his, even after mastering that Charudatta has a spouse and a son. (The man or woman of “Madhu” (Meenakshi Seshadri) withinside the 1993 movie titled “Kshatriya” is pretty harking back to this.)

Sansthanaka – Brother-in-regulation of the tyrant king Plaka, he's the antagonist, who's desperately interested in Vasantasena, and hence, despises Charudatta. Responsible for the atrocities and injustices devoted on Charudatta.

Maitreya – Another negative Brahmin, near pal of Charudatta. Maitreya hates the circumstance he, and his pal are compelled to stay in with the aid of using destiny, and blames the gods for his misfortunes.

Rohasena – Charudatta’s little one kid, who unknowingly performs one of the maximum shifting elements withinside the play. He, apparently is the possessor of The Little Clay Cart.

Madanika – Vasantasena’s maid, nearly a pal and trustworthy. The man or woman is one of the number one motives which circulate the plot of the play, because the estranged rings for the robbery which Charudatta is badly convicted, comes at the scene because of her lover.

Sharvilaka – Madanika’s lover, who devoted a robbery, which in the end units the plot toward the climax. Sharvilaka is an sincere man, however, commits the crime in most cases to set his love, Madanika, unfastened from bondage and in the end marry her.

Aryaka ­– A modern herdsman, who's captured for treason and is despatched into limited imprisonment. Aryaka in the end escapes, kills the tyrant ruler, and fulfills the prophecy with the aid of using a soothsayer with the aid of using turning into the king. Rules justly, and reinstates Charudatta’s fortune. Mrichhakatika as a literary text

Plaka – The tyrant king, on whose backing Sansthanaka devoted all of the crimes. Plaka is in the long run killed with the aid of using his destined slayer, Aryaka.

Mrichchakatika is set up on 10 acts, every one having the importance of its personal. Charudatta is a Brahmin, who has misplaced all his wealth due to his excessively beneficiant nature, and in assisting those who got here to him for financial assistance. Despite being broke and dwelling a trifling existence, he's nonetheless respected and revered throughout the dominion of Ujjain, for his hanging honesty and extraordinary wisdom. However, Charudatta is openly embarrassed with the aid of using his inadequate wealth, because of which maximum of his buddies, besides Maitreya, have deserted him, aleven though being reputable and respected brings him a few relief.

Mrichhakatika as a literary text Charudatta is luckily married to a religious spouse, from whom he has a son named Rohasena. However, he falls in deep love with a rich and reputed courtesan, Vasantasena, who herself is enamored of Charudatta. Vasantasena noticed Charudatta throughout a go to to a temple in which he turned into preaching, now no longer understanding that he turned into being watched with the aid of using her.

The play starts with Charudatta and Maitreya discussing their misfortune, in which Charudatta turned into debating his pal why it turned into critical to be committed to the gods, even though they have been dwelling a humbled existence, pretty under what the brahmins deserve. Vasantasena emerges at the scene, being persuaded with the aid of using Sansthanaka, his slave, and a courtier. Sansthanaka is the brother-in-regulation of the tyrant king Plaka, and he himself isn't much less cruel. He wishes Vasantasena to just accept his proposal, however, she manages to break out because the night was night, and entered Charudatta’s cottage.

Sansthanaka is knowledgeable with the aid of using his guys that Vasantasena has fallen in love with the broke brahmin, and therefore, sends a chilling message to Charudatta via his pal Maitreya, to both flip Vasantasena or receive him as his enemy. However, Charudatta and Vasantasena meet withinside the cottage and specific their love for every different, and from right here starts the overt show of love. While parting away, for the time being, Vasantasena offers Charudatta a gold casket, with the aim that it is able to be an excuse to satisfy her liked subsequently.

Thematic Elements withinside the Play


Mrichhakatika as a literary text Love is the principal topic of the play, which is plain in 3 unique manifestations. Firstly, the affection among Charudatta and Vasantasena is what units the tone of the tale, and the methods they are attempting to delight every different is pure, unadulterated love. Despite Vasantasena being a courtesan, who normally have immensely horrific repute, Charudatta falls in love with her, who's a brahmin himself. In fact, there’s a factor withinside the play whilst Maitreya, his pal attempts to make him apprehend the risks of being with a courtesan who's desired with the aid of using the king’s near aide, however Charudatta’s craving for his love best increased. Realizing this, Maitreya says, “you could in no way purpose with a lover.”


Infidelity is a outstanding topic during the play, however, it's miles glorified. Charudatta is a person married to a religious spouse, who’s geared up to do whatever and the whole thing for her husband, and additionally has a small lovable son. He is likewise a brahmin, who preaches at temples, and is understood for his generosity. However, he falls for a courtesan, and brazenly broadcasts his love for Vasantasena, with out even thinking about what his spouse could consider his newfound love.


Being excessively beneficiant makes Charudatta revel in poverty and all of the piercing truths that got here at the side of it. His buddies abandon him, and as soon as who helped others, turned into seeing the function reversal. The tale suggests how poverty brings out the proper hues of people, who claimed to be well-wishers throughout the spring and desolate tract us throughout autumn.


Maitreya, on the opposite hand, is a negative brahmin, who openly hates his fate, however inwardly is insecure and jealous of these dwelling a better worldly existence than him and his pal Charudatta. Nonetheless, his jealousy is pretty unique than that of Sansthanaka, and he's going to in no way dedicate some thing as heinous crimes because the latter. However, even though desired to, who couldn’t dedicate one of these massive crime, due to the fact he turned into negative, and he himself could’ve resulted in severe trouble, not like Sansthanaka.


Friendship is displayed on diverse events withinside the play, the maximum outstanding being that among Sharvilaka and Aryaka, and Charudatta and Maitreya. Sharvilaka is newly married, with a lady for whom he devoted the crime of stealing from a brahmin, however no earlier than he heard approximately his pal Aryaka’s arrest, he vowed to assist him, and he correctly did. This suggests the robust bond among the two, who have been each rebels of their personal regard.


One factor that has been the various maximum critical factors of the monarchic instances is loyalty, that's surely obvious in Mrichchakatika as well. There are incidents during the play that depict loyalty, aleven though it hasn’t been burdened upon as strongly as love and jealousy. The act of Sharvilaka keeping apart from his newly wedded spouse to keep the destiny king, and the act of Aryaka restoring Charudatta’s fortune show loyalty. Mrichhakatika as a literary text


We additionally get wish that if we assist a person of their hard instances, the individual may be of assist throughout our important instances. Vasantasena repaid the 10-gold coin mortgage of the Shampooer who have become the monk, and withinside the end, the monk stored her existence withinside the park after Santhanaka strangled her. Similarly, Aryaka reinstated the fortunes of Charudatta and made him an critical reliable in his court, due to the fact the damaged brahmin had helped him break out the guards.


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