IGNOU LSE 03 Guess Paper JUNE 2021

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IGNOU LSE 03 Guess Paper JUNE 2021

IGNOU LSE 03 Guess Paper JUNE 2021

1.  Write short notes on any four of the following :

a)  Effect of environmental factors in sex determination

Environmental intercourse dedication is the established order of intercourse through a non-genetic cue, inclusive of nutrient availability, skilled inside a discrete length after fertilization. Environmental elements which regularly impact intercourse dedication at some point of improvement or sexual maturation encompass mild depth and photoperiod, temperature, nutrient availability, and pheromones emitted through surrounding flowers or animals.

This is in comparison to genotypic intercourse dedication, which establishes intercourse at fertilization through genetic elements inclusive of intercourse chromosomes. Under proper environmental intercourse dedication, as soon as intercourse is decided, it's far constant and can not be switched again. Environmental intercourse dedication isn't like a few styles of sequential hermaphroditism wherein the intercourse is decided flexibly after fertilization for the duration of the organism’s life.

Environmental intercourse dedication is just like sure forms[vague] of sexual choice in that there are regularly specific and opposing selective pressures on ladies and men due to the prices of reproduction. Sexual choice is not unusualplace for the duration of the tree of life (maximum acknowledged in birds); regularly ensuing in sexual dimorphism, or length and look variations among sexes withinside the equal species.

In environmental intercourse dedication, selective pressures over evolutionary time have decided on for flexibility in intercourse dedication to optimize health in a heterogenous surroundings due to the specific prices of intercourse in ladies and men.

Certain environmental situations differentially have an effect on every intercourse such that it might be useful to end up one intercourse and now no longer the other.

This is specifically pertinent for sessile organisms that can not pass to a specific surroundings. In flowers, for example, girl sexual characteristic is regularly extra energetically pricey due to the fact as soon as fertilized they need to use vast saved power to provide fruits, seeds, or sporophytes while adult males need to best produce sperm (and sperm-containing structure; antheridium in seedless flowers, and pollen in seed flowers).

(b) Mitochondrial proteins

(c) Quinic acid metabolic genes in Neurospora crassa

(d) Oncogenic viruses

(e) Genetic drift

2. (a) Explain how environment affects the gene expression in organisms.

     (b) Describe sex mosaics.

3. Describe the origin, diagnostic features and the phenotypic effects of inversions and translocations.

4. What is mutation ? Differentiate between

(i) somatic and gametic mutations, and

(ii) spontaneous and induced mutations.

5. 'Discuss the role of heredity and environment with the example of twin studies.

6. Write short notes on any two of the following :

(a) Linkage

(b) RNA as Genetic Material

(c) ABO Blood Group System

(d) Hardy-Weinberg Law

7.  Read the following statements and write True (T) or False (F) against each.

(i) Mendel did a number of tests to ensure the validity of his results while formulating the law of segregation.

(ii) Isogamy occurs in several prokaryotes.

(iii) Sex-limited traits are traits that are expressed in all sexes.

(iv) In the female birds, normally one gonad develops and the other is suppressed.


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