IGNOU CHE 01 Guess Paper JUNE 2021

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IGNOU CHE 01 Guess Paper JUNE 2021

IGNOU CHE 01 Guess Paper JUNE 2021

1.  Answer any two parts of the following :

(a)    What are the characteristics of a well-behaved wave function? Illustrate with the help of suitable diagrams.

Ans. Well behaved wave feature is the wave feature that is unmarried valued, non-stop and finite. 

It have to be unmarried valued to get top possibility. 

It have to be non-stop to have top possibility. 

It have to be finite to have top possibility in case of trignometric feature sin x.

(b)     Define gerade and ungerade molecular orbitals. Which of the following molecular orbitals are gerade?

(i)        bonding orbital

(ii)      antibonding orbital

(c)    27 60 Co has a half-life of 5.26 years. If 1.0 g was allowed to decay, how many kg would be present after (i) one half-life, (ii) three half-lives, and (iii) five half-lives ?

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