IGNOU DNHE PROJECT Report and Synopsis

IGNOU DNHE PROJECT , IGNOU DNHE PROJECT , IGNOU DNHE SOLVE PROJECT here -  In DNHE , We'll study The environment has the best effect on most people today. This IGNOU DNHE PROJECT is has to be achieved separately by each student of DNHE program. Within this circumstance, the IGNOU DNHE PROJECT plays an important part in the learning procedure. Therefore this IGNOU DNHE PROJECT could be thought to be an inspiration for those students since it permits them pick various approaches and techniques through its development.


PROJECT GUIDE provides students an engaging introduction to the vital subjects in AHE (Program Course at Human Environment). IGNOU DNHE PROJECT is a study mission, given to pupil which demands a larger quantity of effort than is required in a usual mission; it requires pupils to undertake their particular fact finding for IGNOU DNHE SYNOPSIS and IGNOU AHE REPORT. For the better comprehension and General idea about the Program, students must choose IGNOU DNHE PROJECT below this bachelor degree program

ABOUT DNHE Project Report

What is a project? It’s a small word but can mean different things to different people. We have used the word to mean a type of action oriented research with planning and designing elements as well. The objective is not just to give you a feel of community work but also the ability to analyse and evaluate your own observations. As you begin project work and get involved with the many activities it entails, you will find that project work develops special skills: it encourages you to think, discover solutions to problems and develops interpersonal and communication skills.

Taking your own decisions and successfully completing a project gives self confidence and a sense of achievement. For us it is very encouraging to feel that you will be going beyond the course material we have supplied. In a way you will be “locating” your own information, organising and analysing the material and writing down your own observations and the result of your experiments with different approaches, surveys, interviews or case studies. Remember that people with field experience can be very helpful. So talk to community workers in your locality. They can give you needed advice and practical hints. This is often much more useful than reading several books or journals. Such an interaction would give you an insight into the problems and possible solutions in community work. You should view both the project counsellor and field guide as people who can help you at every stage of your project. We will elaborate on their role in subsection 1.5. You would most probably need their valuable assistance in choosing a suitable topic, collecting information and implementing a project. It is up to you to make the best use of this academic and field level resource

Point To Be Remember & You Need To Stick To This Frame

  • Identify and formulate research issues
  • Compose a Fantastic research proposal for IGNOU AHE PROJECT
  • Identify and utilize Suitable research design
  • Conduct scientific evaluation in a systematic manner
  • Collect and analyze the information to get IGNOU AHE REPORT and IGNOU AHE SYNOPSIS
  • Learn How to use appropriate statistical Procedures


While preparing a project proposal you should go through the following steps :

1) Go through the themes I-V given in Section 2. Choose one which you think you can handle. You can also select your own theme.

2) Decide, on the area (city, village or town) you want to work in. You can consult the field guide or project counsellor who may be able to put you in touch with a community or may suggest an institution (such as a school or college) or a clinic, community centre.

3) Visit the locality. Talk to the Nutrition/Health worker in the area in order to identify the major problems in relation to the theme selected.

4) Decide on the target group — whom will you be working with in the community?

5) A. Think of the types of nutrition/health messages you want to convey and the methods and media that could be used. B. Alternatively whom would you like to survey through interviews/questionnaires or which individuals would you like to study closely for compiling case studies?

6) Take a decision on approaches and strategies you would use to help you collect information or data (to use the technical term).

7) Now put down your project proposal. Do not write more than 500-600 words using the format provided in Annexure 1. Remember that your project proposal should have the signatures of your project counsellor before you send it to the coordinator of your study centre. Send us a copy of the form NOT the original.


The basic elements of a project report usually include the following in one form or another:






Topics of IGNOU DNHE 4 synopsis & Project Report

  • Nutritional Status of Preschool (1-3 Years) Children
  • Nutrition Knowledge Attitude and Practices among Students of Delhi
  • Effects of Childcare Practices on the Nutritional Status of the Infants of Working Mothers Attending Daycare Centers
  • KAP (Knowledge, Attitude And Practice) among Nutrition and Non- Nutrition Students
  • A Study to Analyze the Prevalence of Obesity among Preschool Children Studying in Government and Private Schools
  • To Study of the Factors Influencing the Choice of Family Planning Measures among Couples
  • To Study the Factors Associated with Child Obesity among Preschool Children (Aged 2 To 5 Years)
  • A Study to Analyze the Relationship between Malnutrition and Infection
  • Management of Infectious Diarrhea
  • Preventing and Controlling Micronutrient Deficiencies
  • Traditional Foods for Pregnant & Lactating Women & their Nutritional Significance
  • A Study about Management of Diabetes Mellitus

How to get IGNOU DNHE Project

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