IGNOU Project 2022 : Submission Date, Guidelines, Status & Result

IGNOU Project Submission for June 2022 – IGNOU Project submission date has been extended now by the university for the students who have not yet submitted their project reports. Project released by IGNOU because of the work done by students , The authorities of IGNOU have stated that the submission date for projects of TEE June 2022 is 31st May 2022 for online as well as offline mode. IGNOU Project 2022 : Submission Date, Guidelines, Status & Result , This extension has been done due to the server issue that the students were facing on the IGNOU site. So student can get help from us also.

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For IGNOU Project Due to corona-19 pandemic, it has been decided to postpone Learner Support Services at all Regional Centre/Learner Support Centre’s (LSC). The University has, further decided to introduce and adopt “Online Mode” to submit final Project/Dissertation/Field Work Journals/Internship Report to facilitate the learners. The detailed guidelines for the learners are as under:

  1. The learners are expected to prepare the Project Report based on the approved Project proposal wherever applicable as per the project guidelines.IGNOU Project 2022 : Submission Date, Guidelines, Status & Result The Project guidelines will be the same as contained in project guidelines booklet sent with SLM. 
  2. The learners may ensure that while submitting the final project through Online Mode, the Proposal Proforma is duly approved in original, along with “Synopsis” and Bio-data of the project guide and originality certificate is duly signed by both the Student and the Project Guide with date to be incorporated (wherever applicable).
  3. The learners may ensure that while uploading digital copy of project through online mode, scanned pages are clear and not blurred, sequence is correct, pages are well lighted and not dim; orientation of pages is same - should not change between portrait and landscape;
  4. The learners are required to obtain digitally approval in prescribed proforma of the Guide/Supervisor through e-mail before submitting the project through online.
    For seeking the approval of Synopsis, the project proposal can be forwarded to the concerned Regional Centre at www.ignou.ac.in > Regional Network > Regional Centre’s (E-mail ID of all RC’s are available at http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/aboutignou/regional/website)


to the concerned School at www.ignou.ac.in > about IGNOU > School of Studies (E-mail ID of all Faculties are available at http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/aboutignou/school).

  1. The Modalities/feasibility in respect of Field Work Journal for consideration of collection of primary data, exploration and analysis of secondary research data in lieu of field work journal may be suggested / prepared by the SOSW. A separate guideline to the learner is to be issued from the concerned School (SOSW) to facilitate the learner of SOSW for submitting the Field Work Journal through online. The learner may also contact to the Programme Coordinator (SOSW) for further information in this regard, (E-mail ID as mentioned at Point-3 above).
  2. The learners may ensure that the Original Project Report is to be scanned in a single pdf format file for one Subject/Course, so as to enable the Regional Centre / Student Evaluation Division to download the same in a single pdf format file for further action.

The first page of the pdf file must carry the correct particulars of the learner as given below:

    • Title of the Project Report / Dissertation / Internship / Field Work
    • Name of the Learner
    • Programme Code
    • Enrolment Number
    • Regional Centre Code
    • Course Code(s)/of attached project
    • Mobile No. & E-mail ID

In case the project report is not found in order, it shall be returned to the student for resubmission after correction/completion.

  1. The viva-voce of the project report will be conducted under certain guidelines by the concerned Faculties under Regional Centre. The students are advised to contact to the Regional Centre concerned at (E-mail ID as mentioned at Point-3 above).
  2. In case of any query with regard to submitted Project/Dissertation/Field Work Journal/Internship report, the students are advised to write to the respective Regional Centre’s Email ID/SED (Project Section) Email ID.

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IGNOU is one of the most prestigious distance learning universities in India that has been offering a diverse number of programs and courses. Along with the operations of many other Universities, the operation of IGNOU has been also impacted by the current situation in the country. IGNOU Project Submission for June 2022  Hence, it has made a number of changes in its curriculum in order to provide the students with comfortable options for completing their assignments and projects and submitting them accordingly safely.

Applicable Components

IGNOU Final Projects, Field Work Journal, Dissertation, and Internship Reports


IGNOU Term End Exam June 2022

Mode of Submission


Last Date of Submission

31st May 2022 (Official)

Official Portal



IGNOU Project Guidelines

IGNOU released a list of guidelines for both assignments and projects so that the students can submit them properly on time. As per the notice released, the Learner Support System from all the centers has been postponed in light of the COVID 19 impact. Also, it mentioned that the University has introduced the online mode for project submission to make submissions convenient for the candidates.

The notice also mentioned a few of the points that the students need to abide by for their IGNOU project submission.

·         The project has to be prepared as per the same project guidelines that were mentioned in the booklet that was sent to the students earlier with the SLM.

·         While submitting the project online, the learners have to make sure that they have signed the original Proposal Proforma, Biodata, and synopsis or the project. Similarly, the Project Guide has to sign on the original certificate and others and then have to scan copies for online submission.

·         The learners should get digital approval of the Project Guide on the Proforma and the synopsis by email to the Regional Center that can be obtained from the official website of the concerned RC.

·         There will be separate guidelines provided regarding projects that require fieldwork. The students can also contact the Programme coordinator for the purpose.

·         The original documents of the project have to be scanned and converted into PDF format for submission. Also, the guidelines for the Cover Page of the project have to be strictly followed.

·         The students will be provided with further guidelines about the viva-voce for the projects by the designated faculties of the Regional centers.

When to Submit the IGNOU Project?

IGNOU Project 2022 : Submission Date, Guidelines, Status & Result The last date for the submission of assignments and project reports for IGNOU TEE June 2022 is 31st March 2022 earlier. But the university may extend the date further if the students will not able to submit the assignments, projects, and other important materials due to the network problem that occurred in the server. 

As per the latest notification, the university has also mentioned that the students will be able to submit the project reports until 31st March without any late fees.

Also, it mentioned that the students have to submit the project reports online in place of offline submission due to the ill impacts of COVID 19 in the country.

Where to Submit the IGNOU Project?

As mentioned above, IGNOU has mentioned that the project reports have to be submitted online now by the students. IGNOU Project 2022 : Submission Date, Guidelines, Status & Result If you are confused about where to submit the IGNOU project, here is the answer to all your questions.

Students are advised to get the approval of the Project Guide on the Project synopsis through digital means by reaching out to the Regional Center by email. You can search for the email address of your Regional Center by visiting the page regional centre website.

The project reports can be submitted easily by the candidates on the official website of IGNOU at www.ignou.ac.in.

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How to Submit the IGNOU Project?

IGNOU Project 2022 : Submission Date, Guidelines, Status & Result Candidates who have been submitting project reports and assignments offline to date may find it a bit uncomfortable thinking about it. But the steps for project submission online have been made much easier and more convenient by the IGNOU portal. Students can submit the IGNOU project quite conveniently by following these simple steps.

Step – 1 – First, the student has to go to the official website of IGNOU at http://www.ignou.ac.in.

Step – 2 – Here, on the homepage itself, you will be able to find the Online Link for Submission of Project Reports in the ALERTS section.

Step – 3 – As you click on this link, you will be redirected to a page of Guidelines that you need to go through to understand the instructions for project submission.

Step – 4 – At the bottom of the Guidelines page, you need to click on Yes for the question asked Do You Want to Continue.

Step – 5 – As you click on yes, a menu will open up from where you need to click on Upload Project.

Step – 6 – Now another page will open up of Student Support Services.

Step – 7 – Here, you need to fill in the details such as enrollment number, program, and others.

Step – 8 – Now, click on the Submit option after entering the Security Code carefully.

Step – 9 – Now, on the next page, follow the instructions and submit the project carefully.


IGNOU Project Front or Cover Page

The IGNOU Project cover page is an important element that you need to take care of while you are submitting the project report online. The guidelines for the cover page are already mentioned in detail in the Booklet provided to you along with the SLM. Also, the same guidelines of the cover page are mentioned in the guidelines page that you come up with when you are submitting the project.

Also Check: IGNOU Assignment Front Page (PDF)

There are some of the important details that you need to highlight on the project report cover page when you are submitting it online. These details are the project report title, name and enrolment number of the candidate, program code and regional center code, course code for which the project has been submitted, mobile number, and the email address of the student.

IGNOU Project Status and Result

The IGNOU Project Status link should be linked at least 20 to 25 days after the last date for the project report submission. As soon as the status link is released, the students will be able to check through their project report status by visiting the official website of IGNOU.


Follow these steps to check your project report status.

Step – 1 – On the official website of IGNOU at http://www.ignou.ac.in, you will find the Project Status link when it is being released by the University.

Step – 2 – As you click on the link, a page will come up where you need to log in with your University credentials.

Step – 3 – As you click on the Submit option after providing the details, the Project Status will be displayed on the screen.

Step – 4 – You can download this status and can take a print out of it.

IGNOU Students can also check or inquire about their project status by emailing at projects@ignou.ac.in for the current status of their submitted project.

The final result of the project report along with the assignments will be also released soon by IGNOU on its official website from where the students can check them too.

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How to Write Ignou Project/ Thesis/ Dissertation

Within a research, the creation of the summary is a very important step. It is the summary of a given project that needs to be submitted for the authorization of the worried authorities.

It should be packed with lucid flow of words, meaningful, to the point, precise and impressive. IGNOU Project 2022 : Submission Date, Guidelines, Status & Result Along with these, it should also be created in such a manner so that the reporter could comprehend it in a single read. The project must retain the seeks and objectives. The way in which away to accomplish a particular aim should also be discussed.

An exquisitely developed and well communicated summary conveys the examiner the message of the summary in a very vivid, subtle and effective way.

Simply put, it is an indispensable section of the project that displays the importance of the project helping in moving it forward. In the event the synopsis is impressive, the examiner gets good first sight, but if it fails to catch the eyes of the reviewer, the students are designated poorly. To get some help look at our Ignou project samples which you can free download.

Writing synopsis is not merely an additional work that you might want to do for the successful Completion of your Course. If it is not prepared to the greatest level of satisfaction, losing time spent for performing all the earlier works is always there.

As it is learned and judged by the special committee exclusively hired for evaluating your work, making good impression on the committee members without impressive synopsis is nearly impossible. Hence, developing it can never be a laugh, rather it requires tons of energy, efforts, comprehensive probe, considerable planning, and intensive research.

A high level student of IGNOU, having a project report summary may prove to be an uphill task. The important time could easily get exhausted in just looking aiming to get the right path and ideas.

Even after days or months, you may find yourself in a position where you were at the first day. And this is where the value of professional assistance lies. The creativity and the uniqueness that your examiner wants from you, only a professional can provide.

The students pursuing various courses under Indira Gandhi National Open University face the common problem–IGNOU Project Synopsis. They may be devoid of the ideas and the plan to develop flawless synopsis and get observed by the examiner in particular and the onlookers in general. IGNOU Project 2022 : Submission Date, Guidelines, Status & Result.

We at Ignou Project understand the pangs of the students and have exhausted all of our resources to present the study materials that help them get away of woods.

We have made available the project report, thesis, dissertations and synopsis for the students pursuing MBA, MAPC, PGDRD and various other programs under distance education programs.

We make the project report of our students convince others that they have indeed made a worthwhile research and that they have put all their knowledge and experience to optimum use in developing it.

Our assisting hand will allow you incorporate all the key elements in your synopsis and dissertation and include sufficient information for the readers to evaluate your projects and give you mark generously. Therefore, no need to get strained or feel beaten, come and hand over your tough work to us!!

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IGNOU MS 100 Project Report

IGNOU MS 100 Project Report

IGNOU MS 100 Project Report , MS 100 PROJECT , IGNOU MBA MS 100 Project , To complete the MBA Degree from IGNOU (http://www.ignou.ac.in/) it is obligatory to complete the MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION Dissertation in the Administration Studies. IGNOU being a distance education it is great challenge to complete these Projects in well-timed manner.

As almost all of the IGNOU MBA Students are working professional thus they lack time and sometimes needs guidance in completing these dissertations. Composing synopsis and project of MBA Programs from IGNOU is tought and that is the reason we offer ignou mba project help. The students may take Projects after enrolling for MS-01 MS -11 Courses.

IGNOU MS 100 Project Report The Project can maintain any of the functional area for example: Sales and Marketing, Human Resource Management, Operations, Financing, Services Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality.

Begin early Always begin writing the project in the beginning of the semester as composing project is a time taking process. IGNOU MS 100 Project Report According to the guidelines of Ignou a supervisor can take only 5 student under his belt at one time so, the first step is to find the supervisor. Once you finalized the supervisor start building a strategy early, which means you have sufficient time to finish whatever you have to do.

These guideline will help you in understand what you have to keep in mind while writing the project work. Make a time table and remove all the disturbance and actually read what it is that you must do. For Example, if you have taken a topic “marketing of adventure and nature tourism”. In this topic perhaps you can emphasize on adventure and nature tourism of all over India or you can concentrate on the single place where you will conduct all the city to write down the project. Start breaking down the topic in points which will help you in writing hassle free project.

IGNOU MS 100 Project Report Discussion - At this stage you have to discuss each and every bit of idea, write it down and sum it up. This will help you in getting your creative juices flowing. This discussion part will cover all the things you had not thought of and makes easier to write the project on the basis of that. IGNOU MS 100 Project Report , This way you will be able to fully convince your supervisor about the project. Suppose you have chosen a marketing of adventure and nature tourism topic. Open your word document and start writing about the adventure and nature tourism, let the ideas flow, take the help from internet.

IGNOU MS 100 Project Report  For example just start with the introduction part and write whatever comes in your mind, try different ideas. Once you will finish writing start connecting the ideas or sentence you have written. This type of free writing will help you in writing intriguing project


Any Administration Student who lacks the time and resources to make their own project report. We provide them help guidance as well as resources to write their Ignou Mba Project Report. All of us provides them guidance as well we write good quality project report and provide MBA project services in India. IGNOU MS 100 Project Report  We provides the high quality Ignou mba project help for IIM, Amity and other universities as well as IGNOU in particular. IGNOU MS 100 Project Report The Objective of the MBA Project MASTER OF SCIENCE 100: The purpose of the project is to help college student in developing multi-disciplinary capabilities, principles, tools and techniques to solve the organizational problems

How to write IGNOU MBA Project MS 100?



Preparation/composition of IGNOU MBA SYNOPSIS (MS 100)

IGNOU MS 100 Project Report For the project work, learners have to choose a specific area in which they are interested in. Then in consultation with the Guide, they have to select a specific topic for the same.

An IGNOU MBA SYNOPSIS (MS 100) is an outline of the detailed work to be undertaken by the learner.

Following format can be followed for preparing IGNOU MBA SYNOPSIS (MS100)

  • ·       The Title of the Proposed Project
  • ·       Background of the Study
  • ·       Literature Review
  • ·       The rationale of the Study
  • ·       Objectives of the Study
  • ·       The hypothesis of the Study If any
  • ·       Research Methodology: Sample, Tests/Tools, and Statistics to be used
  • ·       References/Bibliography

Preparation/Formulation of IGNOU MBA PROJECT (MS 100) | IGNOU MBA REPORT (MS 100) | IGNOU MBA SYNOPSIS (MS100)

The size of the report/dissertation/thesis of IGNOU MBA REPORT (MS100) depends on the nature of the theme of the project you have selected. However, it is desirable that the project report should be around 100 pages typed in double space. The report should be in A4 size sheet.

Following format is must for the IGNOU MBA PROJECT (MS 100) REPORT

S. No.





The first page of the report should indicate the title of the project, name of the candidate, address, enrolment number and year.
1. Certificate
2. Acknowledgment
3. Table of Contents



This section will introduce the problem. It should be able to give an idea to the reader what the topic is all about, how did the topic emerge, and what made the researcher take up the topic. The introduction must contain the rationale and purpose of the research.



Review of literature is a collective body of works done by earlier researchers and published in the form of books, journals, articles. It helps in generating ideas and developing significant questions for the research work.



The rationale for carrying out a particular project is explained here.



This will basically consist of the main objectives or purpose of the research. For example, to study the effect of family environment on the self-concept of the students. A hypothesis is also provided which is a tentative statement about the cause and effect relationship between the independent and dependent variables.



The methodology includes Sample, Tests/Tools, and Statistical Analysis. The size and nature of the sample will depend on the topic selected. Tests/ tools are to be selected based on the objectives of the research. The data collected with the help of the tests/ tools are then analyzed by using appropriate statistical techniques.



The findings of the research after the statistical analysis of data are reported in tabular and graphical form. This is then discussed in the light of the existing research studies. The implication of the findings is also discussed.



Under this heading, the learner has to conclude the findings of the research.



Constraints and limitations of the research are mentioned here.



Based on the research findings, the learner can give suggestions for further research in a particular area.



References have to be written in APA format. These should be alphabetically listed.


LIST OF IGNOU MBA HR Project Topics (Human Resource Management) – MS 100

IGNOU MS 100 Project Report  Following are some updated list of IGNOU MBA HR Project Topics:

  1. Impact of Human Resource Management on Customer Services in Banking Sector
  2. Labour Welfare Measures and Its Impact on the Employees Efficiency
  3. Effectiveness of Training on Employees Performance and Productivity of Selected Hotel in Delhi
  4. Recruitment and Selection Process of Employees at the Presidency
  5. Performance Appraisal Methods in Selected Public and Private Sector Bank
  6. Design of Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Among (IT) Companies
  7. Job Satisfaction and Occupational Stress among Employees in Information Technology Sector
  8. A comprehensive study on work-life balance
  9. Impact of intra organisational relationship on organisational effectiveness at Company
  10. A study on the effectiveness of performance appraisal in managerial employees of a Bank
  11. Study on absenteeism of workmen in MRF Ltd.
  12. A study to identify the potential advisor for ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd, Delhi
  13. A comparative study on the effectiveness of search methods in a recruitment consulting firm.
  14. A study on the challenges faced in identifying potential advisor for ICICI Prudential
  15. A study on corporates and job seekers potential
  16. A study on the executives perception regarding the Training and development system
  17. A study on employee motivation
  18. A detailed study of promotion and reward policy of an organisation
  19. Prevention of Industrial Accidents: Measures and Challenges
  20. A Study of Promotion and Reward Policy of State Bank of India – SBI
  21. Employee attrition and retention strategies in BPO industry
  22. Study on Job Satisfaction of teachers in private schools
  23. A Study on the Importance of Cross-Cultural Training in Effective Management of MNCs
  24. Role of HR in NGO
  25. Training and Development Process of Employees in CISF
  26. Awareness and effective utilization of ESI benefits
  27. A study on satisfaction level of employees with special reference textile industry
  28. A study of exit interview in relation to employer branding
  29. Emotional Intelligence and Quality of Work Life among employees of HCL-BPO
  30. A study on training and development of executive in the Himalaya drug
  31. A study to analyse the effect of implementation of 360 degree performance appraisal technique
  32. A Study of Performance Management in Bharti Airtel
  33. A study of job satisfaction among employees of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
  34. Need for Strategy for Training and Development – an overview
  35. A systematic study on school management and teacher staff selection process
  36. HRIS implementation challenges and solution : an overview
  37. Employees perception about organizational HR practices and culture
  38. Influence of organizational climate on employee commitment and job satisfaction
  39. Scientific Screening process in a Recruitment Consulting Firm
  40. Effectiveness of Organisational Culture in Hyundai Motors
  41. Satisfaction level of the employees on the various welfare facilities provided by ABC industries
  42. A study on performance appraisal of an employees at Company
  43. A Study on Organizational Culture and its Impact on employees behaviour
  44. A study on identifying awareness among corporate executives on pursuing higher studies from top B schools
  45. Effectiveness of Reward System on Motivational Level of Employees
  46. Importance of Recognition for Employees in Rewards System

LIST OF IGNOU MBA Finance Project Topics – MS 100

Following are some updated list of IGNOU MBA Finance Project Topics IGNOU MS 100 Project Report :

  1. Financial Performance of Automobile Company
  2. Preferences of Investors on Various Investment Opportunities
  3. Housing Finance Services with Special Reference to Bajaj Finserv Ltd.
  4. Investment analysis of XYZ Company
  5. A Study on Working Capital Management of XYZ Company
  6. Financial planning for salaried employee and strategies for tax savings
  7. A study on Cost And Costing Models in Company
  8. Investment awareness in financial asset and preference of financial intermediaries in equities trading
  9. A study on perception of investors investing in life insurance
  10. Impact of earnings per share, dividend per share and price earning ratio on share market price movements NSE
  11. Comparative analysis on the performance of sectorial, multi-sectorial and equity diviersified mutual funds
  12. A study to assess the perception of mutual fund investors
  13. A comparative study of traditional products with new UIL products
  14. Indian Infrastructure Sector Growth in terms of equity research report
  15. A Study on Cash Management of XYZ Company
  16. A Study on Financing Self-Help Groups NBFC
  17. Senior Citizen Investment Portfolio – A Case Study
  18. Retail Banking transformation story in post-liberalized India
  19. Investment vs. Savings – risks and opportunities – A Case Study
  20. Ratio Analysis: A tool of Financial Statement Analysis
  21. Study on Indian Banking System
  22. Investment Decision Methods
  23. RTGS – Merits & Demerits
  24. A study on whether taxation is a selling tool for life insurance
  25. An analysis of various investment avenues with special reference to mutual funds
  26. Risk perception and portfolio management of equity investors
  27. A study on investor awareness towards commodity market in Smart Equity Brokers Pvt. Ltd.
  28. A comparative analysis of performance of mutual funds between private and public sectors
  29. Analysis of working capital management at Samsung
  30. A study on ratio analysis with reference to XYZ Trust
  31. The Gold Monetizaion Scheme – its impact on the Indian Banking system and the Indian economy
  32. Inventory Management & Budgetory Control System
  33. Investment in Tax Saving products-an overview
  34. Systematic Investment Plan as a stability builder for Retail Investor
  35. A comparative analysis of performance of mutual funds between private and public sectors
  36. A survey on the preference of salaried class on various investment options available
  37. A study on investment pattern and preference of retail investors
  38. A study on investment options and investors attitude towards investment in private insurance companies
  39. A study on investment pattern with special reference to small and medium capitalization companies Income Tax Planning in India
  40. Multi Level Marketing (MLM) in the Indian scenario


LIST OF IGNOU MBA Operations Management Project Topics – MS 100

Following are some updated list of IGNOU MBA Operations Management Project Topics IGNOU MS 100 Project Report:

  1. Production Planning and Quality Control Effectiveness with the Reference of Nestle India Limited
  2. Process Improvement Techniques – an Overview
  3. Market entry strategies and programs for XYZ Company
  4. Implementation of 5s practices in Company
  5. Risks in Construction Project and Risk Mitigation Measures – An Overview
  6. Tools in Six Sigma – an overview
  7. Ethical Issues in Operations Management – A Study
  8. Effective Implementation of Project Management techniques in controlling schedule outbound project
  9. Process steps in six sigma – an overview
  10. Total Quality Management Development in Pharmaceutical Company
  11. A study on inventory management system in company
  12. A study on implementation of TQM in an origination
  13. Study on Just In Time Production
  14. Study on Project Scheduling
  15. Study on Manufacturing strategy
  16. Study on Flexible Manufacturing Systems
  17. Six Sigma in a selected company
  18. CRM Planning and Implementation – Procedures and Practices – An Overview
  19. Study on Six Sigma Methodologies – An Overview
  20. Quality Management Philosophies – Origins and Aspects: An Overview
  21. Inventory Management Improves Overall Efficiency of Supply Chains- A Case Study
  22. Service Level Quality – standards, measures, monitoring and enhancing : an overview
  23. Organizing Six Sigma : the various roles and responsibilities : Case Study
  24. Inventory Control Procedures in Manufacturing Organizations – An Overview
  25. Various Stages in New Product Development
  26. Various Types of Material Handling System
  27. Designing an ERP System – business, product, process considerations – an overview
  28. Feasibility study on choice of transportation mode
  29. Study on Just In Time Logistics
  30. Just in Time (JIT) merits, opportunities and challenges : A Case study
  31. Inventory management and control
  32. Material Handling and material storage system
  33. Six sigma in an IT company – Case Study
  34. Inventory Analysis Techniques- An Overview
  35. Inventory management and its importance an overview

LIST OF IGNOU MBA Marketing Project Topics – MS 100

Following are some updated list of IGNOU MBA Marketing Project Topics:

  1. Customer relationship management- an empirical study
  2. A study to identify sales management and sales leadership
  3. A study on identifying awareness among corporate executives on pursuing higher studies
  4. A study on customer expectations, experience and satisfaction level towards services provided at two-wheeler exchange
  5. A study to identify the retail penetration level of airtel pre paid cards
  6. A study on the awareness and acceptance level of HPP – Home Protection Policy among the home loan takers
  7. A study on the factors affecting dealer performance to evolve a strategy for increasing market share of Airtel
  8. A study of premium credit card users for their choice and to create a customer profile for future promotions
  9. A study on perception of life insurance agency as a career for Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance company limited
  10. Customer preference and satisfaction level towards their expectation
  11. Customer satisfaction with reference to financial services in DJS Stock and Shares Ltd
  12. A Market Study about Laser Toner
  13. A study to evaluate the banking service provided to SME customers by ICICI Bank
  14. Customer experience management in personal loan
  15. A study on market feasibility of bulk selling of international long distance calls for Airtel
  16. A study on the perception of home insurance customers towards advertising at ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd
  17. A Study on Purchase Behaviour of Mobile phone among women segment
  18. A study on awareness and expectations of industrial entities with respect to mortgage programmes offered by Citi Financial
  19. A study to evaluate the banking services provided to SME customers
  20. A study on existing customers perception towards tax saving & ULIP products of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
  21. A study on trading behavior of investors at Reliance Money
  22. Brand awareness of Spencers & its comparative analysis with Big Bazaar & other retail organizations
  23. A study on distribution channel adopted by the Times of India to its existing customers
  24. Effectiveness of Retailing Mix in Big Bazaar
  25. A study on retailers satisfaction with special reference to Suguna poultry farm
  26. A study to identify the retail penetration level of Airtel pre paid cards
  27. A comparative study on consumer behaviour about Colgate and Pepsodent paste
  28. A study on the customer perception of mobile phone service providers
  29. A study on the effectiveness of services provided to private banking customers of HDFC Bank
  30. A comparative study on customer preference on mobile communication with reference to the service provided by Airtel and Jio
  31. A study on customers expectations and satisfaction level towards after sales service provided at ABC Motors
  32. A study on general awareness on non-life insurance policies
  33. A study on the consumer perception of Honda VDI Cars
  34. A study on factors affecting customers preference towards life insurance policies
  35. Service Quality and Consumer satisfaction of Maruti Service Centers
  36. Customer satisfaction of Kent waterpurifier
  37. Effect of branding on consumer buying behavior
  38. B2B Marketing strategies on Social Media
  39. Marketing through social news and bookmarking sites

LIST OF IGNOU MBA Banking & Finance Project Topics – MS 100

Following are some updated list of IGNOU MBA Banking & Finance Project Topics:

  1. Impact of Internet Banking system and technology on Indian Banks
  2. A study to evaluate the banking service provided to rural customers by PSU banks
  3. Role of IT in banking
  4. Procedure and Policies in Import / Export Control – An overview
  5. Case Study on Insurance Claim Settlement Process of an Insurance Company
  6. Foreign Exchange – An overview
  7. Comparative analysis of banks in terms of service quality
  8. Study on retail banking transformations in India
  9. Study on ICICIs marketing strategies of financial products
  10. Working process and techniques of bank of India
  11. Study on factors influencing investment decisions in banking sector
  12. Study on rural banking in India
  13. A study of loans and advances offered in XYZ Bank
  14. Study on customer satisfaction in Oriental Bank of Commerce
  15. Study on credit appraisal methods in State Bank of India
  16. Study on corporate credit monitoring practices in Indian Overseas Bank
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