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IGNOU MTTM 16 Dissertation

Ignou MTTM 16 Project 2020-21  Student of Ignou MTTM 16 Dissertation who are looking for the guidelines of Ignou can download the guidelines from this web page. Masters in Travel and Tourism Management is a postgraduate degree that is aimed to provide proficient professionals in the field. Ignou MTTM 16 Project 2020-21  The Travel and Tourism industry is evolving exponentially and the need for qualified professionals in the field is called for in recent years.

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The Ignou MTTM project is a means for checking the proficiency of the students by the supervisor in the field so that their skill levels can be assessed. Ignou MTTM 16 Project 2020-21 The Master of Travel and Tourism Management (MTTM) galvanises the students in the required expertise to fill up required positions such as Hotel Managers, Travel Consultants, Ticketing Assistants and other important job positions related to the field.

Ignou MTTM 16 Project 2020-21 The plethora of skills that are required for the Travel and Tourism industry is gained in this course with emphasis on the practical experience as well as the theoretical knowledge.

The course is also designed to encourage students to participate in project work in an organization of the hotel industry to gain relevant experience. Ignou MTTM 16 Project 2020-21 The project should be preceded by a proposal that needs to be approved for continuation of the work and subsequent submission.

The course covers both the theoretical as well as the practical needs of the experience and curriculum has been designed accordingly Ignou MTTM 16 Project 2020-21 to broaden and add relevant values to the course.

While the theory adds knowledge, principles of operation and develops the best practices to efficiently dispense the duties, the practical experience aims to develop an applicative sense of those theories so that personalization and linking of the theories and working conditions can be achieved.

During the development of the project work and the Ignou MTTM 16 dissertation, the student must be intimately involved in all the stages of development and document the stages for authentic evaluation of the expertise. Ignou MTTM 16 Project 2020-21  This enables the measurement of the skill level of the professional as well.

The Master’s degree can be pursued by candidates that have a Bachelor’s degree in the same field. Ignou MTTM 16 Project 2020-21  Else any graduate discipline students can also pursue the course provided that the candidate pass additional four tourism foundation courses within the stipulated period of study.

IGNOU Project Guide Eligibility For Masters in Travel and Tourism Management

  1. A candidate with BA (Tourism), B.Sc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration from a recognized University approved by the AICTE.
  2. A candidate with graduation in any discipline with Diploma in Tourism from a recognized by AICTE.
  3. A candidate who holds a Bachelor’s degree in any stream. In such a case, an additional four courses have to be passed during the period of study.

It is also to be ensured that more than 5 MTTM students should not be guided at the same time else the violation would mean that the project can be terminated or rejected at any point of time.

Guidelines for assessment for IGNOU evaluation of the project on MTTM

There is a separate weight age given to project and viva, hence the students of Ignou MTTM 16 dissertation are advised to focus on all sections of the report. Ignou MTTM 16 Project 2020-21  The general guidelines for the assessment are also outlined that can be followed by the student during the project preparation.

The MTTM project primarily would be evaluated on the technicality and execution that assesses the depth and quality of the project while the execution judges the actual work that has been put into the project.

Unfair Means

It is highly recommended to the students to refrain from any unfair means in relation to the project work. Ignou MTTM 16 Project 2020-21  In case of plagiarism or copying of project work, it would be referred to the Examination Discipline Committee of IGNOU for further action as deemed necessary.

Steps to be considered for the Ignou MTTM project work

The advances of the Ignou project should be engaged in such a way so as to determine the achievements and planning of the task. The steps basically involve the following:

  • Selection of the subject and a guide
  • Preparation of the Ignou MTTM proposalof the project
  • Submission of the proposal for the project with relevant documents to the Regional Director of the concerned Regional Centre
  • Receiving the approval of the proposal from the concerned Regional Centre
  • Project Work
  • Prepare the report
  • Submission of the work to the Regional Director of the concerned Regional
  • Appearing for the viva voce as per the intimated particulars by the Regional Director

The approval of the proposal would be intimated to the candidate within a month or two. Re-submission of the proposal is also entertained with modifications in case of rejection or no approval. Ignou MTTM 16 Project 2020-21  The rejected or non-approved proposal should also be sent along with the newly formed proposal for further assistance. In case of a fizzled out student, the entirety of the project cycle should be redone.

Prominent points to keep in mind for the preparation of the project proposal

The instructions and correspondence with the guide should be maintained at all times for the execution of the project. The IGNOU MTTM 16 proposal should include the nature of the tasks that are to be done for the completion of the project and incorporate the advancement of the product obligatorily. Ignou MTTM 16 Project 2020-21  The below-mentioned structure should accompany the project proposal:

  • The proforma of the approval for the IGNOU MTTM 16 Project Proposal is duly filled and marked by the Guide and understudy along with the date.
  • Relevant bio-information of the guide control along with his/her mark as well as the date.
  • The synopsis should typically consist of 15 to 20 pages including these topics:
  1. Project Title
  2. Introduction and Objectives of the project
  3. Category of the Project
  4. Tools to be used for the project
  5. Definition of the project as well as the specifications of the requirements
  6. Scope of the study
  7. Data Analysis and Models
  8. The methodology of the research
  9. Justification
  10. Security and ethical dimensions observed
  11. Conclusions
  12. Bibliography
  13. Appendices (if necessary)

The Ignou MTTM 16 dissertation that has been prepared by the candidate should be sent through the standard postal service with the requisite stamps highlighting the on the top of the envelope with “MTTM Project Proposal” and sent to the Regional Director of the concerned Regional Centre.

  • The project proposal once approved is valid for a year that can be extended arbitrarily upon consideration. Else a new endorsement would be required if the project is still not submitted.
  • The claims of the project should be backed by prominent literary data or else it would be summarily dismissed.
  • A copy of all the documents related to the project including the copy of the project should be retained by the understudy for future reference.
  • Infringement of the rules of the MTTM Project guide will result in outright rejection of the project.

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