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MPS 001 Political Theory Important Topics for Exam

 MPS 001 Political Theory Important Topic


Long Answer Type Questions 

1. Distinguish between classical and modern political theory.

2. Examine the Gandhian concept of Civil disobedience and Satyagraha.

3. Write an essay on the liberal democratic welfare state.

4. Discuss the concept and characteristics of liberalism.

5. Explain different types of democracy.

6. Explain the pluralists critique of John Austin's concept of sovereignty

7. Examine the Rawlsian conception of justice.

8. Define nationalism and discuss Ernest Gellner's theory of nationalism.

9. Write an essay on "the Fascist World - View".

10. Enumerate the different types of feminism. What is common to different feminist positions ?


MPS 001 Political Theory Important Topics


11. Write a note on inequality in the contemporary world.

12. Examine the Marxist views on justice.

13. What is civil society ?

14. Explain the concept of political obligation.

15. Describe briefly the causes of political violence.

16. Discuss the meaning and early strands of  Socialism.

17. How will you assess multi-culturalism?


Short Answer Type Questions 

(a) Non-Violence

(b) Satyagraha

(c) Negative liberty

(d) Positive liberty

(e) V.I. Lenin

(f) Mao Zedong

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