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MPA 016 Decentralisation and Local Governance Solved Assignment 2020-21

 MPA 016 Decentralisation and Local Governance

Solved Assignment 2020-21

Marks: 100

This Assignment consists of Section - I and Section - II. There are five questions in each section. You have to answer a total of five questions in about 500 words each, selecting at least two questions from each section. Each question carries 20 marks.


1) Explain political and administrative decentralisation in contemporary scenario.

2) Highlight the socio-economic component of decentralistion and suggest necessary measures to strengthen them.

3) Examine the partnership among local authorities and special purpose agencies in the education sector.

4) ‘The impact of decentralised development can be observed on political, administrative, functional and financial aspects’. Comment.

5) Write short notes in about 250 words on each of the following:

a) Role of Panchayati Raj Institutions as instrument of social transformation

b) The Principle of Balance

MPA 016 Decentralisation and Local Governance Solved Assignment 2020-21


6) Discuss the features of the 73rd Constitutional Amendment and observations on the Act.

7) Describe the rationale behind development planning and bring out the complex issues in urban planning.

8) Explain the responsibility of State and local bodies in sustainable development.

9) ‘Municipalities are functioning as an effective institution of local self-government in India’. Comment.

10) Write a note on the significance of capacity building of local administration for effective democratic decentralisation and local governance.

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