Tuesday, October 13, 2020

MEC 10 RESEARCH METHODS IN ECONOMICS December 2019 Question Paper



December 2019 Question Paper

Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks : 100

Note : Attempt questions from each section as per instructions given.


Note : Attempt any two questions from this section in aboUt 700 words each :

1. State the various constituents of Research Methodology. How does the knowledge of research perspectives help a researcher to undertake research studies in social sciences ?

2. What are the important elements of critical theory paradigm ? State the difference between critical theory framework and post-positivist framework.

3. How is mono-method research distinct from mixed methods research ? State the various forms of mixed methods research Give rationale for mixed methods research.

4. What is participatory research ? Discuss the various methods of participatory research used in social sciences.


Note : Attempt any five questions from this section in about 400 words each :

5. Explain the concept of correspondence analysis (CA). Discuss the special feature of CA technique.

6. In addition to CSO, which other agencies bring out the data on macro economic aggregates ? Briefly discuss the main features and applications of such data.

7. What do you mean by the term 'Research design' ? Discuss the elements of research design for descriptive and diagnostic research studies.

8. Distinguith between random sample survey and nonrandom sample survey. Which crucial points are taken into consideration while making choice between these two sampling methods ?

9. What is multi-collinearity ? What are its consequences ? How would you detect multi-collinearity ?

10. Discuss the various positive measures of inequality.

11. State the difference between logical truth and material truth. What are the sources of deductive fallacies ?

12. Distinguish between any three of the following :

(i) Sampling and Non-sampling errors

(ii) Falsification and Verification

(iii) Abduction and Retroduction

(iv) Realism and Antirealism

(v) Ordinal scale and Ratio scale of measurement