Tuesday, October 13, 2020

MEC 009 RESEARCH METHODS IN ECONOMICS December 2019 Question Paper



December 2019 Question Paper

Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks : 100

Note : Answer questions from each section as directed.


Note : Answer any two questions from this section.

1. What are different types of price index numbers ? Explain how consumer price index (CPI) for agriculture labour and CPI for industrial workers are constructed.

2. Distinguish between Inductivism and Hypothesism. State the tenets of Popper's falsification approach.

3. Distinguish between explanatory and descriptive research. Discuss the various steps involved in making a research proposal.

4. What do you mean by scientific explanation ? Discuss the features of Hypothetico-Deductive model. How does this model defuse the conflict between realists and instrumentalism ?


Note : Answer any five questions from this section.

5. Explain the properties of ideal index numbers. Also discuss the various steps involved in constructing price index numbers.

6. How do you measure the growth rate of GDP of a country when there exists cyclic fluctuation in the economy ?

7. What are the critical elements to be considered for presenting content analysis ?

8. How does Karl Popper differ from Thomas Kuhn on the essence of science ?

9. Explain the various steps involved in survey method of data collection. Do you think that census method is always better than sampling method in economic analysis ?

10. Distinguish between any three of the following :

(a) Correlation and Regression

(b) R-square and Adjusted R-square

(c) Descriptive and Diagnostic research

(d) National Industrial Classification (NIC) and National Classification of Occupations (NCO)

11. Explain the kinds of saving and investment data available in India. How is capital formation is measured for Indian economy ?