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IGNOU Assignment Last Date Extended for December 2020

 IGNOU Assignment Last Date Extended for December 2020 , The Assignments submission date now extended upto 15 December 2020. Students needs to submit their assignments before the last date of submission. Please fill all details carefully before the submission of Assignments. Ignou University provides so many opportunities to their students for all the courses

IGNOU Assignment Last Date Extended for December 2020 Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) on Friday extended the Judgment Day for admissions for the January  2020 cycle up to December 15. The last date to use was September 30. Students can apply by visiting the web admission portal of the University at

In a handout issued on Friday, IGNOU said, “This extension of last date shall not apply to Certificate and Semester-based programmes, i.e., MA, MSW, MCOM, MPS, MSO, MP, MPB, PGDMM, PGDFM, PGDHRM, PGDOM, PGDFMP, DBPOFA, PGDIS, MCA, BCA, and every one Certificate and Awareness programmes of 6 months duration or less.”

Ignou has also extended the last date for submission of assignments for June 2020 term-end-examination to December 10. The last date for submission of assignments for December 2020 term-end-examination has been extended up to December 15.

The assignment are often submitted within the same manner as finished the June 2020 TEE through online and offline modes.


IGNOU Assignment Last Date Extended ; IGNOU Assignment Last Date Extended for December 2020

How to Submit IGNOU Assignment Online?

IGNOU Assignment Last Date Extended for December 2020 Due to a country-wide lockdown, IGNOU has instructed the students to submit their term-end assignments online. The university has released an official notice regarding the same. Following are the instructions that need to be followed while submitting the online assignment: 

  • E-mail the scanned copy of your handwritten solved assignments to the respective RC e-mail.
  • Along with the answers, a scanned copy of ID card and assignment question paper must also be sent. 
  • The assignment file should be in PDF Format and names in a unique format of ‘Enrollment Number and Course Code’. For e.g – Enrollment number 2001217920 submitting MS01 assignment. Then, the file name given to PDF should be like 2001218420MS01. 
  • Submit the online assignment along with the below-mentioned information
    1. Enrollment Number
    2. Name
    3. Program
    4. Course Code
    5. Study Centre Name/Code
    6. Contact Details

IGNOU Assignment Last Date Extended for December 2020 Regional centres have uploaded the guidelines for submission of assignments at their respective websites. Please visit your respective regional centre website and follow the guidelines. Retain the original copy with you to be produced when asked for it. All files of the assignment can be put in a single folder and send as a single email. More than one e-mail depending upon the size of the file may be allowed.

IGNOU Assignment Last Date Extended for December 2020  below are the regional wise guidelines released for online submission of assignments: 

Regional Centre Name


RC Noida

Click here

RC Hyderabad

Click here

RC Jaipur

Click here

RC Delhi-3

Click here

RC Varanasi

Click here

RC Aligarh

Click here

RC Ranchi

Click here

RC Karnal

Click here

IGNOU Assignment Status 2020?

IGNOU Assignment Last Date Extended for December 2020  can check the status of their assignments once submitted at their regional/study centers on the official website of IGNOU. To check the status, the student must visit the official link ( You will find this screen.  

 Enter your enrollment number and select the program code. Once done, you will find the list of all the assignments submitted to date. Candidates will find the following details mentioned on the assignment status of IGNOU 2020. 

  • Enrollment Number
  • Program Name
  • Code of the courses
  • Session
  • Status of the Assignments
  • Date of submission of assignments

How to download IGNOU Assignment 2020?

IGNOU Assignment Last Date Extended for December 2020 can download the assignment papers by following these steps: 

Step 1: Visit the official website of the university at

Step 2: Click on the ‘Student Support’ option, then click on ‘Student Zone’.

Step 3: Click on the option ‘Assignments’ and you will be redirected to the question papers.

Step 4: Select your respective course and download the assignment papers. 


How to submit IGNOU Assignments 2020?

IGNOU Assignment Last Date Extended for December 2020 Students are required to visit their respective Study or Regional Centers to submit the assignments for their respective courses. It is necessary to submit the assignments before filling the Term End Examination form. Go through the following points to know more about the submission process for assignments: 

  • Write your Enrollment Number, Name, Full Address, Signature, and Date on the top of the first page of your response sheet. It must look like this - 
  • Read the assignments carefully and follow the instructions, if any, given along with the questions.
  • Go through the units on which the assignments are based. Note the important points related to the questions and rearrange them in a logical order and write a rough outline for your answer. 
  • Use A4 size paper for writing your responses and tie all the pages carefully. Allow a margin on the left side and a few lines in between each answer. This will help the evaluator to write comments on the margin. 
  • Do not print or type the answers and write the responses to assignments in your own handwriting.
  • You must answer each question separately on a separate set of papers. Write the question number carefully before answering.
  • The completed assignment must be submitted at the address communicated to you by the Regional Center or your program coordinator. 
  • After submitting the assignment, get the duly signed acknowledgment slip from the Coordinator. 

IGNOU Assignment Last Date Extended for December 2020 is now December 15, 2020. You can submit all your assignments before the last date it’s the third time when IGNOU extended its Date

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