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IGNOU Assignment 2020-21 : Free Download IGNOU Assignments


 IGNOU Assignment 2020-21

IGNOU Assignment 2020-21 below are the links to course wise assignment for June 2020:

Master’s Assignment 

Bachelor’s Assignment 


P.G. Diploma Assignment

Diploma IGNOU Assignment 2020-21

Guidelines before writing the Assignments

IGNOU Assignment 2020-21  constitute the continuous evaluation component of a course. They can be done in your home or workplace or library or any other place you think has the right environment. 

  • It is important to write the answers in your own words. The university follows a strict “No Plagiarism” policy and it will not accept the assignments if plagiarised. 
  • The study material provided to you is the best source to refer to write your answers. 
  • The answers should be precise, well documented and relevant to the question. A reasonably adequate response can be presented within the required word limit.
  • Whenever you receive a set of assignments, check them immediately. If there are some missing or blank pages, contact your concerned Regional Director.
  • For your own record, retain a copy of all the answers to the assignments you submitted to the Coordinator of your Study Centre. It will help you in the future to prepare for Term End Examinations.
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 How to download IGNOU Assignment 2020?

·         The students can download the assignment papers by following these steps: 

·         Step 1: Visit the official website of the university at

·         Step 2: Click on the ‘Student Support’ option, then click on ‘Student Zone’.

·         Step 3: Click on the option ‘Assignments’ and you will be redirected to the question papers.

·         Step 4: Select your respective course and download the assignment papers. 

IGNOU Assignment 2020-21 Students are required to visit their respective Study or Regional Centers to submit the assignments for their respective courses. It is necessary to submit the assignments before filling the Term End Examination form. Go through the following points to know more about the submission process for assignments: 

  • Write your Enrollment Number, Name, Full Address, Signature, and Date on the top of the first page of your response sheet. It must look like this -  
  • Read the assignments carefully and follow the instructions, if any, given along with the questions.
  • Go through the units on which the assignments are based. Note the important points related to the questions and rearrange them in a logical order and write a rough outline for your answer. 
  • Use A4 size paper for writing your responses and tie all the pages carefully. Allow a margin on the left side and a few lines in between each answer. This will help the evaluator to write comments on the margin. 
  • Do not print or type the answers and write the responses to assignments in your own handwriting.
  • You must answer each question separately on a separate set of papers. Write the question number carefully before answering.
  • The completed assignment must be submitted at the address communicated to you by the Regional Center or your program coordinator. 
  • After submitting the assignment, get the duly signed acknowledgment slip from the Coordinator. 

Important Points For Assignment Submission:

  • The last date of IGNOU assignment submission has been extended till June 15, 2020. 
  • It is compulsory to submit the IGNOU Assignment 2020 before the term-end examinations.
  • Keep a copy of IGNOU assignment response for future references.
  • Candidates need to submit the assignments as per the deadline mentioned on the assignment.
  • University takes some time in updating the status for assignments. Candidates are advised not to worry if their status shows ‘not found’ or ‘not submitted’ for some time.

How To Get Good Marks in IGNOU Assignment?

IGNOU Assignment 2020-21 We have marked few tips for the students so that they can get good marks in their assignments:

  • 1.      Don’t write too big answers.
  • 2.      Always end your answer with a logical conclusion.
  • 3.      Your handwriting should be clear.
  • 4.      Keep the first page of your assignment Simple.
  • 5.      Don’t use color sheets for the assignment.
  • 6.      Draw diagrams with the help of pencils.