Thursday, October 1, 2020

Describe the Philanthropy

Describe the Philanthropy

Philanthropy, involves charitable giving to worthy causes on a large scale. Philanthropy must be more than just a charitable donation.

Philanthropy, It is an effort an individual or  Philanthropy, organization undertakes based on an altruistic desire to improve human welfare.

Wealthy individuals sometimes establish foundations to facilitate their philanthropic efforts.

Philanthropy, Philanthropy dates back to Greek philosopher Plato in 347 B.C. Philanthropy, His will instructed his nephew to use the proceeds of the family farm to fund the academy that Plato founded.

The money helped students and faculty keep the academy running. Philanthropy, Around 150 years later,  PhilanthropyPliny the Younger contributed one-third of the funds for a Roman school for young boys.

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