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The genesis of Indian English poetry

 The genesis of Indian English poetry

The Genesis Of Indian English Poetry, Indian English Literature is a reality. Many native authors write in English, and are quite conscious of local surroundings and consciousness. Initially, authors well conversant in English, The Genesis Of Indian English Poetry, mostly belonging to the elite of society, began writing in English, for they had the advantage of higher Education in England and thus, imbibed certain characteristics of English people, and disseminated a few unique and non-contentious features of English culture, idiom and lifestyles among Indians.

Missionaries also played a noteworthy role in certain regions of the country for obvious reasons. It is not the intention to go into missionaries’ functions (mostly religious and social) in India, for they clearly enjoyed cosseted patronage of rulers. The Genesis Of Indian English Poetry, However, social, economic, political, psychological and historical perspectives without ignoring cultural heritage outline the range of brief inquiry with bearing on creativity especially poetry.

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Slowly, English made impression on the social, economic and political life. Indian people inculcated a few attributes of white man and confirmed interest in culture, lifestyles and English language. The Genesis Of Indian English Poetry, The English also asserted authority effectively but warily. In the beginning, East India Company consolidated its hold in Karnatic and Bengal, and the regional rulers played safe, and were subservient to the British.

The English knew how to explore, expand and exploit the subjects and land. Gradually, they gained influence all over India, and avariciousness increased with each minor victory in battles. The Genesis Of Indian English Poetry, North India could not withstand ever-increasing advance of the white man. Jats undoubtedly made Muslim rulers uneasy but failed to put up a brave fight before the British. The Genesis Of Indian English Poetry, Rajputs were also not very successful in resisting the advance of the white man. Degeneration and disintegration of nationalistic forces had begun.

In Punjab, the Sikhs, a disunited community, could not give a collective fight. With each step, the white man strengthened his position in the country. If Marathas stood strong, Nizam of Hyderabad was a weak ruler. The Genesis Of Indian English Poetry, Indian people did not have a comfortable time after 1760, for the English, with power and authority registered its presence, and people understood expanding ambitions as the strategy of ‘divide and rule’ began to demonstrate its real objective. The Genesis Of Indian English Poetry, The English defeated Marathas and the British defeated Shah Alam.

Pondicherry collapsed before the British whereas after chilling fights for supremacy in Gujarat, traumatic situation worsened. The Genesis Of Indian English Poetry, Various outfits of Jats, Bundelas and Rajputs were in shambles. The Mughals were unable to keep Hindus on their side and it proved suicidal. The Genesis Of Indian English Poetry, Tragic and anarchic situation it was and no native ruler could claim authority, and in due course of time, succumbed to the pressure of the British. To live contentedly and quietly in volatile and unstable situation is impossible. In fact, entire social fabric looked fragile as insecurity and uncertainty disturbed people. The Genesis Of Indian English Poetry, In a distressed society, nobody grows and progresses as inner darkness (of despair and cynicism) slowly overshadows flickers of hope and light.

Therefore, psychological torture languished in memories of people for years and in unsteady and worrying ambiance, artists cannot stand as silent onlookers. Therefore, in chaotic and indefinite conditions, The Genesis Of Indian English Poetry, creative artists look around and perceptively observe happenings, and with an atypical compassion try to depict crisis-ridden situation truthfully. The Genesis Of Indian English Poetry, People expected local rulers to exhibit solidarity and put up a united front, and maintain integrity of the country but selfish motives and self-interests of local rulers brought disunity and mutual bitterness leading to catastrophic consequences.

Living in disintegrated conditions was unfortunately an inherited characteristic and therefore, literature suffered as foreign thought and psyche invaded Indian authors of various genres. Poetic instincts are natural whether a man expresses or not. The Genesis Of Indian English Poetry, Lyrics determine psyche of man and so, literary output continued to depict social, economic, political, religious and intellectual anxieties of people while airing anxiety for freedom. The Genesis Of Indian English Poetry, Nationalistic feelings filled people but disunity and panic proved lethal, because India, a vast country created genuine difficulties for patriotic people to continue struggle towards freedom. However, imperceptible efforts were persistent.

To look into the objective and growth of different literary trends in various genres of literature during the foreign rule is also not purpose. The Genesis Of Indian English Poetry, However, developments influence mind, intellect and life in totality and as such, society and country assimilate changes and discerning minds cannot ignore visible and invisible changes in society. However, an attempt to trace the beginning and expansion of Indian English poetry is the subject of present discourse. The Genesis Of Indian English Poetry, Literary scenario is equally relevant to various genres of literature one ought to understand. A few scholars tried to document poetic development chronologically but lack of authentic historical support created legitimate difficulties.