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The Themes Present in The Binding Vine

 The Themes Present in The Binding Vine

The Themes Present In The Binding Vine, Shashi Deshpande studies the perspectives and problems of contemporary middle class woman. Her heroines are sensitive, intelligent and career-oriented. A glimpse of her novel reveals how poignantly, she expresses the frustration and disappointments of women experience social and cultural oppression in the maledominated society.

This novel 'The Binding Vine' shows how the educated earning woman, thereby, inculcates the spirit of solidarity among women The novel depicted the agony of a wife, who is the victim of marital rape. The Themes Present In The Binding Vine, She portrays the plight of women raped outside marriage who would rather suffer in silence in the name of the family honour. The Themes Present In The Binding Vine, In her essay Sisterhood, - Bell hooks writes; Sexism is perpetrated by institutional and social structures, by the individuals who dominate, exploit or oppress, and by the victims themselves, who are socialized to behave in ways that make them act in complicity with the statuesque.

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In her view, 'male supremacist ideology' projects women as valueless who obtain value only by relation to men and she attacks the male view that women are 'natural' enemies who cannot, should not and do not bond with one another 'she exhorts women to learn' to live and work in solidarity, to bond with one another and counter male supremacy. The Themes Present In The Binding Vine, In The Binding Vine, Shashi Deshpande tries to make balance of the two sexes. She wants to give women equality.

She strongly oppqses the views of those people who consider woman as a sex object. The Themes Present In The Binding Vine, It is a novel that admits complex stmcture with multiple layers of suggestion focusing on the illusions of man woman relationship. It is basically concerned with the obsession of a young mother Urmi who is the chief narrator in the novel. The novel is a normal analysis of several tragedies in the life of different women. The Themes Present In The Binding Vine, Shashi Deshpande's writing furnishes, mirrors of authentic female experiences and she examines lives of half a dozen women to drive home the point what drives women to become hysteric, escapist, sacrificial goats, and also discusses the compulsions which compel them to silence, suicide or death while delivering a child.

Deshpande shows how often women become the cause of female subjugation and suffering. The novel is a multiple miss understandings among women characters, particularly between mothers and daughters, causing misery and unhappiness to several intimately related women in their families. The Themes Present In The Binding Vine, By the time, the misunderstandings are clarified they eventually either overcome their own misunderstandings or move beyond it and establish a kind of solidarity among themselves.

This novel is divided into four harmonious parts. The Themes Present In The Binding Vine, It has a multiplicity of complex themes. The Binding Vine is a peculiar cultural, societal and traditional novel. The novel concludes with meditation on the mixture of love and hate in man. This novel concentrates on human relations, affections and love. This type of concentration is found in Jane Austen.

The Themes Present In The Binding Vine, The novel The Binding Vine occupies a pride of place in all the works of Shashi Deshpande in the sense that it presents especially the women's world. Men are not entirely absent here, but they make their presence felt merely by the power they exercise over the women, especially over their wives and daughters. The Themes Present In The Binding Vine, It is a world where women outshine men in terms of their perception of things around them, their infinite courage to cope with their surroundings and come to terms with their losses, their ability to forge an alliance among themselves' and learn to live.

Shashi Deshpande in all her novels dealt with the plights and predicaments of the women. Her prime concentration is on the theme of lack of identity experienced by women in tradition-oriented society or institution. The Themes Present In The Binding Vine, The reality of the modern Indian woman is that even with regard to the basic needs of life like love, marriage and sex; she is in a state of subordination. The Themes Present In The Binding Vine, That is why she notices an imbalance between traditional expectations and her new demands. In this process she suffers, questions and looks for answers.

Shashi Deshpande is copiously capable of formulating retain answers. She attempts to show the path which is dire necessary for a happy life for a modem, emancipated, educated and intelligent middle class working woman. The Themes Present In The Binding Vine, The ancient Hindu law gives, Manu, whose philosophy occupies an immensely important place in the Indian tradition and culture, is of women that the creator "implanted in them carnal passions, love for ornament impure desires, wrath, dishonesty, malice and conduct".

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