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MEG 09 AUSTRALIAN LITERATURE Question Paper December 2014



Question Paper December 2014


Time : 3 hours                                                                                     Maximum Marks : 100

Note : This paper has two sections. Attempt any two questions from Section A and any three from Section B. All questions carry equal marks.


Attempt any two questions from the following :

1. What do you understand by the term post-colonialism ? Is it possible to relate post-colonialism to Australian Literature ?

2. Write a brief essay on the different trends that were part of the cultural backdrop to the colonisation of Australia.

3. Attempt a critical assessment of the prominent themes and writers of Australian short fiction.

4. Write an essay on Christina Stead's contribution to the development of Australian short fiction.

5. Trace the development of the Australian novel.


Attempt any three questions from the following :  

6. In what way does W.C. Wentworth project a vivid picture of Sydney in 'Australasia' ? Discuss.

7. " 'Cranky Jack' is an attempt at dismantling patriarchal authority." Discuss.

8. Discuss the portrayal of Australian society in the works of Judith Wright and David Campbell.

9. Do you agree that Voss is a novel about multiple patterns of relationships ? Illustrate.

 10. Examine the pressures of contemporary life explored in 'At Shagger's Funeral' and their consequences.

11. Examine Narogin's social commentary in `Harij an' and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of his comparative approach.

12 "Malouf is not concerned with language but the failure of language to fully encompass experience." How does this manifest in Remembering Babylon ? Discuss.