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MEG 09 AUSTRALIAN LITERATURE Question Paper June 2015



Question Paper June 2015


Time : 3 hours                                                                                        Maximum Marks : 100

Note : Answer any two questions from Section A and any three questions from Section B. All questions carry equal marks.


Attempt any two questions.

1. Discuss the contribution of the oral tradition to Australian Literature.

2. How are recent developments in Australian society reflected in its literature ?

3. "The Man from Snowy River represents the national character of Australia at the end of the nineteenth century." Discuss.

4. In what ways are the drovers potrayed as hypocrites in "The Union Buries Its Dead' ? Illustrate from the text to support your answer.

5. Critically analyse the poems of Ada Cambridge and assess her contribution to the development of Australian poetry.


Attempt any three questions.

6. In what ways do you think Voss is an "emotionally complex novel" ? Discuss.

7. Analyse the pluralistic cultural contexts set out in 'The Quality of Sprawl' and 'Blood'.

8. Critically analyse the imagery in Remembering Babylon.

9. Discuss the figure of the 'bushranger' in Australian Drama.

10. Identify the discrete units of action in The Removalists. How are they joined together ? Illustrate

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