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IGNOU MEG 07 Study Material 2020-21 : Indian English Literature

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Programme Name:
Master of Arts English
Programme Code:
MEG 07

IGNOU MEG 07 Study Material 2020-21 always recommend its candidates to first undergo the Study Material properly and analysis their respective course details before they begin with their studies. IGNOU MEG 07 Therefore, we had uploaded IGNOU Study Material structure for all the IGNOU courses which are offered by the university on this portal itself. This page will provide you with important information on every course of their programme. Once you get to understand your IGNOU Study Material, it might be beneficial for you to understand about your syllabus, assignment & their solution also . you'll be ready to carry each material once you'll get to understand about your IGNOU Study Material.

IGNOU MEG 07 Indian English Literature  

Block- 1 Non-Fictional Prose
  • Unit-1 Non-Fictional prose: A Survey
  • Unit-2 Swmi Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, and Ananda Coomaraswamy
  • Unit-3 Gandhi
  • Unit-4 Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Unit-5 Nirad C. Chaudhuri
  • Unit-6 Vikram Seth and Amitav Ghosh
Block- 2 Mulk Raj Anand : Untouchable
  • Unit-1 A Short History of the Indian English Novel
  • Unit-2 Life and Work of Mulk Raj Anand
  • Unit-3 Untouchable: Title, Theme, Plot and Characterisation
  • Unit-4 The Picture of a Fragmented Nation
  • Unit-5 The Gandhian Influence
  • Unit-6 Style

Block- 3 Raja Rao : Kanthapura
  • Unit-1 Raja Rao: Career and Works
  • Unit-2 Kanthapura: Background
  • Unit-3 Kanthapura: Themes
  • Unit-4 Kanthapura: Structure and Technique
  • Unit-5 Kanthapura: Characters
Block- 4 Anita Desai: Clear Light of Day
  • Unit-1 Anita Desai: Life, Works and the Language Issue
  • Unit-2 Clear Light of Day: Themes, Techniques, Time
  • Unit-3 Political Dimension, Major Characters
  • Unit-4 Music, Minor Characters
  • Unit-5 Anita Desai’s Contribution to Indian English Fiction
Block- 5 Midnight’s Children
  • Unit-1 Background
  • Unit-2 The De-doxified English
  • Unit-3 Themes
  • Unit-4 Technique
  • Unit-5 Characterization
  • Unit-6 As a Literary Event
Block- 6 The Short Story
  • Unit-1 About the Short Story
  • Unit-2 R.K. Narayan
  • Unit-3 Arun Joshi and Manoj Das
  • Unit-4 Subhadra Sen Gupta and Raji Narasimhan
  • Unit-5 Shashi Deshpande and Githa Hariharan
  • Unit-6 Ruskin Bond

Block- 7 Poetry
  • Unit-1 Background to Indian English Poetry
  • Unit-2 Henry Derozio and Toru Dutt
  • Unit-3 Sri Aurobindo and Sarojini Naidu
  • Unit-4 Nissim Ezekiel and Kamala Das
  • Unit-5 A.K. Ramanujan, Arun Kolatkar, and Jayanta Mahapatra
  • Unit-6 R. Parthasarathy and Keki N. Daruwalla
Block- 8 Mahesh Dattani: Tara
  • Unit-1 An Overview of Indian English Drama
  • Unit-2 A Preview of Dattani’s Dramatic World
  • Unit-3 Reading Tara
  • Unit-4 Appreciating Tara

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