IGNOU MEG 05 Study Material 2020-21 : Literary Criticism and Theory

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Programme Name:
Master of Arts English
Programme Code:
MEG 05

IGNOU MEG 05 Study Material 2020-21

Myexamsolution.com always recommend its candidates to first undergo the Study Material properly and analysis their respective course details before they begin with their studies. IGNOU MEG 05 Therefore, we had uploaded IGNOU Study Material structure for all the IGNOU courses which are offered by the university on this portal itself. This page will provide you with important information on every course of their programme. Once you get to understand your IGNOU Study Material, it might be beneficial for you to understand about your syllabus, assignment & their solution also . you'll be ready to carry each material once you'll get to understand about your IGNOU Study Material.

IGNOU MEG 05 Literary Criticism and Theory  

Block- 1 An Introduction
  • Unit-1 Literature, Criticism And Theory
  • Unit-2 Overview of Western Critical Thought
  • Unit-3 Twentieth Century Developments
  • Unit-4 The Function Of Criticism
  • Unit-5 Indian Aesthetics
  • Unit-6 Resistance To Theory/How To Read A Reader

Block- 2 Classical Criticism
  • Unit-1 Features of Classical Criticism
  • Unit-2 Plato on Imitation and Art
  • Unit-3 Aristotle’s Theory of Imitation
  • Unit-4 Aristotle’s Theory of Tragedy-Part I
  • Unit-5 Aristotle’s Theory of Tragedy-Part I
  • Unit-6 Criticism as Dialogue

Block- 3 Romantic Criticism
  • Unit-1 Romanticism
  • Unit-2 Wordsworth : ‘Preface’ to the Lyrical Ballads
  • Unit-3 Coleridge : Biographia Literaria
  • Unit-4 P.B. Shelley : A Defence of Poetry

  • Block- 4 New Criticism
  • Unit-1 I.A. Richards
  • Unit-2 T.S. Eliot
  • Unit-3 F.R. Leavis
  • Unit-4 John Crowe Ransom and Cleanth Brooks
  • Unit-5 W.K. Wimsatt
  • Unit-6 Conclusion

IGNOU MEG 05 Study Material 2020-21, Literary Criticism and Theory

Block- 5 Marxist View Of Literature
  • Unit-1 Marxism and Literature
  • Unit-2 Society and History: Marxist View
  • Unit-3 Representing and Critiquing Society: Superstructures
  • Unit-4 Commitment in Literature
  • Unit-5 Autonomy in Literature
  • Unit-6 Literature and Ideology

Block- 6 Feminist Theories
  • Unit-1 Features of Feminist Criticism
  • Unit-2 Mary Wollstonecraft: A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
  • Unit-3 Virginia Woolf: A Room of One’s Own
  • Unit-4 Simone De Beauvoir: The Second Sex
  • Unit-5 Elaine Showalter: ‘Feminist Criticism in the Wilderness’
  • Unit-6 Feminist Concerns in India Today

Block- 7 Deconstruction
  • Unit-1 Roots: New Criticism and Structuralism
  • Unit-2 Beginning Deconstruction
  • Unit-3 Implications
  • Unit-4 Deconstructing Poetry
  • Unit-5 Deconstructing Drama
  • Unit-6 Re-assessing Deconstruction

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