IGNOU MEG 04 Study Material 2020-21 : Aspects of Language

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Programme Name:
Master of Arts English
Programme Code:
MEG 04

IGNOU MEG 04 Study Material 2020-21

Myexamsolution.com always recommend its candidates to first undergo the Study Material properly and analysis their respective course details before they begin with their studies. IGNOU MEG 04 Therefore, we had uploaded IGNOU Study Material structure for all the IGNOU courses which are offered by the university on this portal itself. This page will provide you with important information on every course of their programme. Once you get to understand your IGNOU Study Material, it might be beneficial for you to understand about your syllabus, assignment & their solution also . you'll be ready to carry each material once you'll get to understand about your IGNOU Study Material.

IGNOU MEG 04 Aspects of Language

Chapter- 1 What is Language?
  • Unit-1 The Nature of Language
  • Unit-2 Looking at Data-1
  • Unit-3 Looking at Data-2
  • Unit-4 Language and Thought

Chapter- 2 History of English Language

  • Unit-1 An Introduction
  • Unit-2 Changes in Sounds and Spelling
  • Unit-3 Changes in Vocabulary
  • Unit-4 Changes in Grammar

Chapter- 3 English Phonetics and Phonology
  • Unit-1 The Speech Mechanism
  • Unit-2 The Description and Classification of Consonants and Vowels
  • Unit-3 Phonetic Transcription and Phonology
  • Unit-4 The Consonants of English
  • Unit-5 The Vowels of English (R.P.)
  • Unit-6 Word Accent, Stress and Rhythm in Connected Speech
  • Unit-7 Intonation

Chapter- 4 English Morphology
  • Unit-1 The Study of Words
  • Unit-2 Word-formation in English-1
  • Unit-3 Word-formation in English-2
  • Unit-4 Word-formation in English-3

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Chapter- 5 English Syntax
  • Unit-1 Basic Notions of Syntactic Constituents and Phrase Structure
  • Unit-2 Types of Clauses and Sentences
  • Unit-3 Grammatical Functions, Cases, and Thematic Roles
  • Unit-4 Thy Syntax of Inflectional Elements: Tense & Agreement
  • Unit-5 Pronouns, Reflexives, and Other Bound Elements
  • Unit-6 Syntax of Scope: Adverbs, Quantifiers, and Negation

Chapter- 6 Language in Use-1
  • Unit-1 Introduction to Sociolinguistics
  • Unit-2 Speech Community and Multilingualism
  • Unit-3 Bilingualism
  • Unit-4 Language Standardization

Chapter- 7 Language in Use-2
  • Unit-1 Multilingual Use of Codes
  • Unit-2 Language Planning
  • Unit-3 Conversational Analysis
  • Unit-4 Learner Factors in Second Languages Acquisition-1
  • Unit-5 Learner Factors in Second Languages Acquisition-2

Chapter- 8 The Spread of English
  • Unit-1 Variation And Varieties
  • Unit-2 Consolidation and Standardization of English
  • Unit-3 The Spread and Rise of Englishes
  • Unit-4 Indian English

Chapter- 9 Stylistics
  • Unit-1 Language Variation: The Context of Situation
  • Unit-2 The Connection between Linguistics, Literary Criticism and Stylistics
  • Unit-3 Style and Content
  • Unit-4 Analysing Texts-I
  • Unit-5 Analysing Texts-II
  • Unit-6 Analysing Texts-III

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