A Trip into the Jungle Summary, Characters, Themes


A Trip Into the Jungle, A group of 5 - Raja Sahib, Mr. and Mrs. Mity and, Mr. and Mrs. Chakodi - visited  the jungle, to show primitive for an evening as men and ladies must are 1,000,000 years ago, to gorge, to romp and to be violent. Mr.Chakodi, who claimed to be an authority on the advantage of such occasional explosion of passions had lectured before they began drinking on the philosophy of such deliberate relapses. 

Raja Sahib had arranged the outing and had dressed his almost abandoned bungalow inside the jungle for his guests. They were driven here within the jeep by Shyamal, Raja Sahib's handsome half-brother, one among the various illegitimate children of the late Raja but quite low in status as his mother had not been a regularized concubine.
While all of them went out hunting, after a round of sunshine refreshment and drink, Shyamal declined to accompany them. Despite Raja Sahib's threats. Mrs.Mity stays backs too, ostensibly to urge over the frustration of losing the deer on the way. Once left alone, Mrs.Mity managed to fall under Shyamal's arms and made him play her game of flesh. He obyed and obliged her. 
Stung by the smile of irony dancing on his lips during and to shatter Mrs.Chakodi's suspicions she concocted an alleged assault by Shyamal, now asleep during a corner of the hall, as soon because the party returned. Predictably all of them marched towards the sleeping chauffeur and commenced to kick him frantically. All except Mrs. Mity. Amidst their wild blows and kicks Shyamal swooned away and was dragged into alittle room where that they had just deposited a half-dead boar. Then they retired into the high-walled vegetable garden, made a fireplace , sat around it and drank. then dancing round the fire they cut out and ate slices from the boar, which that they had thrown into the hearth half alive. Long into the night they ate half-roasted slices from it and sang and danced. But subsequent morning when the watchman's knocks wake them up and Raja Sahib advances towards the space into which Shyamal had been thrown last evening in order that  tea are often arranged, Mrs. Mity stops him half-way. Suppose he opens the door and finds the boar rather than Shyamal there? But didn't they roast and eat up the boar last night? 
But suppose they see the boar rather than Shyamal within the room? Two hourslater they return, Mr.Mity driving the jeep. They didn't check out the space , after all. Bringing Shyamal back is none of their responsibility. he's only a chauffeur, after all. But the suspicion that in their drunken stupor they could indeed have roasted and eaten up the badly thrashed Shyamal rather than the boar sends shivers down our spine.

A Trip into the Jungle Characters

Degeneration of the worst kind is common to the characters of this story. Raja Sahib was ugly, drained of all life from reckless indulgences, lately content with hovering around and brushing against and sniffing women. it had been only for this benefit that he had arranged this outing. When Mrs. Mity wakes up subsequent morning she describes Raja Sahib as a pile of fifth, half a dozen flies hovering around his bloated lips.
Mr. Mity and Mrs. Chakodi had fallen into stupor on the ground , trying to crawl closer, Mrs.Chakodi had called Mr. Mity a wolf on an earlier occasion. Her words sounded innocent but she left the atmosphere sick everytime she spoke. Mrs. Mity may be a bundle of hypocrisy and pretences. When an injured butterfly got crushed under a wheel of their jeep she gave a shriek, her face all butter pityingly . Mr.Chakodi used the instant to sympathise together with her but actually attempt to come as close to the buttery face as possible. Mrs. Mity calls him a snob who snores as a pig grunts. The same kind-hearted Mrs. Mity accuses Shyamal of impudence and vulgarity when he refuses to shoot a pregnant deer. Shyamal had his barrel pointed right at the top  of the deer. But didn't shoot. And to the five pairs of venon-spitting eyes he explained that the deer was pregnant. But it means nothing to Mrs. Mity - an equivalent Mrs. Mity who had shrieked when an injured butterfly got crushed under a wheel of the jeep.
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She can't forgive Shyamal for his impudence. Deep anger and frustration clog her voice. She is again on  the verge of a breakdown. Not because a pregnant deer was close to be killed but because the impudent chauffeur didn't shoot the deer despite clear orders to try to to so, pregnancy or no pregnancy. such a lot for her delicate concern for the butterflies and beasts! She sat beside Shyamal, the impudent young man who seemed to not care two hoots for his or her sentiments.
Inside the bungalow she manipulates to be left behind with Shyamal. Manipulates to fbll into his arms. Manipulates her game of flesh. She has no qualms about telling lies. To punish Shyamal for his ironic sinile and to line at rest any suspicions Mrs. Chakodi might have nursed on this account, she concocts an alleged assault and has the unsuspecting, sleeping Shyarnal brutally bashed and kicked. She herself stands afar - and laughs hysterically. a lady barren of any morals, any conscience.
The trouble is all them are an equivalent -total moral degeneration has left them hollow. The trouble is also that they represent a growing section of our society doing the same.

Unlike 'The Only American.. ..' We don't have any central narrator here whose identity; presence and comments could contribute to the meaning of the story. The narrator here is unknown. The effect is situation based. Situations, which expose all the characters in their true light. The author builds up suspense to the purpose it becomes almost unbearable and leaves us there. Leaves us to draw our own conclusions.

'A Trip into the Jungle' reminds us of a really famous story 'Lady or the Tiger'. The protagonist therein story had the selection of entering one among the 2 doors - one leading to the gorgeous lady and therefore the other to the ferocious tiger. But nobody , absolutely nobody  knew which door led to heaven and which to hell. And nobody knew what fate awaited the protagonist once his choice was made. He could have lived in sheer bliss, he could have been devoured by the tiger - the audience were left guessing. We also are left guessing (and gasping !) by Manoj Das at the top of his story. Is Shyamal alive or dead? If alive, the probabilities are quite remote, how will he manage to return out of the locked doors? Will the watchman help him? Once out, will he let the bygones be bygones or take revenge? He was left for dead, if nothing else. Was he devoured , as Mrs.Mity feared? of these questions are left unanswered. That's why we call it an open-ended story. The narrative is sort of straight-forward.


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