Monday, December 30, 2019

MEG-03 BRITISH NOVEL Solved Assignment 2019-2020

MEG - 03
ASSIGNMENT 2019 - 2020
(Based on Blocks (1 - 10)
 Max. Marks: 100
Answer all questions
1. As areader from the Third World can you relate to the events and happenings inFielding’s Tom Jones? And would you agree that ‘Tom Jones is so simple that itmakes no great demand on you as a reader’? Discuss with reasons.
2. Doesmodern critical perspective help us understand Wuthering Heights better or doesit just confuse us? Discuss.
3. How manywomen characters are to be found in the Heart of Darkness would you considerConrad to be a misogynist?
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4. Give adetailed note on the three broad movements that defines the structure of APortrait of the Artist as a Young Man.
5. Why doyou think Forster shifts the theme of the novel from history to philosophy?

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